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SSTN # 26 - April 27, 2007

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1) Summer Children's Church
2) Baseball theme
3) Retreat Games and Supporting?
4) Marked by God

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5) Baseball theme
6) VBS Grand Prize?
7) Mother's Day Skit?
8) Thumbs Up / Down
9) Children's workers code of conduct?

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1) Summer Children's Church

We have Sunday school year around. I never heard of stopping for summer
until I read it on this forum.  Our teachers do not sign up for a 9 month
commitment. If God has called them to teach, He has called them.  We do
not put a time limit. Our curriculum is written (from our church
denomination) for full years, so we would miss an entire quarter (and that
much of the Bible,) if we skipped summer. Children need consistency in
their lives. Teaching is a job, it requires time and commitment. We make
sure teachers are trained and understand this before they start. If a
teacher is not willing to commit, then teaching is not their calling.
Children are worth every minute you invest in them!

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2) Baseball theme

I have a program I wrote called "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"
It is a four week unit.  The week prior to your first week of the unit you
send home a "study" sheet.  It is one page long.  There are questions at
the bottom.  Explain to the children there may be more questions. The
first week of the unit you will have the children line up at "homeplate". 
You will ask the first in line a question about the study sheet. If they
get it correct they may move to first base. Continue in this manner until
each child answers a question correctly. The children move around the
bases as each child answers correctly.  You may have to alter the question
so they are age appropriate. At the end of the hour I hand out a PIN with
the words "I made it to First Base". It also has the Bible reference on
it. (I made these using my button machine) I also hand out a new study
sheet for the next week.  Each week they start at home plate...week two's
pin says "I made it to Second Base" and so on.  Each week has a spiritual
meaning...Home base being Heaven.
Dianne  I will send the program if anyone is interested. 

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3) Retreat Games and Supporting?

I am just a week or so old as a member. However the discussions and ideas
that are being shared in this network are already blessing and helping me.

At the end of May we will be holding a children and youth retreat on
different days. Theses are one day event i.e morning to evening. Please
with me some of the games we can play to make the children and youth learn
and also enjoy themselves.

I would also want to make a ministry support of one dollar per month.
How can i do it because i am from Kenya in Africa.

Thank you
Nairobi, Kenya

--from SSTN: Welcome to SSTN, Kennedy! Glad to have you join us! Make sure
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Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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4) Marked by God

My minister uses an interesting illustration for teaching people about
how God marks you as his child.  He talks about having a plate of
cookies.  You want a cookie, but you don't want to eat it right away.
So you pick up a cookie and lick it, then put it back down on the plate.
Now everyone knows that the cookie marked is yours and no-one else will
eat it.  God does the same thing.  When you become his child he marks
you with the Holy Spirit.  He is essentially saying, you are not coming
home to me right now, but you belong to me.  You are mine and Satan
can't have you.

I hope you find this illustration useful,
Connie G.


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5) Baseball theme
Several years ago I wrote a 9 week character-based curriculum that had a
baseball theme.  We covered 9 traits like loyalty, responsibility,
boldness, determination.  Each character trait had a Bible story to go
along with it of someone who displayed that trait: for example Barnabas
for encouragement.  Each week we also showed a clip from a kids baseball
movie that showed that characteristic.  There are several good kids
baseball movies that are out there- AirBud, Bad News Bears, Sandlot etc. 
The clips were short- less than 10 minutes.  We tried to incorporate
baseball related games.  My favorite game was when we divided into 2 teams
and played pictionary. Each team had 4 pictures to draw. We set up 4 bases
in a diamond.  When you team guesssed what the first drawing was of, your
team runner advanced one base.  The first team to figure out all 4
drawings and get their runner around to home was the winner.  The 4 words
they had drawn were then related into the Bible story for the day.  We
also had someone make some baseball diamonds from felt and the kids played
games with these answering questions from the Bible story.  If they got
the answer right, the rolled the die, and it would tell them how many
bases to move.  1 was first base, 2 a double, 3 a triple, 4 a homerun, 5
roll again, 6 out.  Sometimes we incorporated baseball into the lesson. 
When we talked about loyalty we contrasted Saul and Jonathan in the
friendship to David.  I made a baseball scoreboard and we looked at 9
different instances that David was in contact with these 2 people.  The
kids got to award points to Saul or Jonathan, based on the loyalty they
showed to David.  The kids really got into awarding big points.  I think
Jonathan won by a 10,000.  Another game you could do would be tossing
and catching something from one blanket to another.  We only did a few
crafts.  My favorite was on the last day, we printed out each character
trait on paper that was the same size as baseball cards.  Each card had
the trait and the Bible verse.  The kids got to color these in; the older
kids had to fill in blanks, and then everyone got a baseball card sleeve
(really cheap from a collectors shop) and they slid their 9 character
cards into the baseball card sleeves.  It was a nice way to sum up the 9
weeks. Hope that gives you some ideas!
Dawn in KY

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6) VBS Grand Prize?

Does anybody offer a grand prize at VBS any more?  If so, how do the kids
earn points at your church?  Do you count visitors brought, memory verses,
bring Bible?  Thanks,  Sherri

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7) Mother's Day Skit?

Our Sunday School is planning a Mother's Day Skit for Mother's Day. Do you
have any skit ideas that would be good for Mother's Day? It can be about
20 minutes long. Any help would be appreciated.
God's Blessings,
Patricia Libansky
Sunday School Coordinator

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8) Thumbs Up / Down

We play this game at the end of Children's church, when every child is
sitting down, waiting for the adults to finish packing the equipment away.
The children sit together in a group, and 1 child stands out the
front with their back to the group.  There is an adult at the front to

The speaker says are you ready, and the children have to guess which way
the child out the front is holding their thumbs (Up or down).  The speaker
then counts, 1,2,3 show us what you have got.  The child out the front
turns around and shows the group their choice.  We have played this game
so many times that the children bring their own individuality into the
game by coming up with different ways of holding their thumbs.
Jeanne Sharp

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9) Children's workers code of conduct?

We are needing to write a code of conduct for our Children's Workers so
that they understand what is acceptable with regard to physical contact
with the children. We'd like to see what other churches have in place.
Hout Bay, Cape Town

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