November 24, 2014 -- Issue #26 - Volume 15


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1) Heaven and Hell Skit?

2) Giving Thanks Skit

3) Gift to You






1) Heaven and Hell Skit?

I am looking for a skit on Heaven and Hell. Can anyone help?


2) Giving Thanks Skit

"An offshore wind was bone chilling when the residents of the Pilgrim colony awoke to face another day of hardship in America during the winter of 1623. Immoderate weather, lack of food, fresh water and supplies had taken its toll on all of them. The long sea voyage two years earlier had been particularly difficult on the aged and very young. Many of them became very ill and died. Many were still ailing. Everyone knew at the outset that relocating to this new land would be difficult, but their faith and desire for religious freedom spurred them on. . . ."

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3) Gift to You

Happy Thanksgiving from! We are offering a gift coupon for our Journey to the Manger ebook. Please visit our Facebook page and then "Like" us to get  the 20% off COUPON CODE. (Expires Dec. 2, 2014.)


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