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August 25, 2015 -- Issue #27




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1) Older "Kids" @ VBS

2) Sunday School Humor

3) Neighborhood Kids Bible Study

4) Bible Skit: Blind to See

Book of Ruth Bible Skits

           Sample the RUTH Skits

1) Older "Kids" @ VBS

What a great idea – having “older kids” (some in their 70’s) in VBS! I just never thought of that. We have a small church also and I can see how that would be a really fun program. The little ones could learn from the adults and visa versa. 

Thank you.



2) Sunday School Humor

A Sunday school teacher was discussing the Ten Commandments with her five and six year olds.
After explaining the commandment to Honor thy father and thy mother, she asked,
"Is there a commandment that teaches us how to treat our brothers and sisters?" Without missing a beat, one little boy answered, Thou shall not kill.



3) Neighborhood Kids Bible Study

We are using the Parables of Jesus as a starting point for our neighborhood kids Bible study and adapted the lessons to suit our needs. The lessons provided fun and easy ways to teach the parables. They also provided examples of some fun and easy crafts and treats. We also found cute examples of the parables on Youtube and incorporated them into the lesson. . . . The kids really enjoyed it and learned a lot! ~ Michle

Parables of Jesus Bible Lessons for Children


4) Bible Skit: Blind to See

Lesson Focus: Healing of the Blind Man (John 9:1-25)

Bible Skits, Christian Skits and DramasAct out the story using the following script. Write the names of each character on a small sign and hang over actor’s shoulders. Have the actors highlight their lines so they are ready to speak their parts on cue.

9 Characters: Jesus, disciple, Pharisee, blind man, mother and father of the blind man, neighbor, townsfolk, narrator.

Narrator: The Old Testament predicted that when the Messiah, God’s Son, would come to earth, he would heal the sick and the blind. Our story begins with Jesus walking along with one of his disciples. Listen to what happens next.

Blind man: (sitting down and begging) Money, money, I need money!

Disciple: Jesus, why is this man blind? Did his sin, or his parent’s sin, cause this?

Jesus: No, he was born blind so that God can work a miracle in his life. Then he and others will believe and follow me.

Narrator: So Jesus . . .Get the Blind to See skit


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