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Newsletter Issue #25  --  December 11, 2017 


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Mission Statement: brings over 25 years of experience to children's ministry. Our Bible lesson plans and activities are designed to lead children to Christ, helping them grow in their faith, so they can proclaim the good news message to the next generation.  

         Living Life in the A.D. 
              An Advent Devotional

September 11th is a day that is seared in our national conscience. Each year that date stands as a reminder of what life was like before and after that horrific event. Many of us have personal tragedies that mark time for us too. October 12, 2013 is that date for our family. That’s the day my husband, Bob, sustained a traumatic brain injury, damaging the communication center of his brain. For four years now, we have been on the “after” side of that day. Through it all, God has taught me many lessons of trust and I have learned of his faithfulness. Even though Bob is walking, learning to talk, and understanding more and more, October 12th is a sad reminder for us of what life was like before Bob’s injury. Our lives are now separated into Before Bob’s Injury and After Bob’s Injury.


For several years now, there has been a move to rename the most significant marker of time—the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. BC/AD—that is “Before Christ,” would become BCE “Before Common Era,” and “AD, which represents “Anno Domini,” which is Latin for in the year of our Lord, would become CE “Common Era,” to make the dating system religiously neutral.

However, this effort to remove any trace of Jesus Christ from our modern vernacular falls short. Because, whether we call it AD or CE, the world’s dating system and western culture is still defined and influenced by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ—the Word who became flesh and dwelt among us. 

Jesus’ first Advent pierced the darkness of our lives. His birth was for his death; his death was for our birth! Jesus makes it possible to live on the after side of our grief. He promises to . . .
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