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Issue #22 - May 30, 2008
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"For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them." -- Jesus

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Church Camp Skits?
2) Father's Day Songs
3) Father's Day Song
4) CIA - Christians In Action
5) Topics?
Teach your kids to choose Jesus! 
7) Father's Day Song
8) Worksheets?
9) Children's day song?

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1) Church Camp Skits?

I am looking for church camp skits for ages 8-14 years old. We really have a great time with skits but we have ran out of different skits please help!

--from SSTN: check out the "Lights, Camera, Action Bible skits" at:  

also see: 


2) Father's Day Songs

Hi, If anyone is looking for a song to sing for Youth Sunday School. Here is the two songs: " You raise me up" and "This is my father's world". I attached the lyrics for your reference. Thank you. God bless.

Shu Lang


3) Father's Day Song

Our Youth are singing YOUR FAVORITE NAME IS FATHER. Brentwood Benson Music Publishers has a great Kids Version in their KIDS MUSICAL YEARBOOK. It talks about all the names for God but how His favorite name is Father. Cool song. td



4) CIA - Christians In Action

Actually that is a wonderful name. That is the name our youth group came up with about 5 years ago!!!! Definitely states what we are to be.

Wendy Stockton
JC Club Ministries
Indianapolis, IN


5) Topics?

Firstly, let me apologize, I didn't get around to reading my e-mail until recently. I have read most of your messages thus far, and there are some really good ideas I think I might try. In our church, we do not have a puppet ministry at all, however, it has been on my mind for quite a while now to start this. I am the youth leader at my church and I would like to know what topics I should teach on for young people like myself between the ages of 12-30. 

(Also,  I am texing to just say that I like the name C.I.A - Christians in action. That's a great name)

--from SSTN: Salvation, Christian growth: Fruit of the Spirit, Evangelism, Service and missions: Spiritual Gifts, individual books of the Bible: Romans, Galatians, Ephesians, these are all great topics.


6) Teach your kids to choose Jesus! 

No one apart from Jesus Christ can love God or choose Godís way for their lives. Only when we belong to Jesus do we have the freedom to choose Godís path for our lives. He provides the supernatural power to ultimately choose good over evil or righteous living over selfish living. The fact of the matter is our choices reveal our hearts, our character and whom we serve. 

To learn how you can teach your kids to choose God, visit the following link: 



7) Father's Day Song

To the lady looking for a Father's Day Song......we are studying Abram/Abraham...I found a song called "Father Abraham Had Many Sons" and the kids love it!!!!! 
kat smith <><


8) Worksheets?

Any Ideas how to prepare Work sheets - for ages 5-10 yrs ie: Cross words, Match the following, etc.

On the story of 
(i) Noah's Ark
(ii) Joshua

Any Craft ideas also would be helpful.

--from SSTN: is a great resource for this type of worksheet. However, I would encourage you to employ other techniques. Children learn best when they're fully engaged by using all their senses. Incorporate hands-on activities such as games, skits, crafts, visuals, music, etc. you are more likely to grab the children's attentions and they are more likely to retain the lessons learned. Make sure you search our archives too for more ideas at: 

Sarah Keith



9) Children's day song?

Looking for a song for Children's day. We sang it as kids.

It's Children's Day, Its Children's Day, That's what the pretty flowers say. Does anyone have the original words to this song? 
Any new ideas for children's day would be great too! THANKS!!


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