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July 14, 2015 -- Issue #22



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1) Facebook Comments

2) Daddy's Coming!

3) The WORD Bible Game Lesson

4) Prayer Song for Preschool


 Bible Games for Children's Ministry



1) Facebook Comments

I've started adding a Facebook Comments box to our pages, see posting #2, below. When you click over to the site, you will now have the opportunity to post your comments in real time via Facebook. This will help to widen our audience, and help to reach more teachers who want to spread the Good News message!

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2) Daddy's Coming!

I recently had the blessed privilege of sharing the day with our almost two-year old granddaughter, she kept sharing her affirmation, "Daddy's coming, daddy's coming," adamantly, positive, with total trust and confidence! She would play a while, then stop to command attention and repeat her declaration, as if to say, "Now, I already told you, 'daddy's coming, daddy's coming.'" We enjoyed a tasty homemade lunch and during our conversation, she reminded me (you guessed it), "Daddy's coming, daddy's coming." 

She thoroughly enjoyed her sweet and peaceful nap, swinging, bird-watching, rock collecting, singing, handprint painting, eating farm fresh peaches and red ripe sweet cherries, and dancing--all beautiful and delightful, yet did NOT erase her thoughts, intentional focus, affirmative proclaiming, and anticipation of daddy's coming, daddy's coming. 

Praise GOD for this trusting childlike reminder of such a profound truth as it relates to our . . . 

Continue reading Daddy's Coming.



3) The WORD Bible Game Lesson

Objective: to understand and memorize—in abbreviated form—John 1:1-14.

When you think of beginnings, what comes to mind? (Receive answers. eg. Beginning
of summer, new jobs, vacations, school, etc.)

In the Bible are two very important events that tell of beginnings. Can you guess the first
one? (“In the beginning God created….”)

The second one is very similar to the first, and is the one we will learn about and
memorize over the next several weeks.

Say the following verse, and then have children repeat one phrase at a time:

1) “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning.
2) Through him, all things were made…nothing was made without him,
3) but the world did not know him…even so, some people followed him.
4) To them he gave the right to become children of God.
5) The Word became a human being and lived on earth.” John 1:1-14

Play Vanishing Words
Write Part 1 of the verse on the board; say it through one time, then erase two words,
replacing them with underlines. Say the verse again. Erase two more words. Continue
this until the entire verse is erased.

Discuss and Discover
The first part of John 1 speaks of the beginning, the Word and God. What was there at
the beginning? (The Word) What is a word? (A word—written or spoken—expresses or
represents a thought or idea) What or whom was the Word with? (God) Who was the
Word? (God)

Play Bible Bumpers
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4) Prayer Song for Preschool

God loves us and wants us to talk to him. When we talk to him it is called prayer. Jesus has taught us how to talk to him. (Explain the five parts of prayer referenced in the Plaster Prayer Hand craft activity.) 

To begin, have children stand in a circle and hold hands. Focus on one aspect of the Lord's Prayer for each round of the song. For example, in the first round of the song say prayers that praise and adore God. You may want to prompt the children with specific, short phrases such as, Dear God you are great!; Dear God you are loving!; Dear God you are forgiving!

The song is sung to the tune of "Frere Jacques" (a.k.a. "Are You Sleeping?") 
As you sing the first round of the song children move clockwise.

Get the
Prayer Song for Preschoolers.



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