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"For where two or three come together in my name,
there am I with them." -- Jesus

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SSTN # 25 - March 21, 2006

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1) Peep and Bunny Crafts
2) Prayer Group
3) Church Prayer
4) Prayer Group
5) Congregational Prayer

It's All About Jesus! A two-semester series.

6) Short skits for 10-15 kids?
7) Congregational Prayer Meeting
8) Bug VBS?
9) Multi-aged Class?
10) Easter/Nursing Home Craft 

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1) Peep and Bunny Crafts

Why not use the Biblical account of the Easter story and talk about new
life/spring/etc? Then you could talk about how Jesus' death shows us how
much He loves us. Then, attach little tags to the crafts that say, "A
little birdy told me that Jesus loves you!" and "Somebunny loves
you--Jesus does!"


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2) Prayer Group

I agree with Sarah- let your pastor know what you're planning to do. I
don't think age is a factor AT ALL-- an intergenerational prayer group
sounds awesome :o)
Some suggestions:
a) I would make the meetings short, organized, and to the point--prayer.
Time is a precious commodity and people want to help, but they don't like
to feel that their time is being "wasted" by disorganization or lack of
purpose. Agree on a set time at the first meeting and try to stick to it.
Also, make sure everyone knows that they have permission to leave
<guilt-free> any time they need to.
b) FOCUS! Think about what you want to happen and pray specifically and in
c) As tempting as it may be, try not to take prayer requests at the
unless they're near-emergency ones. Request that all members submit
requests to you ahead of time so that you can make prayer lists to hand
out at the beginning of the meeting. I have seen a LOT of gossip disguised
as prayer requests. This is dangerous territory and defeats your purpose.
If nothing else, begin a phone or email prayer chain for other requests
and keep your prayer time focused on your specific goal(s).

Let us know how it works for you and how we might do the same kind of


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3) Church Prayer

I agree with Sarah that you need to speak to your pastor about your prayer
group, even if you do not always agree with him, he is still your pastor.
There is excellent material out there on prayers for churches and
congregations.  One book I really recommend is Prayers That Availeth Much
by Germaine Copeland.  Pray magazine has excellen articles in it
pertaining to churches and prayer.  It is so important to pray the
scriptures, instead of what we think we should pray- to get the mind of
Christ in matters.

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4) Prayer Group

There is an electronic prayer group at Texas A&M for college students
gave me the idea to start an electronic prayer group at my church.
Every Monday morning I send out a prayer that is either for our church or
related to one of the bible study groups. Then during the week, people
me prayer request which I mail out immediately. Our email list is now 114!
It has as many men as women. People are in better contact with each other
because they check on those with the prayer request. I can't tell you how
God has worked through such a small amount of effort.
Now our secretary puts the prayer on the cover of the weekly newsletter
that has brought more people into this group.
One warning, put your own email address in the 'to' section of the email
and put everyone in the Bcc: section that way the email address are kept

Sandra Devall

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It's All About Jesus! A two-semester series.

Discover the life of Jesus from childhood to Pentecost in "Tell Me The
Story of Jesus"; a 24 week, hands-on Bible series for K-5th grade.
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5) Congregational Prayer

>"I thought it would be a good idea to start a congregational prayer group
>that meets >together in the church or else where that we can pray
>together for wisdom for our >church. "
Dear Michelle, 

My heart absolutely thrills with your desire to pray through difficulties
with others.  There are so many how-to books, seminars, etc. that endeavor
to solve problems like you are facing, but so very few people who know the
mighty power in prayer that can truly handle these problems.  I have
proved God faithful along this very line.  I would like to encourage you
in praying with anyone of the congregation who will join you.  You are
going in the right direction with the problems...to God Himself.  The
whole congregation doesn't necessarily have to join with you, although
that would be wonderful!  If there are those in the church who are adverse
to meeting to pray specifically for these problems, perhaps it would be
best to meet in a home.  It might be more informal in that setting making
it easier for you to lead the group in prayer.  Don't be hemmed in by a
program or set of forms, but remember that you are simply coming to pray,
which is talking to God.  And remember that He is desiring to give to you
of His help.  He wants you to come to Him.  You know, it might not be
necessary to announce to those invited that you desire to get together to
pray for specific problems.   Perhaps it could be a phoned invitation to
join you  at home for a prayermeeting  seeking for a closer walk with God
for your own hearts and for the church as a whole.  It might not be very
many at first, but God's Word says "where there are two or three gathered
together in My name..."   Maybe you could start by each one giving a
promise they feel God has made special to them, or sing a chorus or
song.   These can add to your encouragement, but I feel that if it is a
prayermeeting, keep other activities to a minimum.  Perhaps each around
the circle could pray.  It might not be very lengthy - that is not what
counts.  It is getting the mind of the Spirit- what He desires you pray
for, and praying with faith in God.  Speaking from experience, when we get
together to pray, and we take seriously the scripture -  2Ch 7:14 If my
people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray,
and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from
heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land ,  God works
on us first and then we can truly pray for others and other problems.  We
are then in the place where God can send a revival.  Please go forward,
Michelle.  The Church needs more prayer like you have the vision for.  I
would love to hear from you, because I feel if you stick with it, God is
going to reward your faith in Him.  I will be praying for you.  

