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SSTN # 27 - April 30, 2007

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1) Pastor's Appreciation Day on May 6th?
2) Mothers day tea
3) Summer children's church
4) Jesus...yesterday, today and forever?

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5) Teachers' Banquet?
6) Water & Alcohol Lesson?
7) Increasing Offerings
8) Entertainment In Church
9) Mother's Day Clock?

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1) Pastor's Appreciation Day on May 6th?

Two needs:  I have been asked to spearhead the event of Pastor's
Appreciation Day
on May 6th.

a. I need some suggestions on how our congregation may bless our pastor
and his family during the week preceeding the event as well as on the day
of the event.

b. I teach ages 7 thru 12 in children's ministry on Sunday's.  I want to
have our children do something significant as a group and am open to

Thank you for your help and suggestions.

Margaret Senters

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2) Mothers day tea

I would like to offer the suggestion of butterflies made from 2 liter
clear plastic pop bottles. If you cut a pattern of a nice size bitterfly
and also cut it out of the side of the bottle, reverse it and paint it ,
these make the neatest objects to hang from the ceiling or make a little
smaller and make pins  for the Mothers. Using your imagination you can add
feathers eyes, tenticles or just about anything. Also making the ladybugs,
use rocks and paint them. In Mothers day mag summer issue are many cake
ideas using butterflies and ladybugs. Have Fun!

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3) Summer children's church

We also have a small group and during the summer I kind of took over to go
all year also. I have gone on line and found "religious" games (SSN has
some) have taken the kids outside and played them. The kids have done well
by the older ones playing gently with the younger ones. I havent run into
a problem yet anyway. We have held Christian karioke, and movie nights
with popcorn donated by the local Wesco ( they usually like 1 week notice
and the church name) We always have prayer. I would try to have one week
to the "conventional" teaching with class and craft. The kids would look
forward to having certain weeks designated to each thing (Week 1 game
night, week 2 karaoke etc.) They especially love water game in the summer.
Once the adults see the fun we have they are more willing to join you,
those who like to sing the karaoke and those who like games so on and so

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4) Jesus...yesterday, today and forever?

To Jane from Malaysia,

Hi Jane! I really liked your theme about Jesus the same yesterday, today
and forever. If you could share more details what you did I would be very

Blessings from Poland,

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5) Teachers' Banquet?

We would like to have a dinner for the teachers and honor all their hard
work. We would like the theme to be "Thank you for Giving to the Lord. "
It would be for about 35 people. I would like suggestions for:
Icebreakers, Gifts, and anything else that would be helpful.
Thank you,
Maureen, in TX

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6) Water & Alcohol Lesson?

I once did an object lesson for my Sunday School class and would
like to use it again. However, I don't know where I found the lesson
before. You wet a small handkerchief or piece of fabric in a solution
of water and alcohol. Then you could light it with a match and the
alcohol would burn off and the handkerchief was not burned or harmed
at all. I used this when teaching about the three Hebrew children and
told the children that if we had God in our hearts He was always with
us and would protect us and keep us from harm even when we were
going through fiery test, trials, or temptations. Can anyone tell me the
amount of water and alcohol to use to make the solution? Thanks so

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7) Increasing Offerings

How do I offer a suggestion to someone's question?
In this issue someone asked if anyone had suggestions for increasing
offering in Sunday School.  We had a (still have at times) a similar
problem.  We started on a quarterly basis keeping a running tally of
offerings per class.  At the end of the quarter we have something wacky as
a reward.  And on that day we host a bring a friend to Sunday School day
where we have a shortened class or after church have an event.  There has
been pie in the face of the minister.  (the adults one that
quarter..hmmmm??)  Pie in the Youth Ministers face and a deacon.  We have
done pizza parties, ice cream socials, etc.  Something that excites the
younger ones to give their offering. 

--from SSTN: you offered your suggestion just right!
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8) Entertainment In Church

Worship is something we do FOR God, not for ourselves.
There is only ONE AUDIENCE in a worship service - that is God.

I always get upset at the arguments between contemporary service and
traditional service....none of this matters except that our hearts are
right with God and we are truly worshipping Him - we are definitely NOT
the recipient of this worship and praise.

Just adding my 2-cents worth of commentary.
In His Service,

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9) Mother's Day Clock?

I would love to have an idea using a clock dealing with time for a
Mother's Day program at church can you help? Please let me know.  
Thanks alot, Janie

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