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SSTN # 36 - May 5, 2006

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Excellence In Christian Education

1) Teacher appreciation for VBS?
2) Outer Space Ideas
3) Signing the Lord's Prayer
4) Rejoice In The Lord VBS ?

Take-A-Look Inside: Amazing Miracles of the Bible

5) Need help remembering?
6) Growing In God's Word
7) Cowboy Western Theme?
8) Debate of Archives and Growing
9) Honor Your Parents (Fifth Commandment)?
10) Mother's Day poem
11) Mother's Day poem
12) Mother's Day poem

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Excellence In Christian Education

Use our life-changing, "Bible-4-Life!" curriculum at:

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1) Teacher appreciation for VBS?

I am trying to pull up the teacher appreciation for VBS, by giving the
teachers a candy a day.  I know one day was the Mounds and I have the
scripture, what were the other days.


--from SSTN: You might locate it by typing "mounds" into our search box:

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2) Outer Space Ideas

One time when I did a lesson about creation I got a large cardboard box
(big enough for child to stand in). I cut a few different size circles
then covered the circles with different colour circles  (I just used
coloured pencils on white paper). Then with a skewer I made lots of little
holes all around the box.  When you put the upside down over you in a well
lit room the little holes look like stars and the bigger coloured circles
look like planets - the kids thought it was great like a trip into outer

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3) Signing the Lord's Prayer

I might suggest that "signing" (Sign language) might be an effective and
meaningful in teaching it also
I would be most interested in learning more of that which you are creating
- it sounds promising

--from SSTN: you can find some great signing sites in our LINKS section

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4) Rejoice In The Lord VBS ?

VBS again this year
and our theme is "Rejoice In The Lord", please forward some ideas for 5 to
15 year olds.
thank you

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Take-A-Look inside: Amazing Miracles of the Bible


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5) Need help remembering?

The story in general that I keep thinking about is about a one room school
house. The teacher before school had all the kids make up the rules for
the rest of the school year. there was an older boy ( Big JIm)who was kind
of the bully and there was a little boy who was very poor and didn't bring
his lunch to school and was caught stealing and Big Jim took his
punishment for him.  which was three lashings on the back. Just like Jesus
took our punishments for us.
The other one which is kind of vague is about a little frog who sat in the
pond to long.
Can you please help.

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6) Growing In God's Word

Shawna in Canada

Not all of us feel this way. I have always been willing to share because I
believe it takes everyone working together to bring the word of our
awesome God to the children. I have been known to correspond to people as
far away as Australia and Africa and have received many ideas from them as
well. I myself, work full time (not in children's ministry), have a son in
college and am married so, I understand time constraints. I believe that
many of the people who have a difficult time accepting others asking for
help, are themselves overwealmed and times. They will at one time find
themselves asking for help and I hope that they are not treated in the
same manner. Peace

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7) Cowboy Western Theme?

Hello fellow Sunday School Teachers/Youth Workers,
I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve as the VBS Coordinator
for my church this year. We are trying to save money and have therefore
steered clear of the "pre-packaged" curriculums we've used in the past.
Our theme this year is a cowboy/western theme. I am hoping that someone
can share their ideas/suggestions on affordable activities we may add to
our program such as games, decorating ideas, snacks, crafts, etc. If you
are able to contribute it would be greatly appreciated. You may also
contact me at cnp.gfmbc@yahoo.com
Your sister in Christ,

--from SSTN: check the archives too. You'll find some ideas there:

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8) Debate of Archives and Growing

I've found that using the archives is actually faster than waiting for a
reply from SSTN. When you post a question to SSTN, it may take 2-3 issues
to get your answer, whereas searching the archives is instantaneous:


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9) Honor Your Parents (Fifth Commandment)?

I am teaching Elementary age Sunday school.  We have been working on the
ten commandments.  I am now at the fifth commandment and don't care for
what the lesson material suggests (it's sorta "stretching" the scripture,
and I don't want to do that).
Would anyone have a suggestion for story ideas ... crafts too would be an
Thank you.
Glenda  (secquilter@yahoo.com)

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10) Mother's Day Poem

To Kathy re: Mother's Day poem
We made flower pots for Mom last year at a church mission site where my
husband and I serve each Sunday afternoon.  We purchased small,
flowers to plant in each pot and I composed a short verse which I printed
copies of from our home computer to send home to each mom.  You are
to use it, if you find it suitable.  It's short but gets the message

When you see this lovely flower
I hope you'll think of me
And of the special child
That I'm growing up to be.

So thank you, Mom, for all you do
To grow me kind and strong and smart.
I hope you know I love you
With all of my young heart.

Happy Mother's Day

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11) Mother's Day poem

Here is a poem I wrote several years ago that you may use. I have students
make cards with packets of seeds inside OR decorate little flower pots
a packet of seeds tied to a decorated craft stick inside the pot and the
poem attached:

These seeds are here for me and you,
And, Mommy, here's what we can do:
Together we'll search until we've found
A spot to plant them in the ground.
With rain and sunshine, don't you know,
Our flowers, like our love, will grow?
A precious reminder our flowers will be
That I love Mommy and she loves me!


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12) Mother's Day poem

Hi, I am going to to put a picture of each child on a die cut flower on a
popsicle stick. Place this in a small pot or a laundry scooper with either
dirt or plaster of paris. Than I will attach a pack of seeds onto it with
the saying."Mom. you plant the seeds that grow the fruit of the Spirit in
me" or Grow God's grace or Jesus' love.
Hope this helps,
Wendy, Michigan

--from SSTN: type M.O.T.H.E.R. and/or Mother's Day Poem into the archives
too: http://www.SundaySchoolNetwork.com 

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