November 3, 2011

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1) Test Results
2) Sinful Woman Skit
3) J-O-Y Music?

4) Ten Commandments Hop Skotch
5) Easy-to-Learn Ten Commandments
6) Noodle Ball
7) Beach and the Bible
8) What Could I Give?
9) Most Important Thing of All
10) Mother's & Father's Day

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1) Test Results

I want to share my good news with you. The doctor says my heart is strong and structurally sound. However, there is a small leak in the mitral valve, which causes the blood to flow backwards, but it is minimal. I'll need to go back yearly to make sure it doesn't get worst. I can resume exercising too. He said the palpitations I've been having are not related to this, but might be a result of my anxiety/menopause (both related). So this is great news! Now maybe I can calm down!

Thank you for your prayers and encouraging words!

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2) Sinful Woman Skit

I have found that just about any Bible story can be acted out (pantomimed) by children while a narrator reads from Scripture. You can also direct children to do certain actions in the story. For an example of how this is done, check out the Prodigal Son skit in our Anytime Christian Skits & Bible Dramas section at: 



3) Ten Commandments Hop Skotch

Hi There,

Just want to share that I have a Ten Commandments "Hop Skotch" on the concrete floor of our Sunday School enclosure. The kids have to recite each commandment each time they uplift the "marker" from the relevant square. I usually use two teams so that everyone gets a turn. I also use the "symbols" as flash cards to help the kids learn the commandments by heart. The kids learn very fast and also have fun learning.  Have fun!!! Thanks SSTN for all you are doing!!

All Praise and Glory to God.
Tony and Pink McGill.

--from SSTN:
check out our Ten Commandments Flash Cards at:



4) J-O-Y Music? 

I did a search on Google for this song and one of your archive newsletters came up with the words but didn't have the music. I sang this as a child and am trying to use it in VBS but do not have the music. I was wondering if you knew where I could find the sheet music or a song book that has it in it? Thank you for your time and God bless your day!

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5) Easy-to-Learn Ten Commandments

I am a pastorís wife, and I purchased your Top 10 book a few years ago, and used it with our church kids. They LOVED it. I also showed it to my 4-year-old granddaughter who came to visit, and she could recite the Commandments back to me after going through it ONCE with her. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Of course, I think sheís brilliant. When we went out to eat a few days later, she went around from table to table and said, ďHi, My name is Abby, and I know the 10 Commandments. Would you like me to say them for you?Ē Needless to say, she was a big hit. And on #7, she said, ďDo not dance with your boyfriend or girlfriend if you have a husband or a wife!!!!Ē

Again, Thanks for an excellent product! 

Beth Morgan

--from SSTN: thanks so much Beth for your encouraging words!
For anyone else who is interested, use the following link to learn more:



6) Noodle Ball

A summer game our church played during VBS was called Noodle Ball. Each child has their own 'pool' noodle; using two colors to recognize teams. A large beach ball is blown up. We used a hula hoop at each end of the playing field. We duct taped the hoops to the back of folding chairs to be used as goals. On the shout of "GO" or a whistle blown the kids begin hitting the ball toward their goals. The children loved the game and was requested several nights.

Dianne R. Somerville, AL



7) Beach and the Bible

This summer I decided on a beach theme. It's called "Beach and the Bible." I set up a room different from the one we used all year so that it would be a little exciting for the kids to go to another part of the church. The room is decorated with beach towels, shells, sun hat, beach chair etc. I put up beach scene setters and put out an ice cooler and bath suits for the decor. The kids were told to bring their own beach towels (they could sit on their own towel if they wanted) along with their flip flops which they could keep in the room for each Sunday. The first kids to show up get to wear a lai during the sunday school hour. As an opener, we toss a beach ball around to some praise music, then we get into God's word. I also created a beach bingo card game which you can do online for free. The kids will use pebbles and shells as their markers. We've been having a lot of fun. We may even take a trip to the beach to cap the whole summer off! I forgot to mention that each Sunday a volunteer presents the story so the kids are seeing different teachers with different talents and gifts.

God's joy,



8) What Could I Give?

by Teri Couture - Copyright 2011

What could I give to a King who has everything?
Well, I have a nice voice, so I suppose I could sing.
And then the angels would join in for a while
And Iíd see the King break out in a smile.

