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SSTN # 28 - April 5, 2006

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GET READY....There's still time!

1) Prayer Songs
2) Warning & Rock recipe
3) Adventure Decor Ideas
4) Adventure Decor Ideas
5) Teaching New Unchurched Child


6) Change 4 Children Mission
7) Adventure Decor Ideas
8) Unchurched kids
9) Pantomimes?
10) Job and Jeremiah?

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GET READY....There's still time!!

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1) Prayer Songs

Child Evangelism sets a prayer song to the tune of "Trust and Obey" as
Prayer is talking to God
Really talking to God and telling Him all of your thoughts
Prayer is listening to God, really listening to God
As He speaks to you from His Word...
Also, to the tune of their "Stop -Go-Watch"  song
Pray to God the Father and He will answer you
Pray to God the Father and He will answer you
You can talk to God any time at all...

Another is"Take Time each Morning" to the tune of Jesus Loves Me
Do you start the day this way,
Read Gods Word and kneel to pray
For you need God's help each day
While at school or at your play...
I Pray that you find these helpful!
Elizabeth Johnson

--from SSTN: we can't print the entire songs without copyright approval.

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2) Warning & Rock recipe

Hi to all and to Sarah,
This is a helpful bulletin brd/network, thanks for all the good postings.
I will enjoy using the resurrection rocks recipe w/the children.
Thank you so much for the info on ND Walsch, an author I now know to
avoid! He was not one that I had ever heard of, but did go look up and
read a bit of an excerpt of one of  his books @ Amazon. Scary Stuff 
that we all do well to be aware of  since he wants to be seen as God.
May we all continue to help each other grow in grace and in the
knowledge of the true Lord and Savior.
God bless you, Ruth in ME

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3) Adventure Decor Ideas

In the last SSTN newsletter, Linda in Edmonds asked about creative ways to
decorate a cabin in an adventure theme.  How about posting maps, such as
those found in the back of some Bibles, so that the girls can learn more
about the geography of the area during Biblical times?  My 5 year old
loves to look at maps such as these, and always wants to know what
happened where.  It might spark some interesting, late night teaching
opportunities.  Perhaps you could track Jesus's journeys, or the path of
the Jews during their 40 yrs in the desert.  I hope this helps.  Have fun!

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4) Adventure Decor Ideas
> Our Bible Camp's theme this summer is Adventure Quest (sort of Indiana
> Jones-ish ). As a cabin leader for Jr and Senior Girls  I am supposed to
> decorate my cabin appropriate to the theme - Beyond Compasses,
> telescopes, and treasure chests, does anyone have any ideas?

I have a few ideas to share on the Adventure Décor Ideas.  We had something similar to that in VBS a few years back.
We made a fake campfire in the middle of the room with real stones and then had an electric fire place insert in the center.  We put twigs over it in
a tepee style, then the light would flicker through.  Maybe a few electric or battery flickering candles would do also.  Hang pine boughs from the
rafters with wire to hold them.  We made a fake stream using blue tarp and set ferns and small pine boughs etc with some rocks along side of it. 
Also stuffed animals, such as racoon, squirrels, birds, fox, deer or any wildlife animal you can come up with.  Taxidermist stuffed is best if you
know someone to let you borrow them.  Set them around in the trees, plants, and pine boughs. The backpacks, rolled up sleeping bags, and some cast iron cooking skillets help the décor. If you don't have floor space, maybe do a rough wall muriel and set the pine boughs and plants in front of it.  Hope this helps get
ideas flowing.  Just go outside in the woods and start seeing whats there and you'll come up with endless ideas.
Good Luck! And may God Bless the Adventure.

Sherrie in Centerville, NY

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Max Elliot Anderson has published his 8th mystery / adventure / Christian
character novels for young readers. Reckless Runaway tells the story of
Michael Ellis, who has recently told his parents to start calling him Mike
from now on. He especially hated the way they were always telling him what
to do. Mike decides to pretend he'd run away. But the next thing he knows,
he finds himself halfway across the country. Mike is alone and afraid. His
encounter with a grown up runaway, in the circus, helps him to understand
that his parents truly love him. Through it all, Mike learns the
importance of family.

