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January 20, 2012

Ideas? Questions? Opinions?

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1) Preparing Your Lesson
2) Ten Commandments Mission Impact
3) Kingdom of God lessons?
4) Equipped by God--Adult Ice breaker & Lesson
5) Seven Deadly Sins Skit?
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Need creative, Christ-centered lessons?
ur active, involved and easy-to-use resources and curriculum will captivate and engage the children and adults in your ministry! 

Our  Bible-4-Life curriculum is designed to systematically and uniquely help children learn about bible-times and God's plan for their lives today, tomorrow and for all eternity! The lessons are bible-content driven, teach foundational bible principles, are flexible to fit into any rotation schedule and have been thoroughly kid-tested and teacher approved for K - 5th Grade. For midweek, Saturday, or Sunday classes.

Sermon on the Mount - Curriculum

Come Celebrate the
Feasts of the Lord
- Curriculum



1) Preparing Your Lesson

No matter what the printed material says about the lesson I am going to teach, I find all pertaining Scriptures and read them everyday until I am ready to teach. If it is for the little ones, I try to simplify it. Of course, it goes without saying that I pray and ask the Lord to use me to make His will plain and that the children will respond to Him. 

When I was teaching Juniors I used a lot of printed lessons that I created myself. They had a lot of fun learning and we often acted out the stories. I began with creation and went through the Bible. It took around three years. But the ones they liked best were stories from the prophets. Most lessons do not cover them for kids, but there are so many great stories in them. When we had one prophet who laid down for weeks, we had a boy lie down while we went along with the lesson. When we had the story of the potter, we used clay, etc. When the temple was measured, I had one of our elders who was a carpenter come talk to the kids. But another reason my lessons were a success was SSTN. I have used so many of the ideas for years and am so grateful, Sarah, for you and this site.

Helen Setser

--from SSTN: Helen, it is a Saint like yourself, who is willing to share her ideas, that has made my work the past 12 years on SSTN to be such a blessing! 

Christ's love, 
Sarah Keith <><


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2) Ten Commandments Mission Impact 

My sister, Carol, is returning tomorrow 1/9 - from a mission trip to Mexico. She has called me about every day this past week. I love that! She knows my heart longs to serve again in El Salvador and this is the next best thing...

Carol taught two teen girls from another mission group (from Florida, I think) the 10 commandment hand gestures. They were thrilled and so excited to go home and teach the rest of their youth group and the younger kids in their church. They in turn, shared something about it with a college girl from Texas in yet another mission group. She came to Carol during lunch and asked if she could teach her. Of course a mini-training session commenced! That girl wants to teach the youth in her church when she returns. 

Just wanted to share with you that your work is mighty and powerful and teaching kids all over the world - through missions work!


--from SSTN: As teachers of children, we will never know the full impact of our work until we get to heaven. So, until that day, "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." Galatians 6:9

Thank you, Emmalea, for sharing that encouraging report!

Sarah <><


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3) Kingdom of God Lessons?

Looking for lessons under the title building up the kingdom of god. Preparing syllabus for Sunday School. pls keep me in your prayers.

--from SSTN:
Jesus explained the Kingdom of God in his Sermon on the Mount. We have two curriculum books that focus on this theme, first in the Beatitudes and then in the Sermon on the Mount

You will find them listed on the following pages: 

The Great Promises
of the Bible
- Curriculum


Light House - Curriculum


4) Equipped By God--Adult Ice breaker & Lesson

I used this object lesson at a women's coffee house meeting. It's both an icebreaker and a object lesson combined. You use the very familiar game where you make a list of items found in a woman's purse. Hand out the list and the woman who has the most items in her purse wins. Now the object lesson begins. 

Like my purse, which is filled with everything I need, God has equipped each of us with all the tools we need. We've all been equipped by Father God. So what's stopping us from being effective in His kingdom?
1. We don't know what we have. Many of us feel we have no abilities, no special talents. We're so focused on what we don't have, we can't see all we do have.
2. We know all God has given us, but we forget that it's there. Someone may be bleeding, but I don't do anything, then later find band aids in my purse that I forgotten were there. We forget we have the Holy Spirit, given to us to help others.
3. We become preoccupied with ourselves and our own lives. I need lotion, my lips are chapped so I use my chap stick. I have a good cry and dry my tears with Kleenex. I feel down so I use my money to go shopping. Nothing wrong with this, but all God has given us isn't just for us.
4. We're too busy. Someone has a headache, but we're too busy to stop and offer them a Tylenol. We don't have time to stop and dry someone's tears.

So what do you have? Money? You say you only have two dollars - well, that's enough to buy someone a coffee. No matter how small or seemingly insignificant, it can be used for God's kingdom purposes.

Joan Janzen




5) Seven Deadly Sins Skit?

Dear Madam,

Thank you for accepting me as a subscriber. I am a Sunday School teacher for one of the Hebron Assemblies in Mumbai, India. I am looking for a skit on the Seven Deadly Sins for the Juniors. I shall appreciate your assistance in my search.

It's wonderful to see all that you offer for Sunday School teachers through this website. 

God bless.
Mrs. Rosemary Maigur

--from SSTN: You are most welcome. We're glad to have you join us. You are referring to the seven sins of envy, sloth (laziness), gluttony, wrath, pride, lust and greed. However, it is important to note that these sins are no more deadly than any other sin. The Bible teaches us that all sin separates us from God and the result is eternal death. We don't have a skit in the site devoted to those sins, but you might find the skit based on the Prodigal Son to fit your needs. You can find a sample of it on the following page: 

Please read the following verses from the book of Romans: 3:10; 3:23; 5:8; 6:23; 10:9-10, 10:13.


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