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SSTN # 22 - March 10, 2006

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1) Lent peeps & bunnies?
2) Wee Praise
3) Congregational Prayer Group?
4) SS Opening?
5) Communion

It's All About Jesus...A two-semester series!

6) Communion Happy Meal
7) Special Needs Children
8) Kids Want More!
9) Non-christian love song's
10) Whatever Holiday Caroling

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1) Lent peeps & bunnies?

I'm the craft coordinator for my church and I've been looking for simple
craft ideas for the children at the Wednesday Lent soup suppers.  I
have several but I need to present them in a christian format. 

 One is a small peep made with a yellow pom pom, 2 wobbly eyes, an
orange triangle beak and a heart for feet.

 Two is a bunny head made from pom poms, wobbly eyes, pipe cleaners and

What kind of story idea can be talked about to reinforce Jesus and
the Easter season to these crafts.

God Bless,

--from SSTN: Spring and newborns, such as a peep or baby bunny, remind us
of new life and resurrection. 2 Corinthians 5:17 says, "if anyone is in
Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!"

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2) Wee Praise

Hi! My name is June Eschenmann and I am the Director of Preschool
Ministries at Simpson Creek Baptist Church. We currently have a preschool
children's church program called, "Wee Praise." We are currently using
"Little Kids Time" from Gospel LIght. We have used this material for about
3 or more years. We are now looking at some new curriculum that we heard
about at the Children's Pastors' Conference. It is called "Critter Land"
by Kids Blitz.

Our Wee Praise has a song time, a craft time, a Bible story time and a
activity or coloring page of some type. We usually try to have some "fun"
activity such as puzzles, play doh and other such tings to start to make
sure we have all the "late comers" in before we begin anything associated
with the lesson. We have "volunteers" who staff Wee Praise. Most of our
volunteers teach once a quarter.

We are experimenting with different ages at this time. In the previous
years, our Wee Praise has been 4 years olds and kindergarten aged
children. This year the kindergarten aged children moved to our children's
church and we just had 4 year olds. For the fall, we are considering
having 3's and 4's as part of our Wee Praise program.

Hope this information helps. Please feel free to e-mail me at
jeschenmann@excite.com if you have further questions that I might be able
to answer for you.

June Eschenmann
Director of Preschool Ministries
Simpson Creek Baptist Church

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3) Congregational Prayer Group?


I love all the information that is shared on this site.  All the tips and
suggestions have played a big role in what I have done with my own
children and the youth of my church.  That is why I thought it would be a
good idea to ask this questions------My church is currently struggling
with problems with the pastor, council members and just all around
congregational members with bad attitudes, such as they want things to
change---having more thing for the congregational members to do within the
church, but no one wants to step up to the plate and do anything, so bad
feelings and comments are floating around.  I thought it would be a good
idea to start a congregational prayer group that meets together in the
church or else where that we can pray together for wisdom for our church. 
It seems like prayer would be a good place to start.  I have 9 members in
the prayer group so far.  We have not met yet.  But I would like to meet
within the next 7 days and hopefully expand.  My question is,  Do any of
you have suggestions for a congregational prayer group?  I have a wide
range of ages so far in the prayer group, from high school to retired
adults.  We are a small church in a small town.  I am not one who prides
myself on praying in public, but I feel God has asked me to do this and
now I am asking you for your wisdom in a prayer group.  How long should we
meet?  How often?  Should we send cards or call the people we are praying
about to let them know they have been prayed for?  Any information or
suggestions would be great.

Thank You, Michelle in SD

--from SSTN: Because this involves your whole church, I would begin by
speaking with my pastor first, telling him of my concerns and desire to
begin the prayer group.
sarah keith <><

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4) SS Opening?

I am looking for ideas for the opening excercises before the students go
to their appropiate age level classes.
ie the fruit of the spirit, 23 psalm, the 12 Apostles

In His Service

--from SSTN: songs are a great way to open a class.
If you're looking for activities, check out the Sermons with Special
Activities at:

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It's All About Jesus...A two-semester series!

