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SSTN # 30 - April 13, 2006

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1) Crying little ones
2) Boys ministry 
3) Teacher appreciation
4) Easter skit props?
5) Job and Jeremiah
6) Mission Project
7) Pre-teen class?
8) Men can do magic...
9) Ministry to Boys
10) Old Bibles Folded Angels?

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1) Crying little ones

We have found that consistency in child care workers and regular
attendance on the part of the little one is the key.  It worked best for
us to hire a regular nursery attendant (I called the Catholic church since
many of their parishioners attended their services on Saturday night and
found a great one).  Whispering to a little one often makes them pause in
their crying so that they can hear you, singing is great, it also really
helps to be confident and calm when you pick them up to comfort them.  We
have also found that limiting access to the room helps, they usually get
upset every time the door opens and shuts when it is not THEIR parents,
discourage parents from “Checking” on them, it just makes it worse. A
quick and confident goodbye is best, with assurances that Mommy and daddy
ALWAYS come back.  You can always hand out a paper to visitors giving your
suggestions and assuring them you will get them if need be, so please
don’t “check” on them and risk them seeing you. How long? Five minutes of
constant crying with no calming is long enough for me,  but encourage the
parents to try again the next week,

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2) Boys ministry 

For the past two summers we have done seperate classes for the boys and
The first year the girls focused on "Worshiping God With Your Whole Life"
While the boys program used a combination of scripture - Putting on the
Full Armor of God and concepts from the book Raising a Modern Day Night by
Robert Lewis. A discription of this book from Christianbooks .com "
Discover how fathers can help their sons become modern knights-young men
of masculinity, a code of conduct, and a godly cause. Learn how ceremony
can teach your boy to reject passivity, accept responsibility, and lead
 The boys were taught lessons with two weeks devoted to each piece of
armor  - this allowed for their major project which was creating a piece
of armor, and teaching the Biblical concepts and the concepts from the
book. It also helped deal with the issue of kids not being there every
week.  The armor pieces were all created from stuff found at Home Depot
(can you hear the manly grunts, LOL).  We had a team of 5 guys who were
lead teacher - they divided up the summer so no one had an overwhelming
job. Each week there were 2 teachers and 2 or 3 helpers for about 16 boys.
 This class was a huge hit, the boys received Godly teaching, strong male
presence and role modeling,  and the boys had their armor as a reminder of
what they had been taught (I've had parents tell me their boys still use
The idea for dividing the boys and girls for the summer came after one of
our Adult SS classes had gone through the Dobson "Raising Boys" Video
Linda in Edmonds

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3) Teacher appreciation

Hi, I know this has been discussed in past years, but I am looking for
ideas for Sunday School Teacher appreciation Sunday.  We are doing ours on
the last day of Sunday School in May. I am looking for gift ideas for the
teachers, a song for our children’s choir (aged preschool through 6th
grade) to sing, and or something special to do for the teachers.  Any
ideas will be appreciated!  Thanks in advance.  We will be honoring about
20 people, including our SS teachers and youth leaders.  (Most of our
classes our “team taught”, that’s why the number is so high!) 

Deb in Iowa

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4) Easter skit props?

Hello I NEED HELP!!!!
I'm putting on a Easter skit at my church, and I'm having a hard time
coming up with props for the girls.  It's a Easter Morning skit with all
girls, they are sitting around talking about Jesus and why they killed
him.  The scene is like in Jesus time in a home.    What kinds of props
can the kids use???  I.e. table, chair, pots. etc.s
Teresa Jordan
Righteous Dance Company
CKBF Dance Coordinator

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5) Job and Jeremiah

For some really good ideas, check out www.rotation.org there are many
ideas ways to "kick it up a notch" in your classroom!

SKC Director
Grace Lutheran, Streamwood

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6) Mission Project

For our Day Camp (VBS) this year, we are using the theme - "Tribal Camp -
Joseph's Story" (Decorations will be similar to survivor stuff as we
travel to Egypt - we do a rotation model where small groups travel to a
craft, recreation, snack stations along with their large group teaching
time with drama, music, etc. - we write our own curriculum) and will be
teaching on the life of Joseph.  Each year, I try to find mission projects
that relate to the theme so kids can really get excited about the mission
project.  For the past several years we have raised over $1,500 for this
4-day ministry.  Does anyone have any ideas for a mission project that
would relate to the life of Joseph Bible stories (maybe some place that
give's coats to children around the world???  Thanks for any ideas you can
Linda in Holland, MIlannett@fellowshipreformed.org

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7) Pre-teen class?

Hello everyone! I am a 20 year old Sunday School teacher and I LOVE
teaching in Sunday School! We are currently trying to form a class for our
children ages 10-12 at my church. As it stands of yet, I and another
teacher will be teaching it together starting, hopefully, in June. Have
any of you worked with this age group and/or could offer me some
suggestions on curriculum, activities, incentive programs, discipline,
etc...for this age group? I love working this age group but they can be
SO  hard to work with. They are constantly going through different moods,
peer pressure is strong for them, and they are stuck between being a
"little kid" and being a teenager. I want to be the best teacher that I
can to them and be on their level. So any advice would be very welcome and
treasured! Thanks so much. Renee'

--from SSTN: I love this age group! They're mature enough to understand
deeper Spiritual truths, yet young enough to still want to play.
Therefore, active games which reinforce your lesson are very important.
Use contemporary praise music, videos with discussion afterwards, skits
they act out and you videotape and service projects to involve them in
ministry. Any of the hands-on Bible lessons will work great
for this age group:  http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/curriculum.html 

Some other great resources, which you can locate in our bookstore by
typing the titles into the search box, are: "Faith 4 Life", "Goof Proof
Skits", "Tween Time Fellowship", and "The Ultimate Book of Preteen
Devotions".  Find them at:

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8) Men can do magic...

I'm a new subscriber and I'm trying to post a message for
the first time.
Two things - I think it would be a good idea if you took
pay pal - much easier than writing a check.
Second - Our church likes to design our own VBC.  I'm
the coordinator. This year we want to do something along
the line of "Men can do magic, but only God can do
miracles."  I know that several years ago I saw a theme
using the old top hat magician, but I can't remember where
I saw it.   At the end of the week we will have a christian
magician come to cap off the week. 
I'd love some decorating ideas/game ideas.  Any input
would be appreciated.

--from SSTN: Hi Dorothy, glad to have you join us. In response to your
suggestion, we do take Paypal. At the bottom of this letter you'll find
the Ministry Support info. If you use the link you'll have the option to
use a credit card rather than mail a check. During processing you will be
given the option to use your paypal account.

Thank you for considering this ministry to lend your support!

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith

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9) Ministry to Boys

This is in response to the request from Paul Morris  in NC -For many
years our church has been involved with and used teaching materials
provided by Christian Service Brigade. This is a ministry that not only
teaches basic Bible content to the boys but also works to help develop
them into leaders. One of their mottos is/has been "we don't separate
the men from the boys". The programs are divided into 3 age groups and
more can be found about the resources from the website-
The one largest challenge many churches seem to have
with this program is finding enough men who are willing to commit to
implementing it for the boys.  Trust this info will be helpful.
Ruth M.  in Maine

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10) Old Bibles Folded Angels?

I have seen old wornout bibles---by folding each page---transformed into
beautiful angels.  Does anyone have a pattern?  Our church has a
collection of old bibles we are about to dispose of and I would like to
try my hand at crafting with them first.
Thank you.    Wixee

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