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SSTN # 32 - May 11, 2007

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It's All About Jesus!

1) Concert of Prayer?
2) Summer Retreat Games
3) Primary School Assembly
4) Mother's and Father's day?
5) Bible Skit: The Blind to See
6) Summer children's church/family worship/vacation issues
7) Differences in approach
8) Revelation Sermon Series?
9) Summer S.S.
10) Pastor's Appreciation Day
11) High School Graduation?
12) Teen Lock-in?

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It's All About Jesus!

"Tell Me The Story of Jesus" is a two-semester hands-on Bible lesson
series with crafts, games, skits and enrichment ideas to tell the story of
Jesus, from childhood to Pentecost. For samples and to learn more,
visit the following page:


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1) Concert of Prayer?


We are considering doing a "Concert of Prayer" for the prayer meeting
leading up to our 75th Church Anniversary. The theme is "A Journey of
Faith" - II Corinthians 5:7. Any suggestions on a unique format we could
use would be greatly appreciated.


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2) Summer Retreat Games
Check out the "Chalk-it-Up" game book in the Gospel Fun section at:

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3) Primary School Assembly
It has been years since we have done that, but when we did, the person in
charge of the Sunday School had all the children meet before their Sunday
School class and we had a couple of songs together, an offering,
acknowledged birthdays and someone gave a mini sermon.....then off to
classes.  We no longer do that.  Now the children come into the church for
the first 15 minutes and after the litany and the song, one of the
ministers does a children's sermon and then they go to class.
God bless,
Joni in CA

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4) Mother's and Father's day?

Hi Sarah,

I want to do a craft with our children's Bible study for Mother's and
Father's day, that's fun and inexpensive. Any suggestions.


--from SSTN: there are tons of ides in the archives as well as in the
f-r-e-e Crafts section at: http://www.SundaySchoolNetwork.com 

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5) Bible Skit: The Blind to See
Download it today at: 

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6) Summer children's church/family worship/vacation issues

After much research for my master's thesis, I discovered that family
worship can be MORE important than Sunday school in faith development!  
We had the opportunity to begin a mission church in Arizona, and based on
the research, we structured our mission like this:  every Sunday - family
worship, no children's church, but a children's message mid service, plus
other "child-friendly" elements.  1st and 3rd Sundays have an education
hour after the service for children and adults in age appropriate
classes.  2nd Sunday offers a brunch after the service, and 4th Sunday is
for a congregation wide family service project, i.e. cleaning the campus,
tying quilts for the needy, etc.  So far so good-we do this year round,
our community of believers keeps growing, and volunteers aren't stressed

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7) Differences in approach

I have read with a measure of sadness the comments reguarding how much of
the year a teacher is expected to teach. I respect the fact that what may
work for one church may not be best for another As Christians we should
respect a fellow Christians views as long as they do not stray from the
basics of the Gospel. How often we teach is a preference, not a doctrine.
I think Jesus must be sad when He sees such contention between believers.
Let us try to see others through the eyes of Jesus because our eyes might
be prideful and prejudiced.It's hard enough to be a Christian in this
sinful world without our judging each other. "Let us love one another as
Christ loved us and gave Himself for us."  I so enjoy this forum and look
forward to exchanging more ideas with my fellow teachers. Judy

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8) Revelation Sermon Series?

This summer our pastor is going to be preaching on the Book of
Revelation.  Anyone have any ideas on ways to explain Revelation to
children???  Books, Object Lessons, Crafts, etc.  Thanks!

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9) Summer S.S.

Regarding Sunday School and taking off in the summer time.  We also have a
small church and our teacher's do need that break.  The responsibility of
the children's growth does not soley rest on Sunday School.  How about all
they can learn from church service itself, or what happened to their
parents responsibility?  I think we forget that there are other ways to
learn and grow in the Lord.  Anyway, what our church is considering doing
for the summer is to hold a children's church once a month.  Announcing
the date ahead of time so they can be sure to come that Sunday.  Having
all ages in one class.  Older kids help with younger ones during craft
time or looking up scripture etc...  That way the children have something
special and fun to look forward to and the teacher's get their well
deserved break too.  Another idea is to hand out print outs of puzzles,
games, pictures to the children as they come into the sanctuary or in the
bulletin's, encourage learning on their own.  Maybe their parents would
have them look up the verses on the print outs, or read the story that
goes with the picture during service.  You could even make a game with
it.  If the children complete it and show you at the end of church they
get a prize, just to encourage them.  I hope this helps!

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10) Pastor's Appreciation Day

A Gift of fellowhip and hospitality. Our Church members Hosted the Pastor
and his wife for Dinner every night (in the member's home) during the
We did this Also for the Minister of Music and Youth.  He still has young
Children at home so one family would host the couple and another family
would provide a simple Dinner (chili dogs/pizza/ mac and cheese, etc.) and
child care at the pastors home for the children.   
The Minister of Music's wife (who is also the Church Pianist) liked having
the children fed, the kitchen cleaned up and I even had her toddler bathed
and in Jammie's when she came home, ready for story time bed.  MOM'S NIGHT
The Director of Sunday School (A Deacon) went to the various Sunday School
class rooms and had people sign up for a specific meal. 
such as Tue- a. Senior Pastor b. Minister of Music c. Childcare/dinner.
So the meals were a bit of a surprise.
The children (in Sunday School) made Thank You cards for the Pastor,
Minister of Music, both Secretary's and the Janitor.
Big sheets (14 x 11) with "Thank you Brother _________" Printed by
teacher, Then each child could write specific things they were thankful
Such as Thank you for ......baptizing me
....Getting in the dunking booth at VBS.....singing loud
The pastor still has his "thank you cards" up in his office 7 months later
We also give a gift certificate to a restaurant and a cash gift.

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11) High School Graduation?

Our church would like to have something to recognize our high school
graduates. Does anyone have any suggestions for what we can do?

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12) Teen Lock-in?

I an interested in doing a lock in for my teen Sunday school class. I have
never done this. Any suggestions???  Thanks in advance, Sherry
To HIM be the Glory!

--from SSTN: make sure you check the archives too. It's a goldmine of
ideas!  http://www.SundaySchoolNetwork.com 

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