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Issue #28 - July 7, 2008
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Noah & Joshua Songs?
Christian Duck, Duck, Goose
3) Music - The Grand Old Book?
 Skit: Where You Go I'll Go
5) Christian Duck, Duck, Goose

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6) Bible Book Clues
Christian Duck, Duck, Goose
8) Duck, Duck...Verse
9) Christian Duck, Duck, Goose

10) F.B.I. Song?

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1) Noah & Joshua Songs?

Our VBS Theme is Super Heroes of the Bible, I've chosen Noah & Joshua. We need a song for each of them.
Any help??


--from SSTN: Hi Mohini, The Super Heroes curriculum has song suggestions listed in the Teacher's Introduction.
Some that are listed there are: "Trust and Obey", "Joshua Fit The Battle" and "Trust in the Lord...", the last of which can be downloaded from our bookstore by typing: "Whirl n' Worship" in the search box and then scrolling down to the individual MP3 song at: 

For anyone else who is interested in the Super Heroes series, please visit the following page:


Christian Duck, Duck, Goose

I have successfully used the variation: "Jesus loves, loves,," making sure everyone gets a turn at 'being loved by Jesus.' Sandy Ferguson, Kansas


3) Music - The Grand Old Book?

Could anyone who has the music for the above Chorus that goes....The Grand Old Book, The Grand Old Book, You can find the words of comfort wherever you may look, In sorrow and in pain, Its promises are plain, So keep on believing in the Grand Old Book....... then come the Books of the Bible Genesis to Proverbs, chorus again, remaining, books, chorus, etc. 

It could be sent to my email address

Thank you

Sandra from Sri Lanka 



 Skit: Where You Go I'll Go

Sample a skit and view a short video based on the book of Ruth. Find it at:



Christian Duck, Duck, Goose

For large groups this game has a lot of "down time", meaning kids must sit for prolonged periods of time before they get their chance to play. To avoid this, you could break into smaller groups and make sure every child gets his or her chance to run.

SAM in Florida



6) Bible Book Clues

Check out this fun game on Bible book clues at: 


7Christian Duck, Duck, Goose

> I would warn you that for older kids, 2nd grade and up, it is probably not the best game choice...

I've found in 2 decades of working with kids that duck duck goose is a great game for ALL ages...even teenagers! There are a billion and 1 can adapt it for almost any lesson. So don't be afraid to use it for VBS. For other game ideas, especially for older children/teens, check out



8) Duck, Duck...Verse

We play this game as Duck, Duck, Verse. the kids still sit in a circle. "It" says a pre-chosen Bible verse before setting out to tag the kids, saying, "Duck, duck, verse". Tagged child chases first child once around circle back to his/her place. The new "It" then says verse and goes on with the game. Each "It" says verse before going around the circle to tag another. We have also used this with sections of Bible book names (OT: Law, History, Poetry, Etc. and NT the same). Have fun.


9) Duck, Duck, Goose

We played with our children, ranging 4-8, changed the words to "God, God, God Loves You" 
with the same rules as "Duck, Duck, Goose." 




10) F.B.I. song?

I remember a Sunday School curriculum for the Faithful Bible Investigators (F.B.I.) that included a clever cadence song that begins, "We are agents of the F.B.I., We love God's word and we hold it high." Does anyone have the rest of the lyrics?

--from SSTN: you can find an FBI game in our "F-R-E-E Stuff - Bible Games area. The writer, Emmalea, may have that info for you. Find games at:


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