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SSTN # 37 - May 26, 2007

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1) Statue of Liberty?
2) Past Article - Master's Research?
3) Recognizing High School Graduates
4) Honoring Graduates

Bible-4-Life - Crafts, Games, Skits & More!

5) Recognizing High School Graduates
6) No Father on Father's Day?
7) Pirate craft?
8) Sermon on the youth?

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1) Statue of Liberty?

Does anyone have suggestions on a Biblical lesson in conjunction with a
lesson on the Statute of Liberty?  I'll be teaching an English class in
Bangkok, Thailand in October.

--from SSTN: the statue represents freedom for those who make it to
America, but when you are "In Christ" you have been set free from sin and
death, no matter where you live on this planet.

See esp. Romans 8:1-4 and Galatians 5:1. For more Scripture inspiration
look up "free" and "freedom" in a Bible concordance.

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2)  Past Article - Master's Research?

I would be very interested in learning more about the research that was
done.  Is there anyway to post a link to this information or post some of
it on SSTN?

--from SSTN: all past articles are archived in the site, going back to
January 2000. You can search by newsletter #/date or by keywords. The
archives are an absolute goldmine of ideas! Check it out at:

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3) Recognizing High School Graduates

One Sunday each May we honor our High School graduates. The service is
lead by our teens and their dads. The sermon is usually tied in to making
a difference, excellence, staying true to the finish... The Seniors are
presented with Bibles by our Elders/Shepherds. The Bibles have a personal
message hand written in them from our Shepherds.
The Saturday before our Senior Sunday we have a catered meal. All are
invited to attend. It usually costs around $12.00 per person with the
Senior and their parents attending for free. (We try to build in the cost
to cover our Seniors and their parents.) At the Senior Banquet we have a
Power Point/Slide presentation for each Senior. It is usually 12-15 photos
chronically their lives from infancy through the present.
We have an insert in our bulletin on "Senior Sunday" with each Senior's
graduation picture and a short biography (plans, most memorable moment,
who has had the greatest influence on you spiritually...)
We also put out new laundry baskets in the foyer with each Senior's name
(sometimes with balloons in school colors). These are used to collect
cards of encouragement and small gifts for the graduate. We have these out
for about 3 weeks before Senior Sunday.
Some years we have also done the "science fair" tri-fold boards and let
each Senior decorate one that chronicles their life and put those up in
the foyer as well.
Some years we have also had the Power Point running in the foyer (on a
laptop) on Sunday mornings.
I think it's wonderful that church families honor these kids at this
milestone in their lives.
~Kathy C.

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4) Honoring Graduates

We only have one or two a year, so this might be cost prohibitive for
some, but we give them an adult study Bible. They have ones for college
students, men, women, etc. We also honor college grads and 8th graders as
well, all with Bibles. My aunt gave her daughter the Bible version by
Joyce Meyer
(don't recall the exact name) for her grad from nursing school.


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Bible-4-Life - Crafts, Games, Skits & More!

Did you know that the Bible-4-Life Curriculum series comes complete with
crafts, games and more? Each lesson uses a craft and a game to reinforce
the Bible lesson and many of them have skits too. In addition, each lesson
has enrichment ideas to further enhance your ministry!

Sample our lessons and learn more at:

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5) Recognizing High School Graduates

One of the churches I am familiar with has a "graduation" service. The
graduates (high school, college, etc.,) wear their caps and gowns and walk
down the aisle to a reserved area.  Each has a chance to say something,
there are special songs, a multi media presentation, and the pastor gives
a short sermon of admonition. 
Afterward there is a reception in the fellowship hall. Each graduate has a
table/area. Some graduates put lattice work or grid behind their table and
hang their letter jacket, awards, etc. Others just decorate their
table/space with stuff that represents them. Each has a cake (or whatever
they choose) on their table.  There is a buffet of finger foods in another

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6) No Father on Father's Day?

Any suggestions for Father's Day when you have students without a father
in the life of the child?

Those of us who grew up in a loving home with both parents have a had time
knowing what to do so that we don't cause pain for those who didn't have
the same experience we did. Help!


--from SSTN: I grew up without a father. I found a lot of comfort in
understanding and believing that I had a Heavenly Father. Even so, nothing
like a daddy with skin on!

sarah keith <><

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7) Pirate craft?
I am looking for some pirate themed crafts for a Girls camp - with girls
aged between 6 and 14.  I don't want to do anything with paddlepops or
similiar or treasure chests.  It basically just needs to be a new
exciting craft that takes about one hour to do or even two smaller ones.
Our camp is based around Pirates and Phillipians.

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8) Sermon on the youth?

I am about to give a sermon on the youth. 
Do you have any completed ones that I couyld study??


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