"Tell Me The Story of Jesus" is a two-semester hands-on Bible lesson
series which contains coordinating crafts, games, skits and enrichment
ideas to tell the story of Jesus, from childhood to Pentecost. One book is
all you need for an entire classroom and it's value priced! To download
two complimentary activities, go to the Curriculum page and click the
book's cover at:


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5) Communion

>I teach Children's Church and periodically have a special lesson on
>Communion.  Any ideas on how to present this to 3-10 year olds?

If you go to Sarah's website, http://www.SundaySchoolNetwork.com, and
enter  "communion" in the SSTN archives search, it will pull up all kinds
of  suggestions.  Item #2 on the list is something I sent in last July 
regarding what we do for Communion education.  Hope that helps!

Kit MacLeod, North Palm Beach, FL

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6) Communion Happy Meal

Regarding teaching communion to children - I have broguht a McDonald's
Happy Meal to church (the box, and the toy. Talk about the contents.When
you get to the toy, try to get them to talk about how the toy can
disapoint you since it doesn't last long. Talk about beign happy about the
fries, cheesburger, etc. But now they are gone and now I would like more.
Stress that Happy Meals are great, but the happiness doesn't last long.
Then go into "The Savour's happy Meal". Show them what the "Saviour's
Happy Meal looks like by showing them the elements and how they represent
the body and blood of Christ. He dies on the cross for our sins so that we
can have everlasitng life in heaven. Stress that this is something to be
happy about!
Best of luck. Teaching children is GREAT!
Guy S
Lawrenceville, VA

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7) Special Needs Children

To Lauren who is interested in finding out more about how to teach
children with PDDNOS:  I am the mother who replied a few weeks ago.  Since
my son was diagnosed two years ago, I have learned more from the internet
on how to reach him, teach him, feed him, clothe him (and everything else
you can imagine) than from any book.  Just use “Google” (or any search
engine) and type in “teaching autistic children” or any other variation
that suits your needs.  My son is considered “hyperlexic,” which is a very
specific type of autism, and there is even a website devoted just to
children with hyperlexia!

Good luck,

Lisa in New Jersey

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8) Kids Want More!

I just wanted you to know that this newsletter has helped my children's
group in so many ways. Usually I would meet with the children and go
over our lesson and back in the sanctuary with the adults we go. But now
that I have added a lot more excitement and interactive activities the
children are very upset when our class is over. They are pressing for
more time to study and learn what God has purposed for them in their
lives.  Once again thanks!

Stacie Murray

--from SSTN: that's awesome!
Sarah <><

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9) Non-christian love song's

I know that I am a first timer, so to speak, but I firmly believe that
what the "World" (unbelievers) take pleasure in, then Believers have no
business trying to take it and make it "fit" into a lifestyle of
holiness.  No matter how much the World changes, GOD NEVER CHANGES...HIS
WORD...NEVER CHANGES.  If the Believers of the gospel keep making changes
to accommodate a ever changing world, then who would be able to tell
the difference between what is really right and wrong ?  Do you believe in
prayer ?  Do you pray ? Do you believe Gods' Word ?  Then His Word says
acknowledge Him in ALL our ways and He will direct our path.  Show the
World that the God you serve will give you a new song.., "love" or
otherwise, if you would only trust Him to.  Song of Solomon is full of
"Biblical" Love Song's and so is the Psalms.  Be encouraged to stay with
god and His Word. 

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10) Whatever Holiday Caroling

I would suggest using a theme of eggs or baskets in delivering an Easter
item to the nursing home after children have sung their songs. The basket
could be made of a Dixie cup many sizes available) with pipe cleaner
handle or a basket of homemade flowers... some easter grass or shredded
paper, and inside put a tiny travel size of toothpaste, hand crème and
maybe a tract and a cookie or small bag of pretzels....could also have
kids decorate large plastic eggs with similar items inside.

OR make egg-shaped Easter Cards with a small tract inside....just a
thought. The gift is not the important thing - the fact that the kids are
learning to serve and respect elderly folks AND the elderly folks feel
they are not forgotten.  And it's fun!

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