December 16, 2014 -- Issue #28 - Volume 15


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1) Advent Wreath Ideas

2) Skit for Sunday School Anniversary?

3) Devotional: Leaning on God's Hand 

4) Devotional: Do You Believe God Loves You?

5) Chrismon "Christ-Shapes" Banners

6) DON'T Miss Out!


1) Advent Wreath Ideas

I make the paper tube No-Flame Advent Wreath with my Children's Department every year! The kiddos love them! They can "light" their tissue paper "flames" over and over! We use a "standard" Advent wreath in the sanctuary and have a candle lighting ceremony as part of the "Call to Worship" each of the four Sundays of Advent. We light the "Christ Candle" during our "Christmas Eve Service" (sometimes held on December 23 due to the travel plans of many of the congregation).

For my "Classroom Wreath" I use the brass "Advent Wreath" my pastor gave each member about 10 years ago. At the time I received my
wreath, I could not use "real" candles at home as my elderly father was on oxygen 24/7. I painted "battery" candles (3 purple and 1
pink). The "battery candles" typically cost $1.00 each at the dollar store, and require two AA batteries. Pink and purple acrylic paint
is $0.50 per bottle in Wal-Mart. This was a good alternative for us. This is great to use with young children who tend to want to "touch"
everything! I thought some of the other teachers of young children may want to try this alternative!

Joy and Peace!

Ann Marie Lemacks
Preschool and Children's Director
Lowcountry Baptist Church
Summerville, South Carolina


2) Skit For Sunday School Anniversary?

Please send me a skit for Sunday School anniversary.

--from SSTN: you can check our Christian skits page. However, you might find other creative ideas by typing "anniversary" into the search box on our home page, or by using the search box at the bottom of this newsletter.


3) Devotional: Leaning on God's Hand 

"Now the birth of Jesus Christ happened this way. While his mother, Mary, was engaged to Joseph, but before they came together, she was found to be pregnant through the Holy Spirit. Because Joseph, her husband, was a righteous man, and because he did not want to disgrace her, he intended to divorce her privately. When he had contemplated this, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said, 'Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife, because the child conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit.'” (Matthew 1:18-24)


Can you imagine how scared Mary was when she found out she was going to have a baby? During that time, if someone had a child out of wedlock, they were taken out and stoned to death! How could she explain her pregnancy to her parents or Joseph? Who would believe this wild story? No one! Mary must have . . . 

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4) Devotional: Do You Believe God Loves You?

For I am the Lord your God, who upholds your right hand, who says to you, “Do not fear, I will help you.” (Isaiah 41:13)

I once heard that the one question God would ask when we get to heaven is, “Did you truly believe that I loved you?” This question stuck with me and caused me to think back to moments where I felt like I had struggled the most. When I was afraid, did I really believe that God loved me? When I was having a moment of panic, did I really believe God loved me? Even now, there are moments where I have to ask myself, do I really believe God loves me? The answer is…well, I want to say the answer is yes. In my heart I say yes, but my actions do not always exhibit the same enthusiastic answer. When I fear that all will work out according to His plan, when I doubt that He will carry me through, when I allow my feelings to trump His Word, I am answering that question with a resounding no. At times it seems . . .
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5) Chrismon "Christ-Shapes" Banners

We had an Advent evening at church and the kids used craft foam to cut out chrismons, "Christ shapes." We used the sticky-backed foam and then attached the chrismons to small red fabric banners that we then hung from torches attached to the church pews for Christmas.  They look beautiful. I am planning to make white banners for the Easter season.  Maybe we can make gold chrismons or Easter symbols to stick on the white banners. I enjoy seeing your great ideas on this website.

Sumter, South Carolina

--from SSTN:
Great idea! Thanks for sharing it, Janelle. 
For anyone else interested, you can find Chrismon patterns for use on banners in my book, "Chrismon-Kids."

Merry CHRISTmas,
Sarah Keith <><


6) DON'T Miss Out!

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