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SSTN # 38 - June 1, 2007

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1) VBS Fruit of the Spirit?
2) Water from a rock
3) Vine & Branches?
4) Slumber Party

Bible-4-Life - with Crafts, Games & Skits!

5) Water From Rock
6) Drama Camp
7) Letters to Soldiers
8) Kids Can't Drive...frustrated
9) Drama Camp

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1) VBS Fruit of the Spirit?

We are doing the Fruit of the Spirit for our Vacation Bible School week
this summer and I am looking for children's books to go along with the
week. Ultimately having a book on each "fruit" would be ideal but any book
will do. If you know of any books covering this topic or anything else
that has worked for this topic please let me know!
Savona, BC
Sunday school teacher/youth leader
St. Hilda's Anglican Church

--from SSTN: Check out the following Fruit of the Spirit link:

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2)  Water from a rock-

Put a water balloon inside of a paper lunch sack.  If
you "strike" the rock, you will have water! Sherri-Indiana

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3) Vine & Branches?

in the past i have found some really good ideas for  the sunday school
here and i deepy than God, sstn and all those wonderful people who share
their creative ideas and valuable knowledge so that others can be blesed.

i am a sunday school teacher in a church in bangalore, india. during the
last couple of months we taught the student (6-12) about 'the fruits of
the spirit' and next month we want to teach them about 'the vine and the

i need help to plan the lesson for this particular topic (the vine and the
branches). Please help me.

Thank you.

--from SSTN: type "vine branches" into the archives search at:

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4) Slumber Party

> what are some good ideas for a slumber party for girls and  boys?
> They are teens,

Hi, from Indiana
Have you ever played "Underground Church? Our teens love this game and beg
us to play at every lock-in. You seperate all the kids into two groups:
soldiers and Christians. We play in the church with all the lights out so
the Christians can hide. If the soldiers catch a Christian, they take them
to "jail". The only way out is to effectively share the Gospel with the
guard. One of the soldiers is a secret Christian (the adult leader picks
that person and tells them secretly) and he/she actually tells Christians
where the underground church is located so they can meet there. Once the
Christians are in the church, they cannot be captured.  Here's how it
a. Soldiers win if they correctly figure out who the Christian soldier is
and tell the adult in charge of the game.
b. The Christians win if over half of them make it to the underground
church without being caught.

If this is terribly confusing, you should be able to search for it on the
web under "youth games". That's where I found it. Have fun!

In Christ's joy,
Melissa G

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Bible-4-Life - with Crafts, Games & Skits!

Did you know that the Bible-4-Life Curriculum series comes complete with
crafts, games and skits? Each lesson uses a craft and a game to reinforce
the lesson and many of them have skits too. In addition, each lesson has
enrichment ideas to further enhance your children's ministry!

Sample our lessons and learn more at:

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5) Water From Rock

> I am looking for some ideas for a lesson water from a rock for 3 and 4
> year olds

When we did this story, I put a water balloon on a cookie sheet with sides
and covered it with small rocks.  Then we used an action figure doll
(Moses) with a staff (chenille wire with the metal tip slightly exposed). 
When Moses touched the rock with his staff, the water balloon broke and
water came from the rock.  Do be careful because the water sometimes comes
out with a bit of force and can get you wet.  The kids loved this.

Vicki from So. California

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6) Drama Camp

My favorite books of skits for Sunday School are the following:

Just Add Puppets : 20 Instant Puppet Skits for Children's Ministry. 
Although written for puppets, these scripts are easy to use for plays -
some very cute ones

Humongous book of Bible Skits for Children's Ministry.    I love this
book.  It has a sound effects CD with it that really adds a nice quality. 

Reader's Theatre: Bible-Based Dramas - Old Testament. (not sure of
publisher - maybe Instructional Fair)  This is called Reader's Theatre,
but with a few minor adjustments, these are easy to do as skits.

A Funny thing Happened to Me on My Way Through the Bible: a collection of
humorous sketches and monologues  by Martha Bolton. 

Crazy Clothesline  by Carol Mader. Has some cute skits among numerous
other activities.

The Children's Worker's Encyclopedia of Bible Teaching Ideas - Old
Testament.   This too has some cute skits among numerous other activities.

I have not used the following book, but I noticed it has some good reviews
on Amazon.com:

The Old Testament : Ten Plays for Readers Theater  by Josephine Davidson. 
Right Book Co.

Hope this helps!  If you have any questions, please call.  Gods Blessings!

Sharon Anderson
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Adair, IA

--from SSTN: you can find these reources in our bookstore by typing the
titles into the search box at:

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7) Letters to Soldiers

I just heard about writing letters and sending packages to Soldiers on my
local Christian radio station and thought I'd share it with you.  The
website is www.anysoldier.com.  You can get the name of a unit by where
they are stationed from or by the number of times they have been requested
(the fewest are first on the list).  I just completed my first letter and
cannot wait to send more!  Make sure you read the website completely. 
(There are many things that cannot be sent overseas!)  This is a great way
to encourage our service men & women!
God's Blessings!
Jody in Michigan

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8) Kids Can't Drive...frustrated

Well, it may or may not be within budget, but we were at a smaller church
(~100 regular Sunday morning attendance) where we had a Van ministry to
pick up kids and bring them in.

Another idea might be to ask the parents why they aren't coming?  Is there
a policy that requires them to be on the church grounds while the kids are
there?  Is it a long drive for them?  Can they just not make it when your
program starts (which would typically be my problem)?  If there's a
legitimate problem there, that has to be addressed first.  Perhaps the
program is not long enough for the parents to drive out there, do
whatever, then drive back to pick up the kids.  If there's nothing for
them during that time, it's not really attractive to them no matter how
wonderful the programs.

I understand the frustration - coming from a world where sports on Sundays
crept in more and more until people had to choose between sports and
church was pretty disgusting to watch. A lot of people showed their
priorities and taught their kids about priorities when that happened and a
generation was pretty much lost.  :-(


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9) Drama Camp

I was referred to this web sight that has a whole bunch of drama's for
free www.fea.net/bobsnook They are mostly humurous but he has several
websites that he refers you to for further drama sites.
Mandy (South Africa)

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