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SSTN # 31 - May 9, 2007

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SSTN Reminder

1) Icebreaker Game
2) God is our Audience
3) Pastor's Appreciation Day
4) Pastor's Appreciation
5) Mother's Day Tea
6) Teacher's Banquet
7) Water and Alcohol Reply
8) Mother's Impression
9) Increasing Offering

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SSTN Reminder

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1) Icebreaker Game

this is an evangelical game, you have many small paper chits with family ,
education, house, job, car,more money etc..distribute it to the group
randomly and ask them to find and group all the people with different
factors needed for life , they will do it and finally form a group.
conclude saying even if we have all these factors of life , we need God to
make it whole, to give a hope and to have a future itself

--from SSTN: for more icebreaker games and activities,
visit our Bible Games page in the F-R-E-E Stuff section at:

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2) God is our Audience

I just want to add a resounding  "AMEN!!!" to Nancy's comment about the
only audience in worship being our awesome and mighty God. How often we
forget that and just want "what I like." We need to sing/pray more often
the words of the song "Heart of worship" (not sure who the author is):
"I'm coming back to the heart of worship, and it's all about You, Lord,
it's all about You. I'm sorry Lord, for the thing I've made it when it's
all about You, Jesus."
God bless you all,

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3) Pastor's Appreciation Day

I do opening for the entire Sunday School (age 2-12) and teach 1st/2nd
grade.  Our Sunday School did a decopage (?) of a favorite bulletin our
pastor liked.  He originally asked us to do it for shut ins and said he
might like one also.  So we just put in a  piece of wood and used seed
beads to make a border around the picture, added some cross beads and put
a ribbon around the rough sides.  All of the children signed the back of
it and we presented it to him after the service.  I thought the "official"
pastor appreciation day was in October?  Thats when we did ours.
In Christ,

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4) Pastor's Appreciation

One year we had a plaque made up for our Pastor and his wife with the
current date and a message saying something like: Thank you for the __
years of faithful service to the ____ ____ Church. He was so proud of it
he had it hung in the church entrance.
Another idea is if transportation is available to take your class to your
Pastor's home.(Just make plans ahead of time and let him know you have a
surprise coming to his house, so he will be home.) Our youth did this one
also. They stood out on their front lawn and sung songs to them. You could
even have each child give them a flower and a hand made card. When our
youth did this it was cold and the Pastor's wife invited them all in for
hot chocolate. It was a big hit with everyone.
Hope this helps,
Determined to serve,

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5) Mother's Day Tea

We had one last year that was a lot of fun. It was hosted by our youth
group who paid for and served the mother's of the church. We also invited
a few other close churches to join us. We drew names throughout the
afternoon, and chose a queen for the hour. We had her sit in a big, comfy
chair and pampered her with a foot soak, hand soak, hand massage and you
could even give her flowers. We also had different types of tea for
everyone to sample, and did a little research and found which tea helped
what. Ex: Green Tea is a healing tea. We also gave simple and quick
beauty/relaxation tips that you can do at home. We also had Women of the
Bible quiz game, and a played dress up relay. The dress up relay was a lot
of fun: We had one woman blind folded and she had to dress up the other
the lady in big hats, feather boas, beads, shawls, etc. it was so funny.
At the end we drew names and gave away four of tea pots we had served from
and made up little goodie bags with sample size foot soak, hand soak, bath
salts and rose water. So everyone went home with something. If you shop
smart this can be done on a very tight budget. 
Hope this helps someone!
Determined to serve,

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6) Teacher's Banquet
There is a beautiful song "Thank you for giving to the Lord" by: Ray Boltz
I cry every time I hear it. It's must listen for a teacher's banquet. You
can hear at this website:Google Video: Thank you for giving to the Lord.
I know you will love it too!
God Bless,
Determined to serve,

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7) Water and Alcohol Reply
I'm not sure about the one you are speaking of but I have done a similar
lesson using peppermint extract. You can simply pour some in a glass dish
and light and once the extract is gone it goes out. It works great.
Another thing since it is edible you can use it on food demonstrations as
well. I did this once on a chocolate yule log cake at Christmas. It does
leave the peppermint taste behind though so I do not recommend on
chocolate, Ha! Ha! I never tried it on cloth.
Good Luck,
Determined to serve,

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8) Mother's Impression

I don't have one for a Mother's Day Clock but maybe you could use this
We had the children press flowers. I purchased small 4x6 frames, that I
picked up cheap at the dollar store. I then wrote this little poem and
printed it out with a pretty border on my computer:
Perfect Impression
By: Tammy Letart

Petals pressed upon paper
Perfection preserved behind glass
In time their colors will fade
But beautiful impressions to last
Mother is a gift from heaven
Preserved by her children, no less
Proud to be a part of perfection
I am the paper her love did impress.

We then added the children's flowers around the poem and sealed the frame.
God Bless all mothers,
Determined to serve,

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9) Increasing Offering

Every Sunday morning as our children exit for Children's Church they use
small plastic cups to gather loose change.  It doesn't matter if its just
pennies - the kids and grownups both love it!   The change is counted and
placed into a special account for the Kids Mission projects, camp etc. 
This year we are sending 21 kids to camp, assisting with a mission trip
for VBS in an orphanage in the Ukraine and buying Bibles for a Bible
Prison ministry. 
Linda - Texas

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