October 14, 2014 -- Issue #22 - Volume 15


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In today's issue:


1) Holy Spirit Wind Activity

2) Bible Game: Got Power?

3) Bible Memory Technique: Volley Bible

4) Update on Bob

5) "Christian" Pumpkins

Bible Skits, dramas for children's ministry


1) Holy Spirit Wind Activity

For those of you teaching the Lighthouse Lessons--An Overview of the Book of Acts, I have an alternate idea for the Enrichment Activity in Lesson 3. Show children a Ping-Pong ball and place it on the floor next to you. Ask, "How many of you think I can make this ball go across the room without touching it?" (Then pretend to think really hard to make it move. After you've played it up for a few seconds, bend down and begin blowing the ball across the room. This will make them laugh! Or, have all the kids get behind the ball and blow it across the room.)

Continue, "I couldn't think the ball across the room, but my breath made it move! You couldn't see my breath, but you could see the results of it. This reminds me of God's Holy Spirit. We can't see the Spirit, but we can see the effects of his working in our lives--he changes people!" (You might tell of a personal story. Then continue on with the rest of the lesson.)  

Copyright 2014 S.A. Keith 

P.S. if you're using the Lighthouse lessons we want to hear from you! Please share your ideas with the network.


2) Bible Game: Got Power? 

This is a variation to the Bible game, Got Power? in Lesson 3 of the Lighthouse Lessons. Players walk backwards to the cross as before. But when they reach the cross they must stop—waiting like the disciples waited in Jerusalem to receive God’s gift of the Holy Spirit—and shout out the Bible verse, grab a bracelet*, and then turn around "repenting," facing forward to race back to the start line.

*You might instead use red color-coded dots to represent tongues of fire. Place the dots on the cross before playing. Players stick one dot at a time on their foreheads, and then race back to the start. Play continues until all the dots are removed from the cross.

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3) Bible Memory Technique: Volley Bible

Divide class into two teams. Teams stand in line and face one another. Mark a “serve” position at the front of the lines. Players will rotate to serve one word from the verse at a time. Decide which team will go first. At the go, first player from team one stands on the serve position and says the first word, then rotates to the back of the team line with the next player moving into the serve position. The opposing team takes their turn by saying the next word. Play proceeds like this until the entire verse is stated. If a player is unable to say a word, he or she moves to the end of the line and play passes to the opposing team. Teams score one point for each word stated in proper order.

This is just one of the many Bible memorization techniques you'll find in: Bible Games Explosion.


4) Update on Bob (Oct. 12, 2013 - Oct. 12, 2014)

It has been one year since my husband's fall and subsequent brain injury. God has been merciful to our family in preserving Bob's life. Bob continues to improve--painfully slow--but he does understand and speak intelligible words a little more each day. Bob has come light years from those first days of no hope . . . but God! 

For those of you on our Facebook feed (link at top of page), you can see a split screen picture of Bob in a coma from last year, alongside a picture of us sitting in church this past Sunday. Miraculous!

He will begin outpatient treatment tomorrow for physical and speech therapy.  Please continue praying for a full recovery...and strength and peace for me! Thank you friends for your persistent prayers. You will never know how much your encouragement has helped me to press on  this past year!

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith


5) "Christian" Pumpkins

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