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December 20, 2011

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1) Christmas Poem
2) My Lunch Skit
3) KFCC: Kids For Christ Club
4) Reindeer Games
5) Nativity / Easter Play?

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1) Christmas Poem

There’s only one reason for Christmas: to introduce God’s wonderful plan.
He sent His dear Son as a baby to suffer and die for man.
If there had not been a Christmas the world dying in sin would be lost
For the baby who came at Christmas came here to die on the cross.

1 Timothy 1:15—Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. 

Copyright 2011 - H. Setser


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2) My Lunch Skit

I wrote this short puppet skit and gave it to one of my students to learn and do for the class. The week before the lesson I sent him home with the script and boy puppet, "Aaron" (from a dollar store). I tried to make it easy for him to do most of the talking, but still use the puppet to get the idea across. 

Helen Setser

Based on John 6:1-15

Josiah—Hello, Aaron. I had a really wonderful time yesterday. That man Jesus was here and...

Aaron—I know! I know! I was there and...

Josiah—You were there, too? I guess the crowd was so big I couldn’t see you.

Aaron—Well, you should have. I was right there close to Him. And His friend, Andrew, told him about my lunch and...

Josiah—Your lunch? Why, you didn’t need one. Didn’t you see how Jesus fed us all? He took some bread and fish and
broke it in pieces, and it just kept coming and coming and com—

Aaron—Well, that bread and fish was mine! No one else brought any food. 

Josiah—Hey, that is good. I wish I had something to give Him.

Aaron—But even if I didn’t have any food to give Him, don’t you think He could have made some bread and fish 
to start with?

Josiah—You are right, He can do anything! I think He must be the Messiah we have been waiting for.



3) KFCC: Kids For Christ Club

KFCC was created for churches with limited staff members and small attendance of children, but have a vision for greater in both areas. The KFCC is for all children between the ages of 4 and 12. It is a Christian club for boys and girls who desire to live for Jesus Christ, learn about Him, and serve him. 

KFCC teaches love, respect, and honor for God in fun and creative ways. Children will learn about the world and it’s wonders. They will learn skills they can take with them as they grow; working together to earn group and individual buttons. Activities include camping trips, quizzing, contests, games, special guests, and more. 

from SSTN:
To learn more about KFCC, visit our 
Bible Series, Clubs, & VBS
page at:


4) Reindeer Games

> Does anyone have any ideas how "Reindeer games" could be used to teach kids about the true meaning of 
> Christmas? 

I would like to share a game for kids below the age 5. Give children 9 balls or 9 balloons each for the Santa's reindeer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph. Children stand on the starting line. and begin by rolling their balls or balloons with a stick to the finishing point, and then come back to roll the next balloon or ball. The child who finishes first becomes the Santa who is ready with his 9 reindeer.

Another one is to make two separate teams of 10 players each, and a common box containing strips of paper with good qualities printed on them, "Love, joy, peace, etc." or names of people from the nativity scene, "Mary, Joseph, Inn Keeper, shepherds, etc.) and also bad qualities printed on paper strips, "Greedy, selfish, angry, etc" (or other names from the story, but not present at the manger, such as king Herod).

Draw two life-sized square boards for each team numbering from 1 to 9. One person from each team is allowed to stand on the "no. 1" and the rest of the team should draw a paper strip from the common box. If the paper strip has a good quality (or a person from the nativity scene) he or she is allowed to move one step forward. If the player draws a bad quality, he or she must step back one step. The team that finishes first will be the winner and will be ready to go with "Santa." Teams take turns drawing from the box.

Teams learn good and bad qualities for Christmas day.

Hope this is useful
thank you
Romila Balaranjith




5) Nativity / Easter Play?

To Whom It May Concern

Do you have any plays on Christmas Paget with the Nativity Scene? I’m looking for this material to be use next year. I’m also looking for a simple skit for Easter. Thank you for any assistance you can give.

Happy Holidays

from SSTN: We have several Christmas and Easter plays in the website. You can find them at: 
Click on the holiday you want and then read a short synopsis before clicking into the actual skits.




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