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November 22, 2011

Ideas? Questions? Opinions?

Articles are listed, below. When replying, highlight the text that is pertinent to your response, then hit reply. Title your message to reflect the content.

1) Are You Thankful? - Children's Message
2) Goal of Sunday School?
3) Pre-school Godly Play
4) Old Testament Timeline Overview
5) Pre-school Pray & Play 
6) Bible Bucks 
Christmas Gift Bags?
8) Thanksgiving Name Place Holders
9) Bible "Traffic Sign" Songs?

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1) Are You Thankful? - Children's Message

1.) “O give thanks unto the LORD; call upon his name: make known His deeds among the people.” - Psalm 105:1 
2.) Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Matthew 5:16

Object Prize
Small notebooks with label on front “I AM THANKFUL”. (I found 4 small notebooks for $1.00 at the dollar store and printed 2”x4” labels for the front and used a smaller address label on the inside with one of our verses on it.)

(Let the children interact as much as possible and time allows) 

You all look very nice today! Did you pick out the clothes you are wearing? How did you get your clothes? (Some may be gifts, or given from a relative or friend that has outgrown them, or purchased – all reasons to be thankful) 

How do your clothes get clean? When you are at home, what is your...
To get the rest of this lesson, visit our Fall Talks, Gospel Tracts & Bible Lessons page at 

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2) Goal of Sunday School?

I've been the Sunday school superintendant for about 6 years now. At my last teacher meeting, one teacher asked what is the goal for the students in Sunday School...should they know x, y, z by this age?

I've pondered the question since, and have googled info on what others say. We have usually followed a Christian based curriculum and we've also tried different publishers. When our students go to confirmation class they learn the creeds, etc. but I've not had any strict guideline for Sunday School and I'm not sure if I should.

I think our goal is to share the Word of God and His love, which is demonstrated in his Word in hopes that the children will know who God is and develop a relationship with him. Moreover, many of the Sunday School teachers don't know all the books of the bible.

Additionally, we have kids who do not come consistently and so I don't mind if a lesson is repeated at another time or if they hear the story again. I would like to know the thoughts of others.

God's joy,


3) Pre-School - Godly Play

We really like the Godly Play curriculum. We've ordered only some of the materials and the rest have been made by our congregation. 


--from SSTN: You can find Godly Play in our affiliate bookstore. 
Just type the title into the search box at: 


4) Old Testament Timeline Overview

4000 BC – Genesis – Creation
God creates the heavens and the earth and everything that is in them in 6 days.

Adam and Eve
The first sin. The serpent (Satan), tricks Eve and her and Adam eat from the forbidden Tree of knowledge. They are sent out of the garden of Eden. Adam lives to be 930.

Cain and Abel
The first murder. Cain is jealous of Abel's offering to God and kills him. 

2300 BC – Worldwide Flood – Noah 
Everyone was very wicked except Noah. God tells Noah to build an ark and gather pairs of animals. World is Flooded. Noah and his family with the animals on the ark are saved. Noah lives to be 950. Noah was 600 at the time of the Flood.

To get the rest of this timeline, visit our Bible Talks & Resources for Older Teens & Adults page at: 


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5) Pre-school - Pray & Play

Following each Bible story are three pages of activities: prayers, songs (sung to the tune of familiar children's songs), rhymes, crafts, snacks, games, finger plays, service projects, etc. The ideas are fresh and use inexpensive materials usually found around the house. 

--from SSTN: You can find Pray & Play in our affiliate bookstore. 
Just type the title into the search box at: 


6) Bible Bucks?

I saw an idea, I believe on Sunday School network, called Bible Bucks for good behavior. I would like to get that information and start using it in our Sunday school and our Youth ministry. Please if you can help me let me know.
Thank you
Linda Johnson

--from SSTN: Go to, then use the search tool for keywords, "Bible Bucks."
You can also use the search tool at the bottom of the newsletter.



Christmas Gift Bags?


We give the children a little Christmas gift bag every year. Does anyone have any suggestions for things to include? In the past there have been bookmarks, note pads, pencils and erasers, small ornaments, as well as some candies of course. 

Many thanks!


--from SSTN: what about including the supplies and directions to make Christ-tree ornaments?  
Or include Faith Bands and/or Sun Catcher kits (cross or butterfly--in sets of 12). Both are available in our affiliate bookstore. Just type the item into the search box at: 



8) Thanksgiving Name Place Holders

Check out this easy activity for children and a unique way to decorate your Thanksgiving table:  

>>>> ART NOTES make great teacher or hostess gifts! With F-R-E-E shipping too!


9) Bible "Traffic Sign" Songs?

Do you know of any children's songs that sing of "traffic signs" in conjunction with lessons of faith? For example, "Yield to God," "U-turns for repentance," "Stop disobeying," "One-Way to God," etc.? Offhand I know of one classic hymn that incorporates "yield" in its lyrics: "Have thine own way, Lord! ...Thou art the potter, I am the clay. Mold me and make me after thy will, while I am waiting, yielded and still." But want more songs, especially upbeat and geared towards kids. Any ideas?


SEARCH for ideas:


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