October 9, 2014 -- Issue #21 - Volume 15


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In today's issue:


1) Harvest Party Game

2) Bible Memory Technique: LOUD, Soft

3) Bible Books Game

4) Bible Game: Righteous vs. Wicked

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1) Harvest Party Game

Apple Toss: You will need small buckets for each player or team and a lot of playground pit balls "apples." Establish a throw line from which players toss their "apples." Place the buckets for each player a few feet away from the throw line. At the go players toss their apples into their buckets. The first player who fills his or her bucket full and overflowing wins. The winning player must then go find the least filled bucket, and pour his or her apples into it. The owner of that bucket must do the same, that is find a bucket that is least full and pour his or her apples into it. Play continues like this until the last bucket overflows with "apples"!

Bible Connection: Luke 6:38, "Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." See also, Philippians 4:19.

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2) Bible Game: Righteous Vs. Wicked

Application: righteous living (active)

Bible Point: When you live a righteous life, you grow towards God. When you live a wicked life, you move away from God. Spend a few minutes talking about the meaning of righteous and wicked living.

Set Up: The teacher stands at one end of the playing area. Players line up at the start line at the opposite end of the playing area. Before play begins, tell the players the teacher represents God.

How To Play: When teacher holds his or her thumbs up (represents righteous living) the players move by walking, running, skipping, etc. towards the teacher. When the teacher holds thumbs down (represents wicked living) the players must freeze. If the teacher sees a player(s) move when thumbs are down, that player(s) must return to the start line. Play continues until a player tags the teacher. The first player to tag the teacher takes the teacher's place in the next round of play. Play as long as time allows.

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3) Bible Books Game: Rapid Fire (2-4 Players) 

What You Need: A deck of Bible Stack-O! cards.

How To Play: "Dealer" shuffles deck and places them faced down on the table. Players takes turns drawing four cards, one at a time, from the deck then arranges them in sequential order in hand. If by chance a player has an exact sequence player yells, "Stack-O!", lays the cards on the table, then calls out the Bible book names in order. 

Players will most likely not have an exact sequence after drawing their first four cards. Therefore, once players have their first four cards "Dealer" says go, at which time players begin drawing a card from the deck and discarding unwanted cards on a discard pile to better the sequence in hand. This is done in rapid fire with all players drawing from the deck and discarding on the discard pile at the same time. Players may also grab cards from the discard pile to better the sequence in hand. When a player gets four cards in exact sequence, he or she yells, "Stack-O!", lays the cards on the table and calls out the Bible books in sequential order. For every win, player gets a letter from the word BIBLE. The first player to spell out BIBLE wins.


4) Bible Memory Technique: LOUD, Soft

Write the memory verse on the board. Say it with the class several times, each time saying it a little softer, until you are whispering it, and finally just mouthing it. Then say the verse again, only this time alternate the words saying them LOUDLY and softly, until the entire verse is read through. The kids really enjoyed this technique! And best of all, memorized the verse!

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Bible Games for Children's Ministry
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