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SSTN # 35 - May 18, 2007

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1) High School Graduation
2) Recognizing High School Graduates
3) Mother's Father's Day
4) One Amazing Man?
5) High School Graduation
6) Senior recognition

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7) Highschool Graduation
8) Age for Lessons?
9) Teen lock-in
10) Elijah and the Prophets of Baal
11) Reading through the Bible?
12) VBS Snacks

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1) High School Graduation

>Our church would like to have something to recognize our high school
>graduates. Does anyone have any suggestions for what we can do?

Our church has done several things, but among the best was a banquet
honoring the graduates and his/her parents. Our Youth Minister served as 
master of ceremonies for the program, and the pastor and his wife
attended. Since most schools have abandoned Baccalaureate Services, this
is a good substitute.

In advance, the parents supplied 8-12 pictures of the graduate from
babyhood to the present, some including siblings, parents and friends. A
slide show was created and shown at the event. It gave a glimpse into the
life of that teen. Parents of the graduate gave a brief testimonial of how
the graduate's life had enriched them, and what their hopes and dreams
were for their child.

The banquet was fun, lighthearted, nostalgic, spiritual, and very much a
bonding experience for the graduate with parents, peers, and church

On the following Sunday, graduates wore their caps and gowns to the
morning service.  The Youth Pastor introduced them to the church telling
their names, the school they were graduating from, and what their future
plans were. At the end, a Bible was presented to each as a graduation gift
from the church.

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2) Recognizing High School Graduates

We sent out letters (about a month before Graduation Sunday) to both the
graduates and their parents, letting them know what date graduation Sunday
is on.  We ask them to also submit a senior picture, a school graduation
invitation and open house invite - all which go on a special bulletin
board display about 2-3 weeks before Graduation Sunday.
We also send them a questionnaire asking them about college place, where
they currently work, person who influeneced them the most, spiritual
decisions, acadmic achievements. This info is compiled into a special
bulletin along with graduation and open house info.
If you are interested in seeing a file - in Publisher - you may contact me
at CTBCsecretary@neo.rr.com


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3) Mother's Father's Day

Hi Sarah,
I have a couple of suggestions for readers.
This Mother's Day we will celebrate Mothers and Fathers. The crafts that
we are doing are very inexpensive.

For mother's~ we are recycling pockets from clothing that is no longer
wearable or isn't needed. We found this free idea on the website:
www.FunLessonPlans.com To do so, cut the pocket from the clothing, leaving
the back (or inside of pocket) in tact, so that you have a pocket to put a
treat into it. The kids will decorate the pockets with buttons, rickrack,
scribbles paint, fabric markers, etc. Once they are decorated we will fill
the pockets with Hershey's hugs and kisses.

For father's~ we found this free idea at www.familycorner.com . Recycle
margarine tubs to make father's day wind chimes. The margarine container
the top, punch 4 holes evenly around the container. Take fishing line and
run one piece through each hole. Tie (1) 1/2" washer onto each end of each
piece of fishing line. There you have it! Wind chimes for dad!

Our congregation acknowledges high school graduates this way:
In the fall, we determine the number of graduates we will have. We send a
few ladies shopping for material to make a quilt for each graduate. A few
other ladies sew the quilts together throughout the winter. Then in May we
invite the graduates to worship before graduation and we recognize them
during worship. Pastor has a great litany that she uses to dedicate the
quilts to the graduates. Following worship we have a reception with cake
and refreshments so that the congregation has a chance to congratulate

Anyone wishing the pattern for the quilt or a copy of the litany, we would
be happy to share.

God Bless your ministry!

Jenny Nieman
Parish Secretary

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4) One Amazing Man?

I wanted to add something to the newsletter and not sure.
I love reading my reading email from this group. it has helped me with
ideas that I need when I have brain freeze. We are having a VBS this
summer. It will be one day. Our theme is One Amazing Man You never Knew.
The stories are going to be about Elisha. We will do it like a
detective/adventure theme. We will rotate to different areas such as
story, crafts, snack, activities, etc. We will not mention the man only
tell the stories and give clues as to who the amazing man could be. We
will come back together at the end of the day and see if anyone has
figured out who we talked about and review all we learned about Elisha. I
need more ideas for activities (outdoor/ games) and some art activities
base don the theme. I am compiling ideas to choose from. Please email me
at chuckheathermack@aol.com with your ides. Thanks so much
Heather Scarborough
Macland Road Church of Christ
Marietta, GA

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5) High School Graduation

> Our church would like to have something to recognize our high school
> graduates. Does anyone have any suggestions for what we can do?

For many years, our congregation has given our high school graduates a
coffee mug imprinted with a photo of our church, with their name
personalized in the corner of the photo.