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6) Short skits for 10-15 kids?

Every year at church camp, they have "skit night". Each cabin
presents a short skit. I'm out of ideas. I'm looking for skits that
use 10-15 girls. It doesn't have to be religious. It can be cute,
funny, or serious. Does anyone have any suggestions?

--from SSTN: make sure you check out our skits page:
Also, if you have a theme, you might get more answers.

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7) Congregational Prayer Meeting

We have done this many times and I think it can really bond you all closer
together as brothers and sisters.  We usually do it on a Friday night for
one hour and have it announced from the pulpit and have it be for all
ages.  (It is amazing what the children can think of to pray for and how
they can really learn to participate-I take my 3 and 7 year old).  Anyway,
we have a man lead the prayer requests and divide the prayers into three
categories 1)physical illnesses and needs 2)spiritual weaknesses/problems
with members (not gossip)-but things that are already known 3)prayers
specifically for the local work-elders, teach others, wisdom, love and
unity of the body, etc...  You can use a white board or chalk board to
write as people say the members' names.  After you finish each category,
have a man from the congregation say a prayer for those people mentioned. 
We try to do this once a month and keep it to one hour.  Good luck and God
be with you.
Lisa, San Diego

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8) Bug VBS?

My church is doing VBS for the first time this summer, we have 50
elementry aged children. We have Groups bug safari kit and are looking for
ideas and supplies to make it happen.
Thanks and God Bless,
Karrie Skiles

--from SSTN: Hi Karrie: Check out our Buggie ideas in the sermons, crafts
and games sections: http://www.SundaySchoolNetwork.com 
Also, the book, "Goin' Buggie For Jesus" at:

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9) Multi-aged Class?

Hello.  I am not a SS teacher, but lead our monthly youth group.  This is
for a very small 2-point parish, so I have a group of at least 12 ranging
in age from 5-12 years.  I’m just starting out, so wish me luck!  My
problem is this:  I’m finding it hard to plan activities that are keeping
that huge age span occupied.  The young ones are easy to keep occupied,
but the older ones tend to get bored quickly.  Activities that I know will
appeal to the younger group (making Valentine’s, board games, etc) don’t
seem to interest the older ones.  I have 2 older kids that come that I
keep busy as my “assistants.”  We meet for 2 hours and have a devotion and
snack time, so I’m looking for activities to fill about 1.5 hours.  Any
ideas or resources you could point me to would be appreciated!

PS – I’ve used several ideas and projects on this website for Children’s
Sermons, etc.  Thanks everyone for the great ideas.

Jennifer Jonesjenniferj@englishlutheran.org

--from SSTN: all of our hands-on Bible lessons are for multiple ages
(K-5th) and can be used over a one to two hour session:

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10) Easter / Nursing Home Craft 
I have had children make a multi-use container craft that could easily be
used for a nursing home visit.
For best results use the hard plastic disposable dinner or dessert plates.
Cut in through the center or the plate to form 2 equal parts. At this
point, children with a stronger grip or an adult can use the decorative
edge scissors and trim the straight cut edges a bit. Leaving them straight
works too - sort of depends on the children's  involvement and what you
choose to put in this container. (Styrofoam does not work well and breaks
easily -- been there, done that.)
Turn the inside edges of the plate toward each other forming a pocket.
Glue the 2 sides together, using a glue gun. A cool melting point glue is
the best. The hot glue guns are usually too hot and will melt the plastic.
Press the 2 sides together evenly. You may also insert ribbons at the top
sealed edge for hanging or paper punch holes to thread a hanger through.
These look cute hanging on nursing home doors or the resident's walkers.
This container can be used on a metal service if you also attach 2 or 3
sturdy  magnets to one side to hold the container against the metal
If the cool glue seal is well formed, this makes and adorable small
planter. Just add potting soil and a seedling or 2 that is blooming. 
You can also stuff the "pocket" with Easter grass or tissue paper, and add
note paper and pen, candies, artificial flowers, perhaps even a half
sandwich, napkin, chips and grapes!
Have fun stuffing the plastic pockets.
Emmalea Butler
Trafalgar, IN1servingHim2@indy.net

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