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SSTN # 24 - April 23, 2007

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1) Entertainment in Church
2) Summer children's church
3) Baghdad Prayer Patrol
4) VBS - Workers, Manpower?

Got a bad attitude?

5) Entertainment in Church
6) No S.S. in place?
7) Mother's and Father's Day?
8) Mother's Day Tea?
9) Faith and Family

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1)  Entertainment in Church

I think entertainment in church could lead to a "sit back and do for me"
attitude. So how CAN we avoid this happening?

--from SSTN: see #5, below.

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2) Summer children's church

We also have a small group and during the summer I kind of took over to go
all year also. I have gone on line and found "religious" games (SSN has
some) have taken the kids outside and played them. The kids have done well
by the older ones playing gently with the younger ones. I havent run into
a problem yet anyway. Then once in  a while we went to a park 2 blocks
from our church and let them play. We have held Christian karioke, and
movie nights with popcorn donated by the local Wesco ( they usually like 1
week notice and the church name) We always have prayer. I would try to
have one week to the "conventional" teaching with class and craft. The
kids would look forward to having certain weeks designated to each thing
(Week 1 game night, week 2 karaoke etc.) They especially love water game
in the summer. Once the adults see the fun we have they are more willing
to join you, those who like to sing the karaoke and those who like games
so on and so on. Hope this helps  Michelle B. Michigan

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3) Baghdad Prayer Patrol

A couple of weeks ago I forwarded you an email inviting you to join the
"Baghdad Prayer Patrol."

At that time I had only looked at what it represented enough to know it
was of value. Since that time I have myself joined the Baghdad Prayer
Patrol and become convinced that it is something very much more than
worthwhile for every believer.

Those who join receive an email each day to remind them to go to
http://www.prayercentral.net/baghdad/today/ to pray for Baghdad. Please
click that link just now to see what it provides. Each day of the month
there is a different prayer for Baghdad, its people, and our troops. I
have found these prayers to be very, very appropriate indeed.

Then, while you are on the page at
http://www.prayercentral.net/baghdad/today/, scroll toward the bottom and
click on the link "(Neighborhood Map) Today's Hot Spot for Prayer is ..."
Each day of the week a different locale in Baghdad is featured for our
prayers. But best of all, in my view, is what one finds as one scrolls
down the page past the picture of the locale to the "Comments" section.
Here folk from all over have added their prayers for us to pray along
with. (You can add yours, also.) It is both joyful and powerful to join
with those who have added prayers here in praying for Baghdad.

Please remember that "Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchmen
stand guard in vain." (Ps 127:1) and that "... we are not fighting against
flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the
unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil
spirits in the heavenly places." (Eph 6:12)

You -- by prayer -- can make a huge difference in Baghdad. You can pray,
as Jesus taught us, that "His Kingdom will come and His will be done" in

Please sign up to patrol Baghdad in prayer at

God bless!


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4) VBS - Workers, Manpower?

Hi, Thank you for the newsletter. I have been very encouraged by the items
We had our VBS program last year and it was such a success. Our theme was
Jesus the Same Yesterday, Today and Forever. It was a 3 days, 1/2 day
session where each day potrays the different time (yesterday, today and
future/heaven). The kids had so much fun with the crafts, snacks, games
and story session. The teachers and helpers were exhausted but the
overwhelming responses from parents were enough to encourage us to have it
again this year. We are considering this but since manpower is an issue,
we might combine with another church or do a simple holiday program - any


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Got a bad attitude?

Get Jesus' attitude ... the BE-Attitudes!
"Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus..."

Learn more about "The BE-Attitudes" at:
(you may have to copy and paste the link to your browser)

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5) Entertainment in Church

I teach in Sunday School as well as in schools in general. I do Christian
assemblys and RE in classes. I use every means I can to bring the message
of Jesus to the children as well as any adults present. Children are not
entertained but are excited when asked to take part in anything I do. A
school of 400 kids could easily throw up 90% of volunteers wanting to take

By the way I am a christian childrens worker.

Glenn (England)

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6) No S.S. in place?

I am encouraged by the churches that have well organized and planned
church and sunday school programs. However i must confess that where i
fellowship currently there is no specific program for the church as a
whole nor for the sunday school. I personally know the importance of
having a program and i always endeavor to have activities and series of
lessons for the children. At times i am amazed when the sunday school
class is cancelled just a few minutes from the time we are normally
supposed to go to sunday school. Some parents i have noticed are so
concerned about their children to extent that having
outside activities like camps is unthinkable. To make it worse some are
leaders in the church. A lot has to be done where i am for us to have
first the sense of need to have in place sunday school program and
secondly to develop such programs. Please pray with me as i play my part
in bringing about this change. Two weeks ago i was elected youth
chairperson and now i am trusting God for his grace

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7) Mother's and Father's Day?

yes i am looking for crafts or materials for mothers day and fatrhers day

--from SSTN: check the F-r-e-e Stuff / Crafts section at:

Also, search the archives too.

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8) Mother's Day Tea?

I am planning a Mother's Day Tea for my class.  I need ideas suggestions
on topics and ideas.  Our theme is "Butterflies and Ladybugs" any help is

God's Girls   Sperry FBC Sperry, OK

--from SSTN: check out the Paper Quilt in the crafts section
(f-r-e-e stuff) at:  http://www.SundaySchoolNetwork.com 

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9) Faith and Family

Re. Summer Children's Church

Our church suffered a major split early last year - and we lost several
sunday school and children's church workers.  We decided to try something
different last summer.  We kept our children's church as usual, but for
the Sunday school hour, everyone met together in the fellowship hall for
"Faith and Family."  A schedule for the summer months was put together -
with various groups in charge - from our small home groups, music ministry
leaders, the youth group, even the kitchen committee (they were in charge
of the church picnic).  Our topic for that Sunday would first be shared on
a lower level that would involve the chilren, coloring / puzzle pages
handed out, etc, then while they are doing that, the adults would be
learning as well.  Most always the teaching had everyone getting
involved.  It has been accepted very well - with families even staying for
Faith and Family that usually wouldn't stay for Sunday School!  Being a
Sunday school teach for 2s - 5s, I am looking forward to this summer!

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