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November 27, 2015 -- Issue #38




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1) The Nativity Christmas Pageant

2) Advent Begins This Sunday

3) Advent Activity, Getting Ready

4) A Light in the Darkness

Nativity Set for Kids


1) The Nativity Christmas Pageant

The Natvity Pageant The Nativity is a 15 minute, one act Christmas pageant. The Christmas story is told through Matthew and Luke as they expound upon the Nativity in their actual Biblical words, while their narration unfolds with the other actors performance. Luke, Matthew, Storyteller, Narrator, and Gabriel have larger parts and would typically be given to teens and/or adults, whereas the other parts may be children, teens, or adults.


Stage Left: Zechariah's home, Wilderness hills for shepherds and magi
Center Stage: The manger/stable, and the Temple
Stage Right: Mary's home, Herod's home, and Wilderness hills if optionally desired; the Temple can go here if center stage does not work

*The stage layout can easily be reversed as well.


FADE IN lights onto the elderly LUKE and MATTHEW, who are kneeling up front in prayer.†. . .

Get the Nativity Christmas Play.



Paper cut Christmas Ornaments



2) Advent Four Sundays Before Christmas day

Advent begins always on the fourth Sunday before Christmas day. During the season of Advent we prepare our hearts to remember the first coming of our Savior and the reason he cameóhis birth was for his death; his death was for our birth. 

Advent also reminds us that Jesus is coming again. On that day he will separate the sheep from the goatsóthe believers from the unbelievers; so let us press on in faith to welcome our Lord!

Making an Advent wreath is a fun way for individuals and families to celebrate the coming birthday remembrance of our Savior, and the expectation of his coming again! 

Get our Advent Wreath Idea for ages 10 and older.

Get our safe and fun No-Flame Advent Wreath for younger kids.



3) Advent Activity, Getting Ready

"I have been reading all the wonderful things your site offers and I was given a gift from God for my Sunday School Lesson. I would like to pass it on for anyone who may be trying to reconnect children to the original Christmas through the use of today's Christmas activities/icons/themes.

We created two lists, Christmas today and the original Christmas. Then drew a picture of the first Christmas and of Christmas as it is seen today. I am sure there is a better order to place the items, but this is in the order the girls gave them to me."
~ Cathy Hancock from Maryland. 

Get Cathy's Advent lesson.

Nativity Gift Ornament

Cake in a Mug Nativity Ornament

Make it for friends & family!



4) A Light in the Darkness

I stand with the rest of the congregation for a familiar hymn. Except mouthing the words takes a herculean effort. My heart is sad and parched. I feel out of place in the midst of so many people with smiling faces and praise on their lips. I canít remember the last time I felt buoyant in spirit, or put my heart into worship. Guilt badgers me, for Iím aware that the joy that Iím without is a fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Iím trying to muster enough resolve to keep a lunch appointment with a student, and to teach an afternoon class at the university. My lesson plan is prepared, but the last thing I want is to be around people. As I walk to the campus cafeteria, I hope the student wonít show. The idea of listening to and feigning interest in another person creates pressure that I resent. My gait is slow and my spirit is lethargic as I approach the entrance. Thereís a high humidity in my heart that smothers motivation and saps energy for the daily routine.

I sit in my recliner, clutching the second handful of tear-soaked . . . 

Continue reading this adult devotional.



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