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SSTN # 38 - May 10, 2006

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1) Candyland VBS
2) Tadpole to Frog Puppet Skit
3) Cowboy Western Theme
4) Crying children

Dares From Jesus...

5) Starting a Youth Group?
6) Three Stories
7) Teacher appreciation for VBS
8) Growing In God's Word
9) Growing In God's Word
10 Pentecost lessons

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1) Candyland VBS

As soon as I saw your title I immediately thought that you could 
write your own words for the song "Sandyland" ('Don't build your 
house on the sandy land/Don't build it too near the shore/...') using 
"Candy land".   I don't know what your message is, but there's also 
the lovely song "Apple Red Happiness."
Hope this helps!

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2) Tadpole to Frog Puppet Skit


"Hi, my name is Thadeus Tadpole, but you can call me Tad. I'm very happy
today! You know why? Because I don't have to be a tadpole anymore! Sure
it's fun to swim around in muddy water all day, but if I don't change
soon, I won't be able to hop and play outside of the pond in the sunny,
green grass! I've even heard there is another beautiful pond of fresh,
clean water I can drink from. The only problem is, I've got to change into
something else before I can take a drink!"

"Here I go! I'm about ready to change! When God changes me into a new
creature, do you know what I become?" (Listen for answers.) 

"Okay, don't peek, I'm going to show you!"


"Ta-Da! Now I'm a FROG! Fred the Frog, that's my new......"

To get the rest of this script, follow this link:
From the book, "New Life Puppets"
Copyright 2000 S.A. Keith - All Rights Reserved

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3) Cowboy Western Theme
This decorating idea is acctually universal for any theme of VBS and we've
used it for a long time at our church.  Find clip art (works best if it is
just an outline, but colored pictures work as well) and have it copied
onto a transparency.  Get a plain sheet or plastic table cloth and hang it
on a wall and then shine the picture with an overhead projector onto the
sheet.  Use black permenant markers to trace the outline.  Then turn off
the overhead and then paint it however you want.  We have used it the past
few years to trace daily characters but we've also used it for back ground
scenery.  We've found that a sheet and tempra paint work best, but we've
also used plastic table cloths but the paints tends to flake off
expecially if you have to fold it.  Hope this gets you started on some
Courtney, NY

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4) Crying children

I haven't seen anyone reply to this post yet for March 30th.  Those 3,4
and 5 year olds are hard.  Mine was one of the criers.  The problem is
that the child can use that against the parent.  I am not saying this is
the only way, but what I did, is sat in with my son for a few Sundays and
then was up front and told him pretty soon he would have to be here on his
own.  I would make him participate with the other kids and not be solely
with me.  After he started being there by himself and would cry, the
co-teacher would step in and take him from me.  I always told him I loved
him and that after the bell I would pick him up and that I had a bible
class to go too.  Pretty soon he realized that I wasn't coming and after a
while he loves to go to class by himself like a big boy.  I realize there
is a difference between crying and throwing a fit.  If this happens, try
not to immediately summon the parent.  Have a co-teacher take the child
out and talk to them and try to calm them down.  If the parent does need
to come, I would say that the parent needs to bring the child into class. 
If you simply let the parent take the child out for the rest of the class
time, you are defeating what you are trying to accomplish and now the
child know how to get out of class.  From experience, it will be longer
before the child learns to go again.  Hope this helps.
Lisa in SD

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Dares From Jesus...
and "Wild Truth Bible Lessons" for middle schoolers.
Learn more at:

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5) Starting a Youth Group?
Our church wants to begin a youth group program for teens ages 13-18 and
asked if my husband and I would be interested in organizing it.  It has
been about 15 years or more since the church had an active youth group. 
We have a great Sunday School program, but the children in this age group
feel they are too old to participate.  As we are prayerfully considering
accepting this position, I am interested in knowing what other youth
groups have done in the past; when and how often they meet; things of this
nature.  We are a small congregation and will have very little financial
help to get this started.  Suggestions so far have been to meet one
evening a month; to open the doors to everyone - not just members of the
church; earth day clean-up event; fundraisers, and a movie night.  Any
suggestions to help get this program off on a positive start would be a
blessing.  You may also contact me at gmm926@comcast.net with youth group
in the subject line.  Thank you, Mary

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6)  Three stories

the stories  you need remembering are from a flannelgraph series called
Three thrillers
the three stories are
The Boy inside His Clothes
The Foolish Frog
 and He took my Whipping. 
I have used this on many occasions  - published by McCall and Barbour
edinburgh Scotland - it was copyrighted in 1948 and copyright renewed in
1967 - although old it has never lost its appeal to children - if you need
any further information please contact me
R maxwell

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7) Teacher appreciation for VBS

You could use “Hugs”, $100,000 bar.
I recommend two books by Susan Cutshall,
“Treatin’ Kids Right!” (70 sweet ways to help kids feel special)
“Treat ‘Em Right!” (tasty ideas for encouraging volunteers)
These books are wonderful and have reproducible scripture cards to go
with each sweet treat – I used t hem a lot when I was the C.E. Director –
great encouragement for both children and adult volunteers.

--from SSTN: you can find those books in our bookstore by typing the
titles into the search box at:

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8) Growing In God's Word

Dear Shawna,
     I know what it's like to have little time and need lessons quickly. 
I'm just now reading this e-mail and it's already May.  The first thing
that comes to mind is the Parable of the Sower; Luke 8: 4-8, 11-15.  We
have to listen to and obey God's word in order to be more like him.  Small
children like to pretend to be the thorns and the birds, covering and
eating the seeds.  You could use small beach balls or something like that
to represent the seeds. 
     I hope this helps some and if I can think of anything else or find
something I will pass it along.  I want to offer you some encouragement
and I will be praying for you. 
God bless the teachers and children's workers who have the time and
resources to do the work you have called them to do and God bless the
teachers and children's workers who have been nominated into their
positions even though they have a full time job, a family to care for and
need help managing their time.  We all need help every now and then, we
know we can count on God, sometimes it helps to be able to count on your
brothers and sisters in Christ.
I love this resource and the ideas and opinions everyone shares.  It
really does help.
God bless,

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9) Growing In God's Word

I am embarassed by the reply of a fellow Canadian.
I feel the need to apologize for the crass and unjustified comments.
If this is how Shawna does her work there will not be much "Growing in
God's Word" in her children's programme.
I, along with many others who use this wonderful resource, are also very
busy "actually talking to and interacting with children", but part of our
job is to do the necessary preparatory work - not order others to do it
for us. We share resources, knowledge and ideas - not do your job for you.
I doubt that Shawna will see this reply as she  just doesn't "have time to
sit around and play on my computer".
It is obvious to me that Sarah, who spends many hours maintaining this
fantastic site, and all those who post helpful ideas, care very much about
children. So yes Shawna, you can definitely use the word "stupid" when
referring to yourself.
You most certainly owe Sarah an apology.
Trudy, also in Canada

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10) Pentecost lessons

Check out www.Sermons4kids and type in "pentecost" in the search box...you
will get several lessons.....its a great site.

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