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October 24, 2012 -- Issue #34 - Volume 13


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1) Open Hearts Ministry
2) Too Busy to Help
3) Auto-delivery

4) Halloween Tracts
5) Next week is Halloween?

The Red Button indicates a teacher who needs your help.


1) Open Hearts Ministry

In a weekly Sunday School setting, Open Hearts Ministry volunteers are helping adults with disabilities, 16 and older, grow in their love and knowledge of God. We focus on creating an affectionate, friendly environment at church where these special individuals feel accepted, loved and can learn about the love of God. Through lessons and activities designed specifically for them, we include them in the Body of Christ. 

To download some sample lessons, visit our Special Needs Bible Lessons page.


2) Too Busy to Help

Our lives get too busy. We need to stop and realize that what is working may be what someone else needs to hear! 

I will share this with you... we are currently finishing up the Fruit of the Spirit program. The children enjoy learning and memorizing God's Word even more than learning the new songs! The lessons, skits, games, activities, yummy devotionals have all been making an impact right along with the memorization of God's Word!! Thank you for producing wonderful material for us to purchase and use with the children God has placed in our care!! 

Praying God blesses you abundantly!!

--from SSTN: thank you, Brenda! For anyone else who may be interested in the Fruit of the Spirit Bible curriculum, visit the following page:


3) Auto-delivery!

You can now purchase our downloads and e-books with virtually no waiting! Once the payment process is complete, we now have the ability to deliver your teaching resource automatically. 
Look for this symbol:

Check out our downloads:  

and our e-books:

And, we'll be adding more e-books to our catalog in the future. If you see any of our Bible Curriculum books that aren't e-books yet, let us know and we'll do what we can to hurry the process along! 


4) Halloween Tracts

Halloween is a great night to handout Halloween tracts. For many of us, most of the kids coming to our doors we've never even met, and chances are we'll never meet them again. So let's not miss the opportunity to tell them about Jesus!
Print out some tracts from our site and distribute them at your home or church festivals. You'll find them in the Fall Activities section on our Holiday Crafts page at: 


5) Next Week is Halloween?

Next week is Halloween; it falls on Wednesday night programming for most churches. What are your plans? Will you provide something special for the children of your church and community?



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