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SSTN # 29 - May 4, 2007

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1) Summer Retreat Games
2) VBS Grand Prize
3) Honoring children?
4) Is this right cost?

The BE-Attitudes ... for Men & Women

5) Baseball Theme Curriculum
6) Sunday School Year Round
7) Baseball theme?
8) Baseball theme
9) Policies & Procedures

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1) Summer Retreat Games

Check out the Survivor - Temptation Island Event
in the F-r-e-e Stuff / Games section at:


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2) VBS Grand Prize

>>Does anybody offer a grand prize at VBS any more?  If so, how...

Dear Sherri,
This year we are trying something new for the children.  All of the
leaders, including the craft, music and snack leaders are going to have a
roll of tickets.  Each child each day will receive from their teacher a
ticket for attending, another if they know their memory verse, another for
bringing their bible, and another for bringing a friend.  The snack, music
and craft leaders will also hand out tickets for "random acts of kindness"
that a child may show. 
The first night in crafts, they will be making some type of little pouch
to save their tickets in.  The last night of VBS the child with the most
tickets in each classroom will receive a stuffed animal that goes along
with our theme.  The tickets can then be spent at the General Store.  For
example, lasso licorice may cost 4 tickets, a cross necklace may be 15
tickets.  We have a supply of inexpensive gifts for the children to choose
from. (This is taken from the idea of the children's pizza places that
have games that give tokens to cash in.)
I'm really excited to see how well this works.
To God be the Glory,
Leslie at New Hope Christian Fellowship
Akron, OH

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3) Honoring children?

Our children's church program has been studying the Bible.  These kids
will have gone through the entire Bible in June which has taken five years
to complete!  Our church wants  to honor them in some way.  Have any of
you accomplished a similar goal and have ideas.  Thanks, Melba

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4) Is this right cost?

$12.00 is all it costs to get me started using all the wonderful Sunday
School material on this site???
Guilda King

--from SSTN:

Hi Guilda, that is the suggested yearly donation for use of over 1300
pages of f-r-e-e resources within our site. You can learn more at:

Thank you!

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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The BE-Attitudes ... for Men & Women
Can you think of a situation when being poor is a good thing? We want to
be rich in spirit, rich in health and rich in our bank accounts. We want
the best of everything, because having the best is a measurement of our
success. However, when Jesus began his sermon on the mount by saying,
“Blessed are the poor in Spirit…”, he was not touting the benefits of
those who don’t have money, nice clothing or fine food to eat. In God’s
economy, being poor in spirit is about emptiness -- spiritual emptiness.
It is coming to the realization that we are powerless to help ourselves
and that nothing in and of ourselves naturally chooses to follow God’s

The BE-Attitudes for adults is an eight session study for individuals
or groups which explores how to make Jesus' attitudes your daily

To learn more about this series, go to:

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5) Baseball Theme Curriculum

Dear Sarah:
I've just been reading today's article, and wanted to mention something
about a baseball themed curriculum written by Dawn from Kentucky.  She
mentioned showing clips from some kid's baseball movies.  One of them was
"Bad News Bears".  I went to that movie years ago, and walked out before I
had seen very much of it because of the amount of profanity used - by
children as well as adults.  Maybe Dawn doesn't use those parts, but that
was the "theme" of the whole movie.
I do hope your brother and his family are coping with the loss of their
son.  I still have you on my prayer list.  I pray for you daily, and thank
God for you and your ministry.
Love in Him,

--from SSTN: Dear Carolyn, that is a real concern when you use secular
movies. Thank you for the heads up. Thank you also for your prayers and
concern for my brother and my family. It has been very difficult...but I
see God working in my brother's life. He is more receptive to God than
ever before! PTL!
ysic, sarah <><

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6) Sunday School Year Round

I am in agreement with  TB who said Sunday Schol Should be year around. 
Several years ago, someone in authority at my small country church deciced
that  since attendance was down during the summer months , that we should
not have it during the summer.  Well, you guessed it----when fall came
only  about 3 families showed up for Sunday School.   Attendance has never
been the same.  I advise those of you who might consider doing this , to
carefully think it over.  DW

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7) Baseball theme?

Dear Dawn,
Would you be willing to share your baseball teaching with us?
Thank you, Blessings,

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8) Baseball theme

To those I sent the "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"  4-8 week program:
Some of the program did not go thru for some of you.  The last 2 weeks did
not copy thru....if you were one of them please let me know and I will
send the whole program thru again...please put in subject line "Ballgame
resend" and I will know....thanks for all the responses and I pray they
are helpful to you.
God Bless. Dianne

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9) Policies & Procedures

I have been working on that for our children's ministry, and I just typed
in policies and procedures for children's ministry in the search line, and
i've gotten a lot of policies that other churches use, and i have adapted
it for our church. 

Shannan Harper
Hazel Crest, IL

--from SSTN: you can search our archives at:
Also, google it!

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