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1) Whose Armor Are You Wearing?
2) December Outreach?

3) High School Activities
4) High School Activities

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5) Skit With 3 Characters?
6) Shine the Light Candleholder
High School Activities
8) The Gospel in a Nutshell

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1) Whose Armor Are You Wearing?

With so many ministries to admire, and spiritual mentors to turn to, it is common for people to emulate those who are "accomplished" and "successful." Although the accomplishments of others in ministry can serve as a testament of Godís faithfulness ó like the shepherd boy, David ó we must not put on someone elseís "armor"; especially when it does not fit. 

The Word of God teaches that we have been... To continue reading, Whose Armor Are You Wearing, an adult devotional, visit the following link:

The Gospel in Pictures


2) December Outreach?

We are planning an outreach on December 11. We are going to advertise in the community for a "parents day out". Children from K-5th grade. Thought I would do all 4 sessions with different "Stars" in the biblical Christmas story each week -- Mary,
the Shepherds, the Wise Men, and even terrible King Herod who thinks he's the "Star"  -- with games and lunch in between. Any ideas on games for in between? We will be giving door prizes as well. The day should last from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Becky Kinman


3) High School Activities

> I teach high school students in Sunday School and I generally will have a cross-word puzzle or word-search
> puzzle for the students to complete at the end of each class session. What are some other fun activities 
> I can have the students do at the end of a lesson?

REPLY: There are lots of other puzzles they can do including some that require actually looking up the bible verse for the answer (You can create some for your specific lesson, or find them online). Having them work in teams gives a little competition and helps them to work together vs. one student 'giving away' the answers. Hangman type puzzles, scrambled word puzzles are also good. 

Using the current lesson (or previous ones) you could create a "Password" type game, or even a version of other popular games like Taboo (teammates guess the word, but the player has a card with certain words he can't say - ie - Noah, can't say flood, ark, water, - there's lots more they CAN say - ie dove, float, boat, etc.). 

Hope those help.


4) High School Activities

Check out the TV Bible games section at:



5) Skit With 3 Characters?

Our church is very small, maybe 25 members, most of them older adults. I have a Sunday School that varies from 2 to 8 each Sunday, various ages. What I need is a short Christmas program with just three characters. I have two high school students and one middle school age that attend pretty much every Sunday. Help! Thank you. =

from SSTN: make sure you check out our skits section at:




6) Shine the Light Candleholder
Based on Matthew 5:16--let your light shine 

Visit the following link to get the instructions to make a candleholder based on Matthew 5:16, "Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven." Click on "Shine the Light" Candleholder
-- or copy and paste it: 


7) High School Activities

Jump Starters-100 Games to Spark Discussions is a great resource. You can find this book and more great ideas for Youth Ministry in our Affiliate Bookstore; scroll up to the bright, green box to find the link under Ministry Resources. 


8) The Gospel in a Nutshell

The objective of this six-part lesson is to help children understand and memorize John 3:16. Click here to get the Gospel in a Nutshell or follow this link:



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