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SSTN # 22 - April 12, 2007

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Your Christian Resource Place

1) The Desert of God's Love
2) VBS Water Games?
3) Entertainment In Church
4) Days of Gold

New Life Puppets

5) Entertainment ... wrong word
6) Entertainment In Church
7) Summer Programs
8) Summer Children's Church

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Your Christian Resource Place

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1) The Desert of God's Love
On the following webpage is a poem and devotional I wrote concerning my
bout with cancer last year. I hope it will bless and encourage you: 
Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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2) VBS Water Games?

we are using TAKE THE PLUNGE VBS KIT  for our church camp. we take all of
our youth to arkansas to camp and we do our on camp.  we are needing water
games and any ideas to make this a wonderful camp.if you have any
suggestions for games or snacks please let me know
karen ozark baptist church

--from SSTN: make sure you check out "Living Water Relays" in the
f-r-e-e stuff, games section at: 

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3) Entertainment In Church

>Do you think this format encourages participation by its members
>or does it foster a "sit back and entertain me" attitude?

If the focus of the church is primarily comtemporary, it is more likely to
expect 'entertainment'. However, for the churches that still take a firm
old-fashioned, fundamental stance, 'entertainment' should not be allowed.
The purpose of singers, preachers, and other roles of the church is to
convey a message from God, and should not be for personal glory or
sanctification. Therefore, to be steadfast to the doctrine of the Bible,
no such activities should exist. Youth activities can still be planned,
but should be prepared within God's reason and biblical expectations.

Bro. Young
II Tim. 3:16

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4) Days of Gold

I found your website and saw where you needed some ideas for Senior Adult
Day. In 2004 I did a program called "Days of Gold".  The journey through
the "Days of Gold" is different for each of us, yet each of us shares the
journey. Although each of us see the journey from unique vantage points we
are passing ....
Understanding the past, celebrating the present and looking forward to a
future together through the eyes of love brings us each a little closer if
we are willing to share the "Days of Gold" in our hearts...
We had  a dinner, a reading by one of youth, two of the youth sang, pastor
gave a "reflection", the we had a great family come in and entertain with
The decorations were all the fall colors and leaves were on the fall
colored tables.  We had raffle we pulled names...and gave out gifts.
In 2006 I did a School
Day Theme
verse Isa 33:6
Old fashioned school lunches were provided, a poem, songs, and skit like
they would have listened to on the radio...Blackboard magnets were given
to each along wiht a yard stick. table decoration were a metal lunchbox
with field flowers in them pencils and pencil sharpers were laid around
the centerpieces to be raffled off.
I can mail out the infomation if you want a copy. Hope this helps

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New Life Puppets

Easy-to-Make, no-sew puppet patterns. Includes a caterpillar to butterfly
puppet and a tadpole to frog puppet. Approximately 10" high.

You''ll find them located in the Gospel Fun section at:

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5) Entertainment ... wrong word

I think enterainment is the wrong word!  Would people describe the use of
puppets, object lessons and drama as entertainment?  We need to make our
services interesting and appealing to people who are not used to church
and yes it is important to keep up with our culture, particularly to
attract and retain younger members.  During our family services we do all
of the above items and whilst it is entertaining to watch,  I would not
describe it as entertainment as it also brings a clear message with it.
I go into schools and do assemblies and again the same applies, we have to
engage the children by making it relevent to them and interesting, but
again as it has a clear message I would not consider it entertainment.  If
people consider it to be entertainment  then I don't have a problem
with that, as long as they have heard the gospel message and it goes in! 
Does it matter what they describe it as? 
Shirley Watts UK

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6) Entertainment In Church

I do not think entertainment has a place in ministry.  IF you are offering
a separate venue/night for entertainment, that is one thing. But it should
never take the place of a children's/youth service.  Our purpose is not to
entertain, but to present the gospel.  There are far too many other places
people can be entertained. Somehow I do not think God is pleased when we
only provide entertainment. 

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7) Summer Programs

Some churches have a 3 night kids crusade. They found this to be far more
effective in reaching/retaining children than VBS.
We offer sewing camp for girls and woodworking camp for guys (1/2 day for
1 week-5 days) Very effective outreach and something different for the

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8) Summer Children's Church

>our numbers have grown from 4 to 12 and I am so
>afraid that we will lose them if we shut down for the summer.

We do not stop children's church for the summer. We run from about the 2nd
or 3rd week of January through the last Sunday of October.
I have 5 rotating teachers. We do have several interruptions during that
time which gives the teachers a break. 
We do not have children's church on the first Sunday of every month,
because we have communion and feel that the children should be in the full
service with their families.
Also, we do not have children's church on Easter, Mother's Day, or
Father's Day, again thinking they should be with their families on these
We also have a 2 week break prior to VBS to allow the youth choir director
to get a jump start on practicing the VBS songs so the kids will be ready
for the VBS finale.
So with this kind of schedule the 5 rotating teachers are really only out
of our Morning Worship service 5 times each during those 10 months.
Then from November 1 through the Sunday before Christmas, the Youth
Director takes the kids on Sunday to prepare for the Christmas play using
that time to practice.
Then we take those few weeks also to get ready to do it all again my
mid-January. This has worked great for us for the past 5 years.
The best part is the teachers are never worn down and are still able to
get their spiritual feeding in the worship servcies, and the best part is
they still volunteer to come back and help every year!
I hope this helps!

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