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August 16, 2012 -- Issue #27 - Volume 13


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1) S.P.I.T.
2) Sheep Treat Food Devotion
3) Spread the Light--Bible Memorization Technique



1) S.P.I.T.

God gave me another special acronym! It came up during the study on James I am doing with 10 friends. One of the scriptures that was used in an explanation of dialogue with James provoked my thoughts toward this little gem.

It was 1 Corinthians 10:13 --- paraphrased and shortened a bunch -- When we are tempted - God will make a way for us to escape.

The acronym is S.P.I.T.

STOP and don't react (like we are "tempted" to do)
PRAY and ask God for HIS wisdom and strength
Imagine the Word of God and HIS will for us in the matter
TAKE OFF! Flee the situation!!!

I presented this to the gals in study last week. I sent an email during the following week of study to remind them to SPIT. Running in to different ones of the study at church and 2 friends out in the community, I was asked several times, "Well, did you have to SPIT yet?" (You have to admit --- if anyone overheard that conversation between "ladies" they probably left scratching their heads! )

Oh, and yes, I did SPIT during the past week - and IT WORKED! Unfortunately, I also failed to SPIT several times as well. But - was keenly aware of the need and my failure -- producing prayer asking for forgiveness....something that might have slipped by me and have been forgotten by me. I would have made God sad. 

So, my dear friends...I hope you too find yourself ready to SPIT at a moment's notice! SERIOUSLY!!!

Emmalea <E><

--from SSTN: once again, Emmalea, God has used you in an unusual way! ;o) 


2) Sheep Treat Food Devotion

What You Need: Each child will need: 1 T. Marshmallow Fluff; 2-3 T. Plain Rice Crispy cereal; thin pretzel sticks, whipped-cream, shredded coconut lightly coated in green food coloring, small paper plates.

Find the directions to this food devotion and the Shepherd's Rod Treat at: 


3) Spread the Light -- Bible Memorization Technique

(To be used with older children and sufficient adult supervision. You will need a large pillar candle, matches, and small candles for children. Teacher begins by lighting the pillar candle and saying the memory verse. Children then take turns saying the memory verse, one word at a time, lighting their candles as they go.)

Jesus wants his children to know that no matter how dark and scary or difficult our lives become, he will guide us; we are not alone. Sometimes we might feel like a ship lost at sea, ready to crash into a rocky shore, but Jesus is our LIGHThouse that leads us home to him!

And like lighthouses, we are different in size, shape and color too, but when we ask Jesus to be our Savior and Forever Friend, he powers us to shine in our own unique way; then we can warn others of the dangers of living on earth without God and help show them the way to heaven!

Used by permission. From the book, Lighthouse™ 
An Overview for Children on the Book of Acts and the Glory of God.

For more Bible memorization
techniques, check out Bible Games Explosion.


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