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December 1, 2011

Ideas? Questions? Opinions?

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1) Bible "Traffic" Song
2) Goal of Sunday School
Bible "Traffic" Song
4) Sunday School Goals
5) Bible Overview

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1) Bible "Traffic" Songs

--from SSTN: many people responded with the same info. Therefore, the first one sent was posted. Thank you!

I thought I would respond to the person who asked about children's songs that use traffic signs. There is a song I learned growing up and have used with our children at our church. It is also a favorite one that is requested by the children a lot. I think it originally is from Children's Evangelism Fellowship, but not sure of that. The song is "Stop and Go". It uses a stop sign for the first verse and a go sign for the second one. It goes like this:

Stop, and let me tell you what the Lord has done for me...
Stop, and let me tell you what the Lord has done for me.
He forgave my sins, and He saved my soul.
He cleansed my heart, and He made me whole.
Stop, and let me tell you what the Lord has done for me.

Go, and tell the story of the Cross of Calvary.
Go, and tell the story of the Cross of Calvary.
He'll forgive your sins, and He'll save your soul.
He'll cleanse your heart, and He'll make you whole.
Go, and tell the story of the Cross of Calvary.

So, maybe this will be helpful to that person who asked for songs using traffic signs.

God Bless, Sherrill
God loves you <><


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2) Goal of Sunday School

> At my last teacher meeting, one teacher asked what is the goal for the students in Sunday School...
> should they know x, y, z by this age?

At our church we do have grade specific goals. with so many students that come completely unknowing of the books of the bible, the apostles, basic stories; we find it is helpful that the teachers have a focus in their teaching along side the weekly lessons. as a 7th and 8th grade teacher for many years it helps me greatly because I can then have more in depth discussions about our faith instead of reminding them that Noah was on the ark, it was Jonah in the whale. it is sad that these items are not learned in the home, but that has become a big part of our focus. We have an opening with all of the grades to go over the story that is with the lesson and it is up to the teachers to decide how and when the "mastery goals" are reviewed and learned. when i taught 4th and 5th I would do memory work for 15 minutes and then refocus on the lesson that went with the story we heard in the opening. that seemed to work best. going over mastery work every Sunday also helped with those who did not attend regularly, but made those who did feel accomplishment for being better versed. and they got better prizes.

good luck and grace to you!


3) Bible "Traffic" Song

There's a One Way Song at:  



4) Sunday School Goals & Milestones

> At my last teacher meeting, one teacher asked what is the goal for the students in Sunday School...
> should they know x, y, z by this age?

There are certainly some basics that children should know such as, Who made us. The Fall, and God's plan to save humankind. The fact is, no matter where you open the Bible and what stories are studied, God's redemptive plan runs through it. But how this is taught, and to what depth, will depend on age and abilities. There are certainly other important things children should be taught so they can handle God's Word intelligently as they grow older. For example, children should know Bible book names and how to find them. They should learn the divisions of the Bible "Old and New Testaments;"  the Torah (T) or books of Moses, which are the first five books of the Bible, Genesis-Deuteronomy. The Prophets or the Nevi'im (N), and the poetry books or the Ketuvim (K). These are commonly called the Old Testament or Hebrew Bible and known as the TaNaKh (TNK).  Then of course there is the New Testament, which is largely a commentary on the Old Testament. It contains the Gospels, the first four books about the life of Jesus. The book of Acts or Acts of the Holy Spirit, which is the history of the church. And the letters from the Apostles, instructions for living the life of Christ, written by Paul, James, Peter, Jude, and John. And finally Revelation, which deals with end time events and the New Heaven and earth. 

And consistent with Scripture, as children grow they should be taught the creeds of faith, such as the Apostles Creed.


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5) Bible Overview

The Great Promises of the Bible is a great resource for children's ministry. It covers the seven great promises of the Bible, to explain the “big picture” story of God’s salvation history. 

You will find it in the Bible-4-Life curriculum at: 

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