December 11, 2013 -- Issue #24 - Volume 14


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1) Falling for Jesus Tree
2) Christmas Door Tree
3) Update on Sarah's husband, Bob

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1) Falling for Jesus Tree

Thank you for the October 26 newsletter with the great “Falling For Jesus” tree idea! 

As a technology teacher in a parochial school setting, I am always on the lookout for ways to incorporate faith into my lesson plans. I was getting ready to introduce “Tagxedo” word clouds to my students for later use in the classroom and we made a Falling for Jesus tree of our own.

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2) Christmas Door Tree

This adorable Christmas tree was designed by my daughter, Dana, an early education teacher. The names of the children are written on the snowflakes.

Blessed to be her mom!
Sarah Keith <><


3) Update on Sarah's husband, Bob

First, thank you to everyone who has been praying for my husband, Bob. As you may know he fell and sustained a traumatic brain injury two months ago. He has begun to "wake up." However, we don't know what he understands at this point, or if he even knows who I am. Sometimes he seems to understand things, other times he is wild-eyed and "far away." He is off the ventilator, but still has a tracheotomy with oxygen support. Hopefully that will be removed soon. He has managed to say a few words over the trach, but mostly words of frustration and anger. It is so difficult to watch, simply heartbreaking.  

The prayers and love of God's people are sustaining my family and me. Please continue to pray healing over Bob, and God's peace for him, my children, and me.

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><  


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