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August 31, 2012 -- Issue #29 - Volume 13


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1) Popular Game for Ten Commandments
2) Skit: God Rules
3) Which Sin is Worst?
4) Hot Bricks
5) Cleanup the Trash

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1) Popular Game for Ten Commandments

Make three or more sets of cards 5Ē x 5Ē.  Each set in its own color. 
(Get the cards at: )

On one side have the commandment and on the other side the appropriate number of the commandment. Laminate. Place cards in colored groups but in random order on a board attached with either blue tak or magnetic tape, numbered side up. Children divide into teams and choose a color. One person in the first team chooses a number and says the corresponding commandment. If correct, remove the card from the board and move to the next team and so on. The first team to collect their set wins. 

This is an extremely popular game with our children.

Capt. Louise Weller
Church Army NZ
Canterbury Kids Coach




2) Skit: God Rules

Download our complimentary Bible skit at:


3) Which Sin Is Worst?

Is murder more egregious than lying? Is adultery worse than coveting? What about misusing God's name--is that worst than stealing? 
Is any one commandment more important than the others? 

Visit the following page to learn what the Bible says, and how to teach this to kids:



4) Hot Bricks

Played like musical chairs except you pass around a toy brick and the person that is holding it when the music stops has to state one of the commandments. If they can't give one, they are out. 

(Created by student, Caroline P., from Joyce Kaack's 6th grade Sunday School class.


5) Cleanup the Trash

Copy and print the following statements (1 per sheet) and crumple the paper. Throw the 16 wads of paper around the meeting room floor. The area should look ďtrashy.Ē

I tell lies. My friends donít care.

I called my Mom and Dad mean names.

I pretend Iím sick so I donít have to go to church.

I took a friendís eraser at school.

I want to go fishing - not to church.

I took a candy bar from the grocery store. They wonít miss just 1 candy bar.

Iíll hide from my Mom. I donít want to take out the trash.

I told Dad that I already cleaned my room - but I didnít.

My sister makes me so mad, thatís why. . .

To get the rest of the Cleanup the Trash, visit the following page: 


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