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1) Best Behavior Medals

2) The Wedding Banquet Bible Skit

3) Why Does God Allow Suffering?

4) Bible Bumpers Game

Sermon on the Mount Bible Lessons for Children


1) Best Behavior Medals

> [I Need] advice regarding managing misbehaviors in a class of 6 children, ages 7-10yrs.

We have a group of about 30-40 Grade 1,2 and 3's on a Sunday. It can get quite noisy and discipline is a must.

I had a medal designed that looks like a real medal with nice ribbon included. Printed on it is the wording, "Best Behavior KFC." Our Sunday School program for our children is called Kids For Christ (KFC)

Then I printed some card medals and had them laminated, same wording, also ribbon included. Every Sunday a medal is presented to the child showing their "Best Behavior." This is presented after the lesson and I allocate Leaders and Helpers to take turns to award the medal so the kids never know who is watching them. The proper medal they wear throughout our time in Sunday School (a floating medal) and the Card medal they take home to keep. It works like magic - I mean who does not like to go up and get presented with a medal....amidst applaud. 

In my Grade 3 class I use the Bible Bucks system to encourage them to find scriptures in the bible, for attendance and working well during craft time etc. I have a segmented box (zig zag style) with each compartment representing a letter of the alphabet. In each segment a child will find a bank bag with his or her name on it where they put their bible bucks into when earned. At the end of term the child with the most bible bucks wins a prize. It is amazing how they love this concept. There are various kinds of bible bucks on Internet that one can print - I have 1, 2, 5, and 10 values. I printed them and laminated them so they last from year to year - I have been doing this for many years now. 

We are known for some of the best craft activities - strict ruling that it enhances the lesson message applies so it does not just become craft time. I have loads of photos so if you would like I could share those too. 

Dee South Africa

--from SSTN: get our Bible Bucks



2) The Wedding Banquet Bible Skit

Characters: King, Son, Bride, two Servants and a Narrator (the teacher).

Props: Crown for the King, top hat for the groom, bouquet of flowers for the bride, colored sticker dots for the servants to use.

(The narrator reads the script while the actors follow the italicized prompts given by the narrator.)


"One day when Jesus was teaching he told a story about a Wedding Party. See if you can understand what he wants us to know about God's Kingdom from this story:

The king prepared a big party to celebrate the marriage of his son to his bride. 

(Take a bow Son and Bride.)

The king sent his servants to those who had been invited to the banquet to tell them to come. 

(Tell one of your servants to bring the guests to the party, King.)

The servant tried to bring the guests, but they refused to come.

(Look disappointed, Servant.)

Then the king sent another servant to tell the guests the party was ready to start and the food was prepared.

(Send another servant, King.)

But those guests were too . . . Download this Bible Skit with discussion questions.



3) Why Does God Allow Suffering?

(You will need a large piece of white paper, lemon juice to be used as "invisible ink," and a Q-tip. Dip the Q-Tip in lemon juice to write the word "Jesus" on the paper.)

State that many people ask questions like "Why does a good God allow suffering?" Give a few examples of suffering. Say that there is no simple answer to this, but that you are going to show the class one reason why God may allow problems and hardships to come into our lives. God is interested in what we do, but He is more interested in what we are, i.e. our character. God can use our problems to develop our character.

Use your own words for your particular class, but you could use the lines suggested below.

"God has a wonderful plan to change you into someone far better. If none of us ever had any troubles, not many of us would give God a second thought, and we would never change. God sometimes allows suffering in our lives and uses it - as He helps us to overcome our problems - to change us. The Bible says "Suffering helps us to endure. And endurance builds character" Romans 5:3,4 (CEV).


I am going to have an imaginary. . .
Get this Bible Object Lesson on Suffering.



4) Bible Bumpers Game

Bible Bumpers can be played indoors or out and used with a variety of Bible stories.

Set up: You will need a chair or place marker (such as a Polyspot) for every player, minus one. Arrange the chairs or markers in a large circle. Use your Bible story to determine the words (a person, place, or thing) that will be used during the game. Write each word on a card and give one card to each player. For example, words from the Parable of the Good Samaritan, from Luke 10:30-37, would be: man, Jericho, Jerusalem, robbers, clothes, priest, road, Levite, Samaritan, donkey, innkeeper, etc. There should be at least two cards with the same word written on them. It's also ok to have more than two cards for each word. 

Players begin by . . . download the Bible Bumpers Bible Game.


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