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Issue #22 - June 30, 2009              For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them. ~ Jesus


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1) Samson Musical Ideas?
2) Gadget Garage VBS?
Fall Skits
4) Encouraging Attendance?
5) VBS With Few Helpers

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6) Substitute Sunday Success
7) Being transformed, renewing mind?
Creativity or is it lying?
9) Apple Lessons?


1) Samson Musical Ideas?

Does anyone know of a good Children's musical that relates to the theme of Samson? Thanks so much! Kathy
Circleville, OH



2) Gadget Garage VBS?

I am looking for ideas for Gadget Garage VBS. We are a very small church with a very small budget. There are materials to purchase but they are expensive. I am hoping to find people on here who have used this curriculum and can share some ideas with me. I would like ideas for all aspects of it, not just decorating. Our VBS is July 13-18. I do appreciate your help greatly!! God bless you and have a great day!
April S.

3) Fall Skits

Hello, I am trying to locate fall skits but do not know what to click on. Your help is appreciated. Thanks, Barbara

--from SSTN: HI Barbara, 
You can access the link to our skits pages directly from the SSTN newsletter--in the bright, green box, top right--or from our home page. From the home page, you click on Free Stuff, then scroll down to the skits link on the left for our free resources. On the skits page are a number of subject choices, click the one for "Fall, Skits Plays & Dramas."

Sarah Keith


Encouraging Attendance?

What are some ways to get more people to attend Sunday school. And does anybody have a powerpoint on the book of the bible my class will be starting a books to the Bible Project.

Gary Eaton
New Rock Spring Christian Church
Sunday school Teacher 3 years in experience!!! 


5) VBS With Few Helpers

>I am looking for ideas for a VBS that needs few helpers, we have a very small church and I didn't do VBS last year >and nobody stepped into do it either. So this year I would like to put on a VBS. The last time I did VBS we only had 
>8 children show, so I would like something exciting maybe to draw more outsiders in. I have a VERY small budget >and few who can help. But they are great at donating items usually. 


What we do at our church each year is have a pep rally after Sunday Morning service to get the people & children ready for VBS. We do it once a month for 3 months in order to get the parents to sign up their children & even the adults. There is a table set up in the back that is decorated that will draw the people's attention.

We also go out into the neighborhood and canvas the area and invite people to come out and be a part. Depending on how large your church is will determine how many times you need to go out. We also include our witnessing team by passing out flyers into the neighborhood when they go out twice a month.

I hope this helps. Our VBS consist of transportation, a scriptural lesson, crafts, games, a meal, music, and on the last day it is a small program, a barbeque & swimming. We have classes for Pre-K through Adults. Our VBS runs from 6 pm - 9 pm and we have at least two teachers to a room not including the 4 teachers for gym, nurses station, crafts, music, and the kitchen staff.

I pray that this helps you with your VBS and have a great summer.

Substitute Sunday Success

I have taught the same class every Sunday for over 15 years. A couple of years ago we started something for the Sunday school hour during the summer months - Faith and Family - and everyone meets in the fellowship hall. 
Pastor and a few others come up with a theme for the summer, a topic for each Sunday and various ministries are assigned a week to do. Ministries range from the worship team, children's S.S. department to the ladies fellowship, etc.

The first 10-15 minutes - using the topic - are geared towards the children. A skit, game or activity. Then they are taken to another room for more learning of the topic, at their level. They may have coloring pages, games, etc. for the rest of the time.

The rest of the learning time is for the adults. Usually handouts are passed out, and there is always time for discussion. The children's S.S. teachers have enjoyed getting to sit in on an adult class and it gives them a much needed break!

7) Being transformed, renewing mind?

Kindly tell me how to go about teaching children Romans 12:2 

"And be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God "

Looking forward to your reply

Thank you

8) Creativity or is it lying?

Hi, I wish to kindly ask a question. 

In endeavoring to tell Bible stories creatively and trying to paint a clearer picture for the children, would it be ok to add some details. For example, in telling the joy of Joseph after receiving the coat of many colors, can I add something like he went hoping and jumping singing I have the joy joy joy joy down in my heart!.. I teach preschoolers. 

I am worried that this would be a lie...or is it ok to be creative? 

Thanks for setting up this website. 




9) Apple Lessons?

I am looking for lesson ideas focused around an apple. Does anybody have any?

--from SSTN: there's a great little book on the trinity called "3 in 1: A Picture of God". You can find it in our bookstore by typing the title into our affiliate bookstore search box at:

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