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SSTN # 2 - January 6, 2006

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Happy Epiphany!

1) Bible Games
2) Fund Raiser - Kitchen Angel
3) Games in Sunday School
4) Games in Sunday school

Lessons for the New Year

5) Christian Movie Critic
6) Tic Tac Toe in class
7) Choir Robes?
8) Teaching Preschoolers
9) Nursery Preschoolers

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Happy Epiphany!

This Sunday is Epiphany Sunday! Check out the Epiphany lesson under Winter
Resources at: http://www.ChristianCrafters.Com 

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1) Bible Games

Check out the following page:

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2) Fund Raiser - Kitchen Angel

I am looking for creative ideas for fund raising.  We are going to have an
expo to show the clubs we have in Missionettes.  I want to have some

Kitchen Angel Craft Instructions! - this is a neat and easy craft.  I've
made them for several years and can be done by youngsters with a little
adult supervision... Hope this helps:

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3) Games in Sunday School

This message is for Kali Ploucher in regards to games in Sunday School. I
am not sure what "silent ball" is exactly, but I think games are a great
way to incorporate learning in Sunday School, especially with younger
children. Games are very much a "hands on" way to get kids involved and
help them "bring to life" the concepts in the Bible story. Here are just a
few game ideas, hopefully one or more of them will be helpful to you.
Chariot races - you need two large boxes (appliance boxes work well), some
gray or black acrylic paint or spray paint, two brass fasteners, a sewing
needle, rope or string (heavy duty), and two mini paper plates. First,
paint the paper plates and the boxes, cut off the top panel of one box, as
well as the back side of the box, so that you have a box that has a bottom
and three sides. Use a pair of scissors or a craft knife to round out the
sides going down from the front of the box, so that they look like mini
arches coming down. Then use a needle to poke a hole through a paper plate
and the box, put the brass fastener through, and fasten the paper plate
"wheel" to the box; repeat for the other "wheel". Next punch two holes in
the front of the boxes large enough to thread the rope through, put the
rope through the holes, pull until the lengths coming through the box to
the inside are even, and then tie them together in a knot, and leave the
ends loose for "reins" or whatever they are called. Line the finished
chariots up at each side of the room, and let kids take turns pulling the
rope, and riding the chariots from one end of the room to the other. If
you would rather the kids "push" the chariots then pull them, you can
leave the fourth side on the box, and not round the sides so that the
chariot can be pushed from the back.
Parting the red sea - you need two wrapping paper tubes (or other really
tall cardboard tubes) or a tall wooden dowel, a blue tablecloth,
disposable table cloth, or blue sheet, and some clear tape. Tape the
wrapping paper tubes end to end to make a large "staff". Then, lay the
sheet or tablecloth spread out on the floor in the center of the room.
Have the kids form two lines, one on each side of the cloth on the floor,
and reach across the cloth and grab hands with the person across from
them. Have them practice holding their hands together tightly straight out
in front of them, and then raising their hands in the air and letting go
of their partners hands, then rejoining them. Once children know this
technique, give one child the "staff" and let him/her stand at one end of
the cloth and be "Moses". Have the rest of the children join hands to
"block off" access to the sea. Have all of the children watch "Moses"
carefully. "Moses" should lift up the staff in the air and then "bang" it
down on the ground. Kids will raise their hands up and let go so "Moses"
can cross the Red Sea. If you are trying to get children to memorize a
Bible verse, you could have each child say their verse when they are
"Moses" before crossing the sea.
Bible Story Recall Ball - have children sit in a circle (this game is
great for younger children) and grab an indoor ball. Ask questions about
the Bible story such as "what was the name of the angel in today's story"
or "how many wisemen came to see Baby Jesus?" After you ask the question
roll the ball to a child, who then gives the answer. If the child answers
correctly, they get to choose who to roll the ball to next, keep playing
until everyone has had a turn, or until you are out of questions. If you
are playing with older children, let them ask the questions.
Hope this helps!
Love in Christ,
Sarah in California

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4) Games in Sunday school

Hi Kali, I don’t like the idea of anyone being “out” in Sunday school. We
too play silent ball in Sunday school but I use it for a treat after the
lesson is over. We usually have from 5 – 10 min. after the lesson play and
the kids are great with that. If your kids like to play games, incorporate
a game into your lesson. This gives them the valuable Bible study they
need with a fun game added in. Then go to the silent ball after that as
well. Your kids will be begging to come to church! Jeannine

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--> Lessons for the New Year!

"Hands-on lessons of the Bible" are easy-to-implement and can be incorporated
into rotation-type programs!

Available at:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/curriculum.html 

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5) Christian Movie Critic

Thought you might be interested in the fact that there is a Conservative
Christian Movie reviewer out there.  http://www.pluggedinonline.com/
love ya..........

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6) Tic Tac Toe in class

We play Tic Tac Toe in class sometimes....I made a large felt board Tic
Tac Toe game with felt "x's" and "o's". I break the class up into two
teams....I toss a coin to see which team goes first....I ask a question
about the lesson, they have 5 seconds to discuss the answer.  One team
member may then answer outloud...if it is correct another team member may
place their "x" or "o" on the board with the team urging them where to
place it.   The next team will then get a question and the game goes on.
It's quite fun...Dianne, AL

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7) Choir Robes?

Dear Sarah,
I am writing because my Pastor asked me if I could start a choir at our
church.  Our church is small, there are about 25 people there on Sunday
and most of the people live in sober houses so they can't really
contribute much finacially.  He would like us to wear robes, but we really
don't have  the funds to buy them, so I wanted to ask you if you knew of
any churches that could donate some of their used ones to us, we need
about 10.  Our church would greatly appreciate it.  I can be contacted via
email at servehim@optonline.net , or
hppy_camper@yahoo.com .  Thank you :)  Have a blessed day!

Sister in Christ

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8) Teaching Preschoolers

I used to teach this age.  I usually let them play for 1/2 the time, but I
always gave them a Bible lesson.  You can get some kids Bible story books
and then give them a craft or game to go with the lesson. 
They are also capable of memorizing verses.
Also, when it was time for the lesson they had to pick up all the toys
first.  If they don't want to, you can give them a skittle as an
incentive.  It worked for me every time :)
Hope that might help you some.

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9) Nursery Preschoolers

I am teaching our new Sunday school class at my church which is 3 and 4
year olds! It was quite a challenge at first, but after the first 3 weeks
it got easier--the kids I have need a lot of consistency and positive
I have 2 boys and 2 girls and at the beginning one of my boys and one of
girls were very hyper and would just feed off each other, but now that
have realized the activities I bring are fun and we get to play games they
are doing better.  I mix up free play with lesson time, as I have taught
this age at a preschool before and there attention span is so limited! 
They also listen and learn better if they have wee breaks.  Besides the
lesson of the day I also try to have a puzzle relating to the theme
somehow (sometimes my curriculum has a punch out one) and a game (matching
etc) that I can pull out when the kids start to squabble, as a way to
re-direct them-and it usually works wonderfully!
Also,  my first few weeks of trying to do the Bible story were a disaster,
they made it through about 2 sentences.  This may not be the best thing to
do (but it works) I give them snack during story time.  They still listen
very well, the snack just keeps them sitting down.  I also started using
more visual aids as well as doing character voices. 
This really is a fun age to teach, I don't think I would enjoy teaching the
older kids as much, I enjoy learning through play right alongside the

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