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April 12, 2014 -- Issue #2 - Volume 15


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1) Paper Folding Story
2) What's So Good About Good Friday?
3) Update on Sarah Keith's husband, Bob Keith

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1) Paper Folding Story: The Secret to Happiness

The following activity is one of the fabulous resources that you can find in our archives. has over 1800 pages of f-r-e-e and pay-for-use children's ministry resources! Share our site with your friends, pastors, and coworkers.

This is a good way to illustrate that our only hope for peace and happiness is Jesus.

MATERIALS NEEDED: One piece of 8.5" x 11" copy paper.

There once was a man who was searching to find true happiness. So he began to
think of things that could make him happy. 

(Hold paper with long edge vertical. Fold paper to the right into an angle, top corner to the edge of the opposite side. 
Now fold top right to the left to resemble the shape of a house.) 

He decided to build a house. For sure he would find happiness if he had the perfect house.
And he was happy-for awhile, but he began to get bored and thought what he really
needed was a sailboat. 

(Unfold one angle to resemble the triangular shape of a sailboat. Turn paper sideways with angle pointing up.)

He sailed all around the world and saw a lot of really interesting
things, but then he began to get bored again.

He saw a jet fly overhead and wanted his own plane, so he got himself an airplane.

(Fold paper back into house, and fold in half, bend sides down like wings
to make a paper airplane.) 

He flew from country to country, yet he still find the peace he was searching for.

He sat down one day and thought and thought. He finally got a wonderful idea! He
would make a rocket and go into outer space! Surely he could find happiness

(Completely tear off wings from plane. The paper should resemble a rocket.) 

So he flew off into the sky and flew around the moon.
Yet he still could not find the happiness and peace he had longed for.

Finally, when he came home, he met a man who seemed to have this peace and
happiness. He asked the man, "How can I find this peace and happiness? I have a
house, a sailboat, an airplane, even a rocket ship, but I still am not happy.
Where can I find what I am searching for?" 

The other man smiled and said, 

(Unfold paper. It should be a cross.) 

Until you find Jesus, you will never find true joy and peace." 

Emily Bradley
Franklin, Indiana


2) What's so good about Good Friday?

Jesus was betrayed by one of his own disciples, arrested, mocked, almost beaten to death, and then crucified on a cross on a Friday during Passover. So why on earth do we call that terrible day in history Good Friday?

It has been said that the Jews put Jesus to death. This statement is often misunderstood and can be an unwitting incentive for prejudice against the Jewish people. However, it is important to note that the Biblical term, “the Jews,” refers to the Jewish leadership, not the Jewish people in general. The fact is, all people, you and I, put Jesus to death. 

Our sin brought Jesus to the cross. But never forget, Jesus willingly went to the cross; this was his life’s purpose! Hebrews 12:2 tells us that Jesus endured the cross for the joy that was before him! Joy, in dying? Yes! Because he loves us that much! 

So, what’s so good about Good Friday?

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3) Update on Sarah Keith's husband, Bob Keith

Today marks the sixth month since Bob's fall and subsequent traumatic brain injury. His discharge date to come HOME is set for Thursday, April 17, 5 days from today! I go from "Yay, he's coming home." to "Yikes, he's coming home!" Our oldest son, Jared, is taking off two weeks to help us. And we'll have in-home care for a time, which includes nursing care and speech therapy, possibly physical and occupational therapy too. After that, at some point Bob will go to outpatient rehab; hopefully closer to home.

Please pray for us during this important transition.

I am so grateful for your persistent prayers. They have been answered over and over

Your webservant, 
Sarah Keith <><  













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