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November 21, 2012 -- Issue #38 - Volume 13




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1) Thanksgiving Message
2) Black Friday Vs. Good Friday
3) Thanksgiving Devotional & Classic Yummy Treat
4) At the "FEAT" of the Cross

Wishing you and yours a
Happy Thanksgiving from SSTN! 

1) Thanksgiving Message

For several months I've been updating the website and in so doing I have had the pleasure of rereading the lessons, crafts, games and skits that have been submitted from fellow Christian educators over the years. I am thankful for all those who take the time to share their ideas. Without your input, the website and SSTN newsletter wouldn't exist! 

. . .You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God. . . .(2 Corinthians 9:10-15).

I ask you to pray for my ministry here at SSTN. That I would know and do the will of our Father. And if it's his will to continue providing resources here on the internet, that God would supply our needs financially, emotionally, and spiritually, and grant me wisdom and creative thought.

Your webservant...Happy Thanksgiving!
Sarah Keith <><


2) Black Friday vs. Good Friday

I was thinking this morning about some of the comparisons between black Friday and Good Friday. 

Good Friday was black as God shut out the sun while our blessed Savior hung on the cross. 

Black Friday is all about Christmas - so was Good Friday as Jesus was born that He might die. 

Black Friday is all about financial savings while Good Friday is all about eternal saving - saving us from sin. 

On black Friday people buy stuff that does not last. On Good Friday Jesus bought something that lasts forever. 

I guess on black Friday there are some people who sacrifice sleep and rest to stand in line to buy a present for someone else and yet that doesn't even come close to what Jesus was willing to sacrifice for us. 

We see a lot of selfishness on black Friday where as we see no selfishness in Jesus on Good Friday. 

Black Friday is all about bargains and saving on a price while on Good Friday no price was too high for God to pay for our sins. 

On black Friday we all have a choice whether to participate - on Good Friday Jesus had a choice. He could have called angels to get Him out of it, but He chose us, and was obedient to the will of God. 

Thank you Jesus for making that choice for me.

Burt Brock
First Christian Church 
Morgantown, IN




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3) Thanksgiving Devotional & Classic Yummy Treat

Download it now at: 


4) At the "FEAT" of the Cross

My pastor shared the acrostic below on Sunday. I'm sure this is something he has heard or read elsewhere and shared that God brings it to mind often as he meets scoffers that attack the reality of what Jesus did on the cross. This helps him remember the points that are unmistakable confirmation of the reality of the power of HIS FEAT on the Cross.

F - Fatal Injuries to HIS body (prophesy fulfilled)
E - Empty Tomb - (prophesy fulfilled)
A - Appearance to over 500 after HE arose from the dead
T - Transformed lives of the disciples and still happening in lives today




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