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SSTN # 23 - March 14, 2006

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1) Whatever Holiday Caroling
2) Nursing home gifts
3) Whatever Holiday Caroling
4) Teaching Respect for Church Bldg
5) Easter at Nursing Homes.

It's All About Jesus! A two-semester series.

6) Teaching first grade boys
7) Stations of the Cross
8) Teaching Respect
9) Nursing Home Idea
10) St. Patricks day?

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1) Whatever Holiday Caroling
We go Caroling at our local nursing homes, and we always give gifts of
socks and Kleenex.  Maybe you could let the kids decorate socks with
fabric paint instead of eggs for Easter, or for a cheaper project, just
decorate some tissue boxes!  The residents are always happy to receive
even something as simple as a box of tissues!  You could wrap them in
construction paper, and let the kids color on them, or write a short
message!  Be sure to cut a small slit in the top, tape around it, and pull
out the Kleenex so that the box stays decorated while in use!!   
Sandy  from Indiana

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2) Nursing home gifts

in regards to the person wanting an gift to take to nursing homes- not
candy. We have made door decorations or pins for their robes or shirts.
just take a sheet of foam paper and cut out a heart or shamrock, or
whatever symbol represents the season and hot glue a pin device (can get
in bulk cheap at craft store). MAny of the the residents don't feel well
enough to dress nicely everday and this way they can have something to
celebrate the season. NOTE: ask caregivers ahead of time if this is ok.
Also, we had our kids ask each resident if they wanted athem to pin it
on for them or if they just wanted to hold them. They also love door
decorations to spruce up their hallways and even get competitive about
who's door looks the best!

Ashley Stensland
Children and Youth Coordinator
Covenant Central Presbyterian Church

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3)  Whatever Holiday Caroling

How about a butterfly or Easter lily craft? Butterfly for new life (I have
an old book "What God did for Zeke the caterpillar" that explains this
pretty well for kindergarteners)
There are some pretty butterfly crafts at
 http://daniellesplace.com/html/caterpillarcrafts.html (one at the top,
then scroll down past all the caterpillar/inchworms for more butterflies.
There's even a pattern for "caterpillar into butterfly"!
She also has lots of Easter crafts
http://daniellesplace.com/html/easter.html or you could do a web search
for Easter lily craft

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4) Teaching Respect for Church Bldg

I recently taught a class in "Table Manners. " I brought a complete dinner
setting, and explained the many rules in eating, i.e. which fork to use,
proper use of napkins, and chewing with your mouth closed. Then I
transitioned to talk about "Church Manners." Not talking when Pastor was
preaching. Also not moving around and causing a distraction for people who
need to hear the gospel. When they are being rowdy, I remind them about
the lesson on "Church Manners."

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It's All About Jesus! A two-semester series!

"Tell Me The Story of Jesus" is a two-semester hands-on Bible lesson
series which contains coordinating crafts, games, skits and enrichment
ideas to tell the story of Jesus, from childhood to Pentecost. One book is
all you need for an entire classroom and it's value priced! To download
two complimentary activities, go to the Curriculum page and click the
book's cover at:


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5) Easter at Nursing Homes.

Our 4-H Club would go to a nursing home around Easter or the Spring Time. 
We would make a craft and take to the residents.
What we made was.
     Butterflies (Large) from Construction Paper.  Taped them to their
doors or etc.
     Windchimes.  Can make them from construction paper or table covering
     Silk flower in a small pot or paper cup.  Example - sunflowers, with
green moss in the pot.
Hope this helps.
RS, Indiana

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6) Teaching first grade boys

I have taught kindergarten and first grade boys for years.  One trick
which always seems to work for me is to give them jobs.  Most of them love
to be of help, and many are just incapable of sitting still.  The jobs can
be simple things like handing out crayons or napkins for snack, picking up
scissors after a craft, putting out pieces for a game, etc.  And, of
course, the most coveted job of all:   Line Leader when we march around
the building on “field trips.”

Hope this helps,


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7) Stations of the Cross

I have a Sunday School class of 3-6 graders and would like to do lessons
on the Stations of the Cross during Lent/Easter.  Can you provide me with
resource information for this project?
Thank you,
Roberta West
Greenville, NC

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8) Teaching Respect

Dear Cathy,
One thing that I did to teach respect is to have a "loud" lesson.  I came
out using a megaphone and shouted all of the things that I was
saying.  They covered their ears and said I was too loud.  We meet in the
sanctuary because we are a multi-age group, and I like having them
somewhat confined to an area that they cannot run around.  I asked them if
they thought that I should yell in the sanctuary, and why not?  Some of
their answers were that it was not good to yell because it was too loud,
and because we were in church.  We then talked about respect, and showing
respect to God.  We discussed that God had fun, and laughed and that it is
ok to do all of those things, but only when the time is right to do them. 
We sang "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands" and I told them
to sing it loud and happily! We also sang some songs like "His Banner over
me is love", etc, and put in some silly movements.   I said that God was
probably laughing at us when we were having so much fun. Then we talked
about if it was good to do those things when we were in church and the
people were singing or the pastor was praying or preaching.  Of course,
they said NO!!!  Showing them the difference between loud and silly and
showing respect seemed to help them understand what was expected during a
Sunday morning worship service.  We also talked about how to show respect
to God when we pray by closing our mouths (unless we are the ones
praying) and our eyes and having our heads bowed.  Now when I ask them
what we have to do to show respect to God and our pastor, they tell me
"shut our mouths and be good".  I have not used that wording with them,
but that is how they interpreted it!  I think that kids need to know that
church is not just a place to ALWAYS have to sit and be quiet.  Jesus
sang, danced, laughed and had a good time, shouldn't we when the time is
appropriate?  You mentioned that you didn't want their parents to get
mad. We actually had 2 or 3 parents stay in the class that day, and they
did not seem to mind the lesson.  They actually appreciated it! 
I hope this is of some help to you!!!

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9) Nursing Home Idea

We've had our kids to use 9" paper (not foam) plates and use the front of
old cards or pictures out of magazines and make a 'picture' to hang on the
wall.  The kids can draw and color in the sun, stars, clouds, trees, etc. 
 You can glue yarn to the back of the plate to hang the picture.  The
residents love having a pretty picture on the wall to look at.
Rosilee Mugley - West Fork, AR

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10) St. Patricks day?

Good Afternoon!!  Failte!
Seeing that St. Patricks day is coming up,  and I am half Irish(my mother
was born in England to Irish parents)  I was wondering if any of my Sunday
School conterparts in Ireland had a traditional Irish game that I could
play with my Sunday School class.  I have 20-25 children in 2nd and 3rd
Yours Truly,
Maura Hart

--from SSTN: type "St. Patrick" into our search box for some ideas:

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