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Issue #33 - August 5, 2008
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Lord's Army song motions
2) Puppet Scripts 
3) Super Hero VBS
 Missions Conference
5) Bridal shower games

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6) Missions Fundraiser
7) Missions Conference
8) Stereotyping in Lord's Army song
Bible Devotions

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1) Lord's Army song motions

In reference to recent inquires about the Lord's Army song, 
these are the additional verses our Sunday school children like to sing:

TEXAS STYLE (sung with a strong Texas accent and motions are done very slowly)
I may never march in the infantry (stand bow-legged and march very, very slowly)
Ride in the cavalry (stand bow-legged and go up and down as riding a horse slowly)
Shoot the artillery (pretend youíre drawing two guns quickly from holster)
I may never zoom over the enemy (put hands under armpits and flap slowly like a chicken)
But Iím in the Lordís army. Yee-haw (point upward, then pretend like you have a lasso) 
Iím in the Lordís army Yee-haw (point upward, then pretend like you have a lasso) 
Iím in the Lordís army Yee-haw (point upward, then pretend like you have a lasso) 

(Repeat first verse w/motions) 

I may never surf in Hawaii (pretend youíre standing on a surfboard)
Pick a coconut from a tree (pretend youíre reaching up for a coconut)
Smell a flower oh so sweet (pretend youíre smelling a flower)
I may never feel the sand beneath my feet (turn both palms down and move them back & forth)
But Iím in the Lordís army. Aloha (point upward, then do the hula)
Iím in the Lordís army. Aloha (point upward, then do the hula)
Iím in the Lordís army. Aloha (point upward, then do the hula)

(Repeat first verse w/motions) 

I may never take a trip to Mexico (pretend youíre driving a car)
Eat a cheesy taco (pretend youíre eating a taco w/both hands)
Wear a big sombrero (put hands up by head describing big hat)
I may never ride a donkey really slow (Pretend youíre riding a donkey)
But Iím in the Lordís army. Sií Senor (point upward & pretend youíre twisting the ends of your mustache)
Iím in the Lordís army Sií Senor (point upward & pretend youíre twisting the ends of your mustache)
Iím in the Lordís army Sií Senor (point upward & pretend youíre twisting the ends of your mustache)

(Repeat first verse w/motions)

As always, we appreciate your newsletters!
Vivian Douglas
Northview Baptist Church
Jacksonville, FL




2) Puppet Scripts 

Dear Janice cole (4)
I have some puppet scripts that you may find useable.
Please contact me at, they are free
with no legal ties.

Regards, Bob


3) Super Hero VBS

Colin Buchanan has a new CD out called Super Saviour. We used the title song for our last VBS and the children loved it. One of my RE students who attended the VBS requested this song as soon as I walked into the classroom yesterday.

Queensland, Australia


4) Missions Conference

The item on Missions Conference brought to mind this information: Wycliffe Associates has a wonderful curriculum for Sunday School children about Bible translation. It is a 12 week curriculum on Steps to Bible Translation. It is easy to follow and download, and is free of charge. Another teacher and I used it with 1st through 5th grades; it is very adaptable. It includes stories, worksheets, everything you need. Best of all, the children loved it! I encourage you to check it out at




5) Bridal shower games

I attended my friend's bridal shower and they played some really fun games. You can go to and create a word search or crossword puzzle using whatever words you want; it is easy and fun and fast. You can fill a pretty glass container with tiny mints and have each guest guess how many there are; whoever wins gets to keep the container and mints. You can create a list of scrambled words relevant to the bride and groom or just wedding terms and offer a prizes to guests who get the most (a real stumper: PINCOTREE). The bride's sister wrote a story about the bride and groom, leaving out words that were names of popular cleaning products. She gave a list of "missing words" and the guests filled them in (words like Joy, Zest, Coast, etc., were to be put into sentences like, "When she met him, she thought he had a lot of ______"), then she read the whole story and prizes were given to those who got the most correct. Prizes at our shower included items from Bath and Body Works. Something we did not have time to do is to create a "dress" for the bride out of toilet paper...not sure how that one would be. We also went around the room and introduced ourselves and told how we'd met the bride-to-be or why she was special to us. One more suggestion: I remember a game from a long time ago; everyone gets three clothespins. Each time a guest crosses her legs, the guest must surrender one clothespin to the person who noticed. 