Additional mysteries and adventures, for readers 8 and up, by Mr. Anderson
LEGEND OF THE WHITE WOLF which are compared by readers and reviewers to
Tom Sawyer, The Hardy Boys, Huck Finn, Nancy Drew, Tom Swift, Scooby-Doo
and adventure author Jack London.

These books are Christian literature's answer to Harry Potter!
Type "Max Elliot Anderson" into the bookstore search box to locate them
at:    http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/bookstore.html 

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5) Teaching New Unchurched Child
To the single Mom who is teaching Sunday School- and now has a new kid in
her class who doesn't know any of the Bible Stories.
How wonderful first of all to have a little one who has come to you
totally naive of the Bible and it's wonderful stories.  As Children's
Coordinator of our Christian Education department, I always try to get a
good tract into the hands of these children the very first time they come
to class as a visitor.  First off, we never know if they will return or
not.  There are many wonderful, colorful tracts available, some with
colorful ways of simplifying the Salvation message that are attractive to
children.  The wordless book is another great way of sharing the gospel of
Christ with this child.  How about challenging those Christian kids in
your classroom also with telling this new child about Christ and having
them present the gospel to the best of their knowledge.  I think after the
gospel is presented either by the tract, or by you and or the class- one
needs to present the message of Love to that child.  "Jesus Loves Me this
I Know" is a wonderful old song, with so much truth in it.  We never know
the circumstances with which this child lives but one thing we can present
to every child is the wonderful truth that Jesus loves them.  Last of all,
giving this newcomer an easy to read version of the Bible or a New
Testament with beautifully illustrated pictures of some of its wonderful
stories is also a way of impacting that child for their life.  Maybe a
parent/grandparent in the household will read it to him.  If not, perhaps
the child will be drawn to the scriptures himself.  It is a seed that is
planted and praying also for that child is also very important.  No one
wants the precious seed of the word to be snatched away, or planted in the
hard ground, or among the thorns or weeds.  I love having children in my
classroom that aren't already taught as it makes presenting the gospel a
very real, and precious thing.  Also remember maybe some of those children
that you think may have already all the knowledge may not have a personal
relationship with the Lord.  We never know, sometimes they have lots of
head knowledge and no heart knowledge of the Lord.  Keep that in mind as
you teach each week.  Allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you each week as
you teach, will also be a very important.  He will keep you sensitive to
the needs of the children you minister to each week.  God Bless You as you

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6) Change 4 Children Mission

"Change 4 Children" is a mission education program of "Alliance for
Children Everywhere". It is interactive, real-time giving and receiving.
One child wrote, "We just got done counting our first weeks change and we
collected $1,528.00, WOW!" The kids figured out that they could feed over
8,000 people or send over 30,500 children to school for a day with their
one week's change! Learn more at:

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7) Adventure Decor Ideas

For decorating the cabin I you could use some fabric netting and use it as
mosquito netting - its fairly in expensive and a lot less costly than
actual mosquito netting is! At the dollar store you can often find vines
and those twisted around the wood would give the room that outdoor
adventure feel.
Last year for our VBS we had an adventure theme and I stuck Tiki torches
into coffee cans (never lit them) and put fake grass into them. I covered
the cans with paper sacks that had been crumpled for texture. Hope some of
those ideas help!

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8) Unchurched kids

I have been finding the same thing as Hollie.  Kids who have actually
never heard about Jesus or any Bible stories.  I think she is right to
feel an urgency to reach these kids especially since they move around a
lot and we never know if we'll see them again. But we can't do it without
God's help.  I started fasting one day a week and praying very
specifically for each child in my class.  One important thing is to praise
them a lot.  I think they probably hear a lot of criticism. 
You sound like a great teacher Hollie.  Keep it up.

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9) Pantomimes

Do you have any pantomimes? I need something for non-English people.
Pam Mentz

--from SSTN:
Hi Pam, If you go to our search page and type pantomime, you'll find some
resources. http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/archives.html  .
Also, check out this approach:
Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><SundaySchoolNetwork.com

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10) Job and Jeremiah?

I teaching a group of 9-13 years old on JOB and needed an activity or
craft to complete my lesson.

I am also teaching a class of 5-8 years old on Jeremiah and need a simple
craft to complete my lesson.

Best regards,
*May Tam* May Lan

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