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6) Senior recognition

In response to #11-Our church recognizes our Seniors by honoring them on
the Sunday prior to graduation.  The pastor does a PowerPoint presentation
with pictures that he has collected over the years of them involved in
church activites plus pics that have been submitted by their parents. 
These are set to music and shown during the our Sunday morning service. 
We have a special song that has a theme concerning leaving home and still
trusting in the Lord.  This year we are using FIND YOUR WINGS  by Mark
Harris one year we used WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE by Point of Grace.  Our
church presents them with a Life Application Bible and the pastor makes
mention of each of them during his sermon.  The moms of the underclassemen
plan a cake and punch reception following the Worship service and then the
entire congregation gets the opportunity to greet and congratulate them.
We are a small rural church with average attendance of 140 and some years
we have only 1 graduate and some years more. Teresa in Indiana

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>> Pentecost Rusher Toy

An Easy Make N' Take project for kids! Download as many patterns as you
need! Go to the following page to learn how:


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7) Highschool Graduation

At my old church the pastor would give the person who was graduating a
small new testament bible, with his own little message written on the
first page that was blank. 
I am sure you can probably get some new testament bibles somewhere that's
kind of cheap.  I hope this helps.
Kali from New Jersey

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8) Age for Lessons?

I would like to know if the Sunday School lessons are for Primary and pre
primary both?

--from SSTN: all the Bible-4-Life lesson series are for K-5th grade.
You can learn more on the following page:

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9) Teen lock-in

These are the ideas from our lock-in: Pre-register & collect
permission/release forms earlier in the month.
Day of :Adult chaperones meet early to go over rules & setup.
Assign them a station or responsibility.
1.  Check-in teens, call parents of those that did not show up!
GO over Code of Conduct!
Give out nametags with numbers on them: during night we drew #'s for
We had a small group, so this worked great
Welcome & Prayer
introduce adults
Quick Ice Breaker - that divides into teams
*Chart team member: assign adult to each team, that way adults become more
involved & it's easier to get them in their groups for team comp. during
night.  Can assign fun names...let them do that.

We started 7p.m on a Friday.  With most of the activities in 45 minute
intervals.  Have more planned than probably needed...easier to drop, than
to wonder what to do.

Outside games
Dinner & Cleanup -everyone
Our Father Skit
1st team competition - puzzle race
free time - activity stations setup such as board games, make bracelets,
2nd team competiton NEWSPAPER CHASE
Craft - luminary
3rd team comp. BIBLE TRIVIA
Finish luminary or free time rotation
PRAYER SERVICE -using luminaries "really nice!"
Free time rotation
4th team competition TEAM SCAVENGER HUNG
5th Team comp.  Human Dart Board (put down drop cloth- shaving cream on
faces, throw cheetos to see who can stick the most on) LOVED THIS ONE!!
Free time
Free time
Breakfast & cleanup
Hope it helps!

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10) Elijah and the Prophets of Baal

(the primary focus here seems to be more on the alter).  Jesus calms the
storm, and Jesus cooks for the Disciples on the Beach. 

a. We have done "Mount Carmel Sundaes (ice cream with caramel topping),
b. either blue jello or give each child a cup of lemon lime soda and let
him stir in a little blue jello powder. Stir with a straw to see the
c. Fish sticks of course or goldfish crackers.

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11) Reading through the Bible?

We are starting a Bible reading program in our Kids Church. The problem
I am having is finding a good plan that children can follow. All I have
are adult schedule, which is too much reading at one time for most of
our children. Anyone have any ideas. I would really like a schedule that
includes the old testament and new testament chapters together, not
Thanks & God Bless,
Sis. Lisa

--from SSTN: Tyndale has a great resource. You can find it in our
bookstore by typing "The One Year Bible for Kids" into the search box at:

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12) VBS Snacks

some snacks that came to my mind when reading your plea in SSTN was for
the calming the storm story you could make smoothies explaining how
sometimes when the storm gets rough (blending fruit, fruit juice, yogurt
,your choice, ice cream and fruit what ever the budget or donations
provide) and we stick with God things will come out ok and good.  for
Jesus cooking on the beach if you plan on having a fire or doing outdoor
cooking we have made "angels riding horse back" this is roasting
marshmellows with a carmel on the end of the stick and when the
marshmellow is toasted the carmel is softened and when you pull off the
marshmellow the carmel slips inside., or wrapping refigerator biscuit
around hotdogs and slowly roasting them (or oven bake too) this would be
like Jesus cover us in times of need, protecting us.  Just a few ideas
that popped into my mind that our kids have loved soing. We have also
rolled marshemllows in sweetened condensed milk than in coconut toasting
them over the campfire I dont remember what we call them but it would be
easy to put it into Gods stories. such as when we get into a sticky mess.
. . . .God is there

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