--from SSTN: you can find the answer to "pincotree" somewhere in this newsletter. ;o)) Have fun locating it!


6) Missions Fundraiser

Each day t
his week, during our Fun Arts Camp, the Culinary Arts class prepares an ethnic dish to represent missions around the world. Yesterday they made tamale pies for Mexico. Today they made curried chicken and rice for India. All the campers then get to eat their creations at lunch time. YUM! 

It occurred to me that we could also email our missionaries and request they send us traditional recipes from the countries they serve. We could then staple them into a booklet and sell them to church members to raise money for missions.

Other classes offered this week include mosaics (my class), beading, stamping, fishing, lacrosse, kite making, scrap booking, wood working, video production, guitar, knitting, and circus arts such as juggling and balloon sculpting.  Adults and college students from our church teach something they know and in the process create special bonds with our church kids and kids in the community. It is open to rising 5th-9th grade. It's a great time of fellowshipping with all ages in our church.

We begin our day by singing wonderful praise songs led by one of the "cool" college guys playing guitar (he also teaches guitar). We then have a short devotional before going to our classes. Classes are one hour in length and the kids may choose three classes each. Typically the teachers teach only one class. It is so much fun! 

If you'd like to see some of the mosaics projects from past years, follow these links:

Your sister in Jesus,
Sarah Keith <><



) Missions Conference

Thanks for the ideas for our Missions Conference for my Sunday School Class. You have given me some good ideas that I can work with. Thanks again.

Eusalene Bruce


Stereotyping in Lord's Army song

Hi all,
I would invite you to consider refraining from doing an "Indian" version of "I'm in the Lord's Army." It smacks of racism and portrays Native Americans as caricatures. Do we really want to teach our children these stereotypes? Shooting a bow and arrow...flapping our arms like a chicken??? I am also very uncomfortable with stereotyping Mexicans as riding a slow donkey and eating a burrito. I have been to Mexico on mission and didn't see any burritos or any donkeys the whole time I was there. These songs may be "fun" and "cute" but they are also extremely stereotypical and racist. What if you had a Mexican child walk into your Bible class while you were singing that verse? What about the children you have in your congregations that have Native American blood in them and you don't know it? How would this make them feel? Loved by God or marginalized and reduced to a caricature? This is 2008. We should not be propagating such stereotypical ideas in church. 

Rev. Mary Frances McClure
Salem UMC
Eastover, NC


9) Bible Devotions

While roaming through our local Christian book store, I was hit with the idea for our new bible study for the new school year. I teach a group of kids, grades 1st-5th, on Wednesday nights. We average 25 or so kids each week. Trying to come up with material that keeps these kids entertained as well as taught is sometimes difficult. But I came across a devotional book that contains 365 daily devotions for kids. The wonderful thing about this book is that the devotions are in order according to the books of the Bible. We will be making large posters for each book of the Bible and each week fill that poster up with some of the things that particular book teaches us. We will cover at least three books each week and the posters will remain displayed. Each child that wants, can lead a devotion. We are putting emphasis on using our Bible as a tool and arming ourselves with scripture. For the younger ones, they can learn the order of the books of the Bible and for the older ones, they can really begin to explore God's Word. Just thought I would share. 

God Bless All!
Joey in Birmingham, AL

--from SSTN: you can find "Through the Bible Devotions: From Genesis to Revelation in 365 Days" in our affiliate bookstore by typing the title into the search box at:

Also, for future reference, all of SSTN's curriculum is aimed at this age group as well. Check it out at:


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