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September 8, 2015 -- Issue #29






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1) Class Discipline Technique

2) DOTS Icebreaker Activity

3) Be-Attitudes Memory Verse Idea

PreScriptures - An Rx For Life

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1) Class Discipline Technique

> [I Need] advice regarding managing misbehaviors in a class of 6 children, ages 7-10yrs.

One thing I did that was effective in Sunday school class was to tape on one seat bottom saying the child who sat there won the prize for the day—if they had behaved.

The kids loved trying to figure which seat might have the card under it and sit there. It worked for me.

Helen Setser



2) DOTS Icebreaker Activity

With classes starting up, it's always fun to begin with an icebreaker. "Dots" is one such activity.

You will need color-coding-dot-stickers (eg. red, yellow, blue, green). Everyone chooses a color and sticks the dot on the palm of their hand. Have children sit in a circle. Teacher and students take turns by raising their hand with the dot, waving, saying their name, and then answering the prompt that matches the colored dot chosen. For example, if you have: 

Blue=tell something about your family; 

Yellow=tell something about school; 

Red=talk about your favorite food; 

Green=talk about a favorite activity.



3) Be-Attitudes Memory Verse Idea

This semester I will be re-teaching the Beatitudes Bible-4-Life curriculum. As I go through the lessons I will also be updating the book. Today I'd like to share one of my new ideas with you! Rather than use the Beatitudes Memory Verse Puzzle, which is included in the current book, I've created a new way to track children's progress for Bible memorization. I've created a large card with the eight Beatitudes listed on it, and a space to mark off when the verse is memorized. Next to the Beatitudes verses is a place to hot glue or tape a floral water tube. As children memorize each verse, they place a small candy into their tube to indicate how sweet it is to “fill their lives” with God’s Word. (Make sure to use a floral tube large enough to hold eight small candies, one for each memorized verse.) The idea of filling our lives with God's Word to be "rich" in him, compliments the first Beatitude, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Sample lesson one of the Beatitudes for Kids.

I'd love to have you join me this semester!

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><  



4) PreScriptures - An Rx For Life

Bible verses are to be "taken" daily to improve our Spiritual health and general well-being. 
You will need: a Bible; a clean, empty medicine bottle; a stick-on label; paper; scissors or paper cutter. 

Print the following information on the label:

Made with love by: (giver's name).
Rx for: (recipient's name).
For: Health, Hope, Happiness.
Dosage: Read one daily or as needed for inspiration.
Contents: 31 Bible Verses -- Medicine for the Spirit.
Important: Prolonged Use may eliminate tension, anxiety, insomnia, fear and despair.
Warning: May cause Lightheartedness.

Adhere label to the medicine bottle.

Click here to print out the Pre-Scripture verses.


Bible Memory Techniques, Bible Games, Children's Ministry

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