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SSTN # 36 - May 22, 2007

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1) Snack Ideas VBS
2) Thank you
3) Feature Films for Families
4) High School Graduation
5) Kids Praise and Worship
6) Drama Camp?

>> Pentecost Rusher Toy <<

7) High School Graduation
8) Kids Can't Drive...frustrated?
9) Sunday school Summer Break
10) Water From Rock?
11) Grand Prize - Awards Program
12) Slumber Party?

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1) Snack Ideas VBS

You can make boats out of an apple slice, a toothpick and a triangle of
cheese (Jesus calms the storm).  Or you could do blue Jello jiggler
squares with cool whip waves.
Anything fishy -- from Goldfish crackers to tuna sandwhiches to
fish-shaped cookies to ?? (Jesus cooks for the Disciples on the Beach)
I don't know what you could use for Elijah and the Prophets of Baal --
maybe BBQ beef!!  Or roasted marshmallows?
Karen in Montana

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2) Thank you

Thanks a lot for taking your time to share details of your program
"Jesus...yesterday, today and forever".


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3) Feature Films for Families

We purchase a few movies a year for our kids from Feature Films for
Families Perhaps this could be a resource for teachers wanting to use
media to teach.

--from SSTN: you can find some of their films in our bookstore by typing
Feature Films for Families into the search box at:

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4) High School Graduation

Our church has a special "Senior Service" on Sunday night close to
graduation where they show a video of various pictures throughout the
years of the graduating seniors and then at the end they show a baby
picture and a Senior picture with the students name on it to make sure
everyone recognizes them.  The seniors are given a copy of the video and
after the service we go over to the fellowship building and each Senior
has a table which they decorated with all of their memorabilia throughout
their lives and all of the people go around and look at it and
congratulate them.  It is really a special night for them. I forgot to
tell you that during the special service each Senior either sings or plays
an instrument or just gets up to talk and express their appreciation for
all the things the church has done and has meant to them.

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5) Kids Praise and Worship

In our Church, The kids always stay for Praise and Worship. To show
the kids that the rest of the church gets just as excited when it comes to
God. Then the Mothers of the children going Back to children's church,
Take Turns in the Teaching. So then Everyone gets to Worship and Be

Wed. are our fun nights with Children's Church. Sometimes when it is hard
to come up with Ideas. The Children's church Director comes up with the
Planning of the Lesson. For those who don't have the Resources.   
Hope this Helps.

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6) Drama Camp?

im looking for some kid dramas  for children 4-12 to perfrom  and learn
ina 5 day drama camp- any suggestions?-thanks you-v

--from SSTN: Kathy Hill produces some excellent dramas such as "Fish
Tales", "Esther-Ordinary Faith", "Holy Moses" or "Donkey Tales".

Type "Kathie Hill" into our bookstore search box to locate them at:

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>> Pentecost Rusher Toy

An Easy Make n' Take project for kids! Download as many patterns as you
need! Go to the following page to learn how:


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7) High School Graduation

We do some of the similar things as stated in their topics below.  I would
like to add one or two more things we do they might like to use.
We have our graduation reception a Sunday night after worship service for
anyone who would like to stay.  During the worship service, we sing our
Senior's favorite hymn from the song book.  They have told us what it is
before hand, and the song leader announces who chose that song.  Also,
each Senior writes a letter to their parents which is read aloud by our
youth director, and the parents write a letter to their child which is
read aloud. Sometimes they're funny and sometimes they're a real tear
jerker. No Senior or parent knows what is written until it is read.


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8) Kids Can't Drive...frustrated?

I am so frustrated at the parents of our church.  They just do not seem to
care whether their children attend or not.  They are not consistent in any
way.  Even on Mother's Day, in which I had a wonderful presentation for
the mothers by the children.  I ended up using our teenagers.   I have
tried a new program on Wednesdays and the parents simply will not bring
the children. They are great programs. I have been doing this for many
years.  I have been attending this church for just a little more than a
year...Any suggestions other than have food for them...dinners always seem
to bring the people out of the woodwork...

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9) Sunday school Summer Break

I have read with interest the comments made by various people regarding
having a break in the summer from Sunday School.
We have found "a change is as good as a rest"
We do lessons all round the year, but during the month of August we take
the kids to the local park (weather permitting we are in the UK).
We have fun & games and then the kids sit down have a drink and a snack
and we do a very small teaching point.  We find the kids enjoy this and
the teachers have a break from the usual routine.  Hope this helps!
Shirley Watts UK

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10) Water From Rock?

I am looking for some ideas for a lesson water from a rock for 3 and 4
year olds

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11) Grand Prize - Awards Program

To all the people who have responded to my original "Grand Prize"
question, I would like to say thank you. I have done a lot of these ideas in the
past, but was curious about what others do.  This year I am going to give
a "trinket" each night to everybody at the end of VBS.  On the last night,
we are handing out treat bags to everybody at the conclusion.  We usually
have a "Family Fun Night" our last night with inflatables, food, games, clowns,
etc.  We encourage the children to bring their parents. All week we
receive an offering that goes to the boys/girls ministry at our church. We have a
scale with buckets on it.  The boys/girls can change their dollars at the
"bank" into roll of pennies.  We always see whose bucket is heaviest-boys
or girls.  The kids LOVE this.  At the end of the week, if the boys lose
my husband gets the "reward".  If the girls lose, I get the "reward". In the
past we have done slime, pies in the face, water balloons-this year I
think it is a dunk tank.  I'm praying the girls have been saving their pennies!
Thanks again for all the suggestions.  Sarah-Keep up the good work.


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12) Slumber Party?

Hi, from Brazil
what are some good ideas for a slumber party for girls and  boys? They are
teens, and I will be with girls and another professor will be with the
boys. This event are the same day but in different homes. Games, food, and
direction are much appreciated.


--from SSTN: make sure you check out the archives too.
Search for "lock-ins" at:

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