What could I buy that would make Him say ďWOW!Ē?
I look through the catalog and find nothing right now.
I suppose I could search for another new robe
But none regal enough exists on this globe.

What could I make that would bring Him great joy?
Itís a hard thing to do, if youíre just a small boy.
I think of what I could do all alone
For the One that gave me all that I own.

I thought and I thought and couldnít decide
Until one day I looked at the cross where He died.
ďThatís it!Ē I thought. ď'cause He gave His all,
Iíll do the same Ė Iíll answer the call!Ē

And so thatís when life really began
For a small boy, now grown into a man
I finally discovered what gives Him a lift.
He smiles and says, ďIt IS the best gift!Ē 


9) Most Important Thing of All

by Teri Couture - Copyright 2011

If I could see inside my heart
And if I had a shopping cart
I would follow the pitter patter and
I try to pick things that really matter.

First, Iíd see if there was love
Thatís a gift right from above.
Next Iíd look for a box of happiness
Thatís the 2nd thing on my little shopping list.

Third, Iíd try to look for peace
So all the troubles inside would cease.
Gentleness would be next to find
And oh, I would also look for a way to be kind.

A good dose of meekness will surely follow
For Iím sure I have many words to swallow.
Of course, that would lead to self-control
Well, now Iím really on a roll!

Long suffering is kind of hard to find
You have to look between the lines
Goodness and faith will be added and then
I can check them all off with a flick of my pen.

These are the things that everyone needs
These are the things on which the heart should feed.
But the best thing of all; the thing of great cost
Is what the Savior did for me on the cross!! 


10) Mothers & Father's Day

Hi Sarah,
Thank you for all the E-mails that I receive from you. I really admire the sterling work that you perform for your Sunday School. You are a very dedicated person towards your cause and I sincerely trust that you are appreciated. 

My name is Johan Vermaak and I live in Somerset West, Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town is at the most southern tip of Africa. I belong to the Old Apostolic Church of Africa and am very involved in church activities
with much interest in Sunday School movements. 

I thought that I should share with you what we sometimes do on Fatherís Day and Motherís Day Celebrations. (Do you have these two days in your country???)

On both these two Sundays, (Father & Motherís days) the young members and Sunday School children present a luncheon for all fathers and mothers in the community. It is normally a 3 course meal. consisting of 

1...Soup (starter), 
2...Two meats and vegetables...(or 1 meat & 1 chicken portion) plus a small salad.

Community members are involved in the operation. They are assigned to making a sacrifice by preparing the food and Veggies and soup and pudding at home and bring it along to church on mothers or fathers day where it is kept warm in the church-hall kitchen.

The luncheon commences directly after the morning service which is at about 11 to 12 am. The young members and older Sunday School children then advance to the recreation hall of the church where the tables have been prepared beforehand. As the community members enter the hall, the young members approach the fathers or the mothers (depending upon whether it is fatherís or motherís day) and pin a flower to their jacket lapels or dresses. The Sunday School Children then take over as usherettes and escort the members to their seats at the tables. Young members and older Sunday School children then commence to serve the first course. As members finish the courses, plates are cleared immediately by the children and the next course is served and so on. Selected members are assigned to the dishing up in the kitchen.

The tea/coffee is not served at tables...... A large table is set out in the hall containing cups and saucers and teaspoons. Two Adult members serve tea or coffee at the table as members approach.

If you have some singing or musical talent in the community, they can perform during the course of the meal. a Poem or dedicated reading to Fathers or mothers can also be rendered by a Sunday School child.

We normally cater for about 150 Ė 200 people having the luncheon. an Estimate is made how much each meal is going to cost including the coffees and teas. a Handsome profit is then added to each meal-ticket. These tickets are sold well in advance of the occasion. Sunday School Children youth members and congregation members must all be in volved in the sale of tickets. Please monitor the sales carefully so that you do not exceed your target of 150 or 200. On the day of the occasion ticket-holders must present their tickets to gain access to the meal. Cool drinks could also be available to be sold with some profit. 

When we buy our meat and veggies, we normally get good discounts when told that it is for the church. 

Well there you go.......You should make a handsome profit for your Sunday School Fund like we do. It is a fun thing to do because the whole community is involved and the vibes are great on the day of the occasion.

Take care and may God bless you abundantly in all your ventures.



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