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1) Pilgrims' Rap "God's Armor"
2) Christmas Drama?

3) Stocking Stuffer?
4) Student Misbehavior

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5) Cain & Abel Food Devotion?

6) Training Seminar Comments
7) Big Words - Devotion

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1) Pilgrims' Rap "God's Armor"

One time I found a marching rap kids could say that began with "We are Christians Passing By." I tried to find it on the internet but could not. I am teaching The Pilgrim's Progress in children's church and wanted it for that. I decided to make my own. Line the kids up and have them march as they repeat each line* after you. 

Love in Christ,
Helen Setser

"We are pilgrims passing by (repeat each line)
We will not believe a lie
We have on God’s belt of truth
We know what He says is true.
His breastplate helps us do what’s right
And we’ll wear it day and night.
We wear His helmet and His shoes
Dressed in them we cannot lose.
With His shield we’ll firmly stand
And hold the Sword, His word in hand
We will watch and we will pray
Until we live with Him someday."

*Underline: Say syllables together

--from SSTN: thank you, Helen!


Christmas Drama?

Dear Madam/Sir,

I am staying in Mumbai India. May God bless you in all that you are doing to support Sunday schools world wide.
I wanted to if you could help me in providing a biblical or non-biblical (but Christian) play with scripts for an age group
between 11 to 15. This is mainly for Christmas, so if you please provide it we start rehearsing right away.
Looking forward to your help.

By his Grace

--from SSTN: Hi Maxwell, scroll up to the bright, green box and click on Christian Skits, then look for Christmas Skits


It's that time of year again--start making Chrismon Snowflakes!


                  Get a f-r-e-e ornament pattern too!


3) Stocking Stuffer?

Hi! We could use some suggestions for stocking stuffers that our church kids could make to sell at a craft and bake sale. We would like it to be simple and with a Christian focus...any ideas you have would be great!! 



4) Student Misbehavior 

Student misbehavior not only interferes with your ability to teach but also your student’s ability to learn. No matter how hard you work to prevent problems in your classroom, at some point, a student will do something you find inappropriate and unacceptable.

Here are practical strategies for dealing with misbehavior effectively: 


Often times teachers' disciplinary interventions are so loud, intrusive, and longwinded that they waste more time than the initial problem. In order to avoid this situation, learn to anticipate potential problems and head them off; if it is necessary to intervene, be as unobtrusive as possible so that teaching and learning are not interrupted. 

Whether or not a particular action constitutes misbehavior depends on the context in which it occurs. When defining misbehavior, ask yourself these questions: 
Is this behavior disrupting the ongoing instructional activity? 
Is it hurtful to other students?
Does it violate established rules? 
If the answer to these questions is no, it may be unnecessary to intervene. 

© 2010 Performance Learning Systems, Inc.







5) Cain & Abel Food Devotion?

We teach Sunday school with rotations. I have the food rotation and am looking for any snacks or food recipes that would correlate with the story of Cain & Abel. Do you have any suggestions?

Laura Detert

--from SSTN: The main point with Cain & Abel concerns the gift they brought to God--one was acceptable the other not. How could a food devotion portray, explain or reinforce this truth of acceptable and unacceptable? You could mix Kool-Aid with salt and then sugar to teach the following: If we use the wrong ingredients in a recipe, maybe by using salt when we should have used sugar, it will taste terrible--it is unacceptable (allow kids to mix their own and taste it. You might even let them think you're using sugar when you're actually using salt). But if we follow the instructions, by adding sugar, in the the right amount, it will taste great--it is acceptable (mix and taste). When we follow God's ways, he makes us acceptable to him. But when we make up our own way--not following God's instructions--we are not acceptable to him. 

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><
PS. I'd love to hear other ideas!




6) Training Seminar Comments

As an educator, I enjoyed Sarah Keith's presentation on "Goin' A.P.E. - Sparking Your Creativity." Sarah's philosophy of teaching children according to their bent is equal to the differentiated instruction that I was trained to use in my [public school] classroom. I really enjoyed the techniques she uses to teach children bible verses along with the activities that help connect bible stories to real world situations. Sarah is great at what she does, as she brings innovative ways to teaching Sunday School in the 21st century.

Deanne Ewers
Maranatha Assembly International 

--from SSTN: Thank you, Deanne. For anyone else who may be interested, please visit the following page:


7) Big Words Devotion

Submitted by Tanya Roberts 

Theme: Redemption

Object: None needed, but you can print off the definitions and fold paper to show bullet point as you go.

Scripture: "In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God's grace" Ephesians 1:7

Recently, I was listing to kids memorize and recite scripture. Several were having a hard time with a verse and I realized why. The verse had the word “redemption” in it. It’s pretty hard to remember stuff when you don’t know what it means. So today... get the rest of this devotion, visit our Anytime Bible Talks & Sermons page at:


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