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Issue #31 - July 24, 2008
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Curriculum, Bookstore & Children's Ministry
2) The Mad Scientist Bible Experiments
3) Iím in the Lordís Army
 Puppet show short stories and ideas?
5) Superhero VBS

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6) Missions Conference?
7) Construction theme
8) Bullying
9) Bullies

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1) Curriculum, Bookstore & Children's Ministry Resources

I received an email this week from a subscriber saying she didn't know SSTN provided curriculum or had a bookstore. I was surprised by that comment, but then thought how many others might think this too. Therefore, I want to make sure that everyone knows the links in this newsletter, see above, will take you to our curriculum areas as well as our affiliate bookstore. The sale of these products make all the free resources, over 1400 pages, including this newsletter, possible. Most importantly, our Children's ministry resources have been piloted on real kids with much success. Won't you take some time today to look through our inventory? Check it out at:


2) The Mad Scientist Bible Experiments

We've added a new section to the site:
"MAD ABOUT JESUS: Scientific Object Lessons to Teach Biblical Truths".
You can find
The Mad Scientist Bible Experiments in the Object Lessons & Sermons section. 

Follow this link to begin your adventure:


3) Iím in the Lordís Army

You maybe have this verse (with appropriate actions) already:

I donít want to fly like Superman,
Climb like Spiderman,
Drive like Batman;
Indiana Jones, he ainít the kinda man I am -
Iím in the Lordís army!



 Puppet show short stories and ideas?

Iím glad to be ďconnectedĒ to other Christian related resources. 
Looking for Puppet show short stories and ideas.

Janice Cole

--from SSTN: we have an entire section devoted to puppets in our skits section. 
Follow the links from the home page to F-R-E-E Stuff, then Skits:




5) Superhero VBS

Hillsong kids praise also has a 
ďJesus is my superheroĒ song
On one of their kids DVDís.
With karaoke options as well.

Granny Dí

--from SSTN: you can purchase this song in our affiliate bookstore at:
Just type the title into the search box to locate it.



6) Missions Conference?

My church is having a Missions Conference in October and the Sunday School children have been invited to do a skit, poem, song or some kind of dramatic presentation based on missions around the world. I would appreciate receiving any ideas for my class, which comprise 7 to 10 year olds.

Eusalene Bruce


7) Construction theme

Our church did a vbs about four or five years ago from Concordia with a construction theme that might have
ideas adaptable to your Sunday school. The central character was "Rick the Brick" and it was a big hit. I
believe we still have some of the materials (contact me if you like at or you
might contact Concordia Publishing.



8) Bullying

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Philippians 4:23

First it depends on the age of the bully.

I currently teach 3 year old (yes even a 3 year old can have bully tendencies) For them I give them a 3 minute time out in the time out chair. My assistant leads the class while I explain the concept of personal space. If it continues, I involve the parents and make them aware of the problem. I have very rarely had to involve parents. We have this as a set standard in all the classes our kids attend. If the child is especially abusive, I inform and involve parents right away. We have an open house for parents before a new class starts and they are informed of how we conduct our classes. I feel one of the main goals of a teacher of 3 year old is to help them adjust to the classroom setting.

I have also taught other age groups. Restricting them from being involved in the fun activities of class often works. One on one counseling is also very helpful.

In one or two instances I have asked the parents to keep the child out of class for one week. 

I have found role playing with skits and puppets effective. Seeing the effect of bulling on another child can help them to see how they are hurting others 

Getting to know the family situation often gives insight on why the child acts out as a bully.

Most important of all, I ask God for guidance in the correct, loving way to help these kids. Many of them don't have much love in their lives. I pray that God's house will be a haven for them from the hard times they face every day.

I hope these suggestions help. I know how difficult it is in today's world to discipline other people's children. Judy 


9) Bullies

You can search the archives for helpful ideas too. The search link is at the top of the newsletter. 
I used keywords, bully, bullies, and bullying, respectively, to find helpful ideas in dealing with this problem. 



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