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November 15, 2011

Ideas? Questions? Opinions?

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1) 5th & 6th Grade Resources
2) Bible Introduction for Young Explorers
3) Adam & Eve Skit
4) Bible Script Felt Figures
5) Intro to Bible
6) Gospel in a Nutshell - lesson
7) Bible Memory Games
8) Carole Sing Event
9) Ten Commandments in the Positive
10) Pre-school Ideas?

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5th & 6th Grade Resources

For Cathy Rader - regarding Sunday School material for 5th/ 6th grades : I have used a number of things : Discipleland is really good and a challenge for that age if you use level 5. Also if you do not mind doing a little work - Picture this combined with Walk Through the Bible and Standards Through the Bible Visuals is awesome ! You will be hard pressed to go through the Bible in 2 years - they love the color sheets ( with colored pencils - not crayons) from Walk Through the Bible and they learn the books and themes because the pictures stay in their head! The Picture This will do an overview of every book so they can get all of the Bible lessons in correct order.

--from SSTN:
You can find these materials in our affiliate bookstore. Just type "Discipleland" into the search box at:   


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Bible Introduction for Young Explorers

Bible Introduction for Young Explorers was co-authored by Dr. Henrietta C. Mears, one of the great Bible teachers of the 20th Century. As Christian education director at First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, she built one of the largest Sunday Schools in the world and wrote curriculum that was in such high demand that to publish it, she founded Gospel Light in 1933. Such notable Christian leaders as Richard C. Halverson, Luis Evans, Jr. and Bill Bright were among her students. Dr. Billy Graham has said, “She is certainly one of the greatest Christians I have ever known.” 

To find this invaluable resource, type the title into the search box in SSTN's affiliate bookstore at:  


3) Adam & Eve Skit

When our church kids did Adam and Eve, I used a green plastic tablecloth for "Adam" to lie on, and an older child narrated. Hidden was "Eve" until God made her and as she revealed herself the little boy who was Adam cracked us up. He lay there with his eyes shut. He woke up. backed off like he was startled when he saw Eve and we all had a good laugh. There was a paper tree on the wall with the serpent and all the children who were not characters wore animal masks. If you want to use the masks, Google them. You can find all kinds.

Love in our Lord,
Helen Setser

--from SSTN: 
Type animal masks into the search box of our affiliate bookstore to locate them: 


4) Bible Script Felt Figures

For the person who wanted Bible scripts to go with felt figures: Although I often do use the scripts provided with the lessons, I spend several days just reading the story from the Bible, then put it into my own words as close to the meaning as possible.

Love in our Lord,
Helen Setser

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Intro to Bible

Bible Visuals has a visualized book of flashcards (nice big figures) and their book is called Introduction to the Bible.

Love in our Lord,
Helen Setser



6) Gospel in a Nutshell - lesson

We had a wonderful lesson using John 3:16 (Gospel in a Nutshell) as the primary scripture. Our Children's Church is "Living a Life Shaped for Jesus" using shapes to correspond to the gospel. This month's shape is the circle, for eternal life. We also reinforce skills related to school. The teaching and activities from your lesson are being used throughout this month. John 3:16 is a scripture the children had already memorized. May God continue to bless your ministry. I look forward to utilizing your resources. 
Rev. White

--from SSTN: it's always great to hear how our resources are being used. For anyone else interested in this lesson, you'll find it on the "Bible Series, Clubs & VBS" page at: 

And regarding a resource for basic Christian shapes, check out: "Chrismon-Kids" at:



7) Bible Memory Games

Bible Limbo
Play a game of limbo. As children move under the stick, they must say the Bible memory verse, saying one word each, taking turns as they go, until the verse is completed and then repeated as many times as teacher designates. Teacher lowers the stick when the person who went first is up again. Players who limbo without touching the stick, completing and repeating the verse, win. (Optional, players are eliminated if they miss a word during their turn.)

Echo, Echo, Echo
Divide class into three sections. Have one section stand next to the teacher, the second section further away and the third section further still. Teacher begins by saying part of the Bible verse. The first section repeats it, then the second section repeats it and then the third section repeats it. To make the echo-effect, sections repeat the phrase, with each section saying it quieter than the previous section. Play continues like this until the entire verse is stated.

For more Bible memory game ideas like this, get Bible Games Explosion.





8) Carole Sing Event

Our church puts up a Chrismon tree in our fellowship hall. We have a dinner and a Carole sing and the families make Chrismons. (We put together pre-made packets of the materials for the ornaments.) The families make their Chrismon and sign them. Then get up in front of the group, if they choose, to explain their Chrismon along with it's history and meaning. 

Fun and educational!  

E.P. Hoke

Learn about Chrismon ornaments!

Click on
the tree.


9) Ten Commandments in the Positive

The Ten Commandments teach us right from wrong. They also present a positive outcome for those who obey them. For example, "Don't lie." instructs us to be truthful. "Don't covet." teaches us to count our blessings and be content with what we've been given.

With this idea in mind, when we teach the commandments, it is important to lead children to understand the positive side for those who obey them...

To get the rest of this lesson, visit the following link:


10) Pre-school Ideas?

 I have a 3yr. Old and two 4 year olds in my Sunday school class. I need materials and ideas. Please help.

--from SSTN: two of the best resources for this age group are the Pray & Play books--vol. 1 & 2, both can be found on the home page of our affiliate bookstore at: 

There are also pre-school ideas listed in our Christian Crafts & Yummy Food Devotions section at:  
(There are two sections, one for holidays and one for year-round.)



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