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Issue #21 - June 16, 2009              For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them. ~ Jesus


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1) Children's Ministry Foundational Themes
2) Information About Teaching Resources?
3) Who Wants To Be A Kingdom-Heir?
VBS With Few Helpers?
5) Feet Idea
6) Teen Rally on Psalm 23?

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7) Teaching Communion
Fruit of the Spirit
Father and Son Campout
10) Substitute Sunday success
11) End-of-Year Play for 24-30 Kids?
12) Father Son Campout Ideas


1) Children's Ministry Foundational Themes

"The goodness of God"

For His Kids 



2) Information About Teaching Resources?

Greetings in the name of Jesus. I am writing from South Korea. I am the founder of Givers Children churches in Sierra Leone. Our church are now over two years but we have no curriculum and no study and learning materials. 

Please give me details information about your materials and the cost. We need materials for all levels of children so please indicate the materials for each level.

--from SSTN: Hello, all of our curriculum resources, with samples and explanations, can be accessed from the following page:

Our f-r-e-e activities can be accessed from our home page or the links in the bright, green box, above..

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><
"Home of the Sunday School Teacher's Network"

3) Who Wants To Be A Kingdom-Heir?

Re. TV Game Shows

Our Children's Church version of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" is "Who Wants To Be A Kingdom-Heir?" (by Eva Greenwood) To access Eva's game, follow the link, below, and then click on "TV Show-type Games":

4) VBS With Few Helpers?

I am looking for ideas for a VBS that needs few helpers, we have a very small church and I didnt do VBS last year and nobody stepped into do it either. So this year I would like to put on a VBS. The last time I did VBS we only had 8 children show, so I would like something exciting maybe to draw more outsiders in. I have a VERY small budget and few who can help. But they are great at donating items usually. 

--from SSTN: scroll up to the bright, green box, above, and click the resource link for VBS and Bible Clubs.


5) Feet Idea

This is for Vicki and her "ideas for feet". "We did a mural with everyone in our church. We had everyone walk through paint and them on to a large roll of paper. We then used it to decorate our foyer. Our theme was "Walking in the footsteps of Jesus."


6) Teen Rally on Psalm 23

Hi, I am going to do a Teen Rally following our church's VBS. I am wondering if you have any ideas for teens using Psalm 23? I am using some of your questions from Psalm 23 which you have for younger children. I am looking for ideas, activities and crafts. I am using the book A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 by W. Phillip Keller. This book looks so interesting!! I will put it and your materials together and pray that it turns out in the Lord's will!
Marilyn Gallaher
Guysville, Oh

--from SSTN: 
Hi Marilyn, 
Even though the crafts from the Psalm 23 Series
are suitable for younger kids, most of the games and questions are suitable for older kids as well. Make sure you check out the Amazing Psalm 23 Race, too:

Keller's book is a great resource. I highly recommend it. For those who haven't read it, you can find it in our affiliate bookstore by typing the title into the search box at:

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><
"Home of the Sunday School Teacher's Network"

7) Teaching Communion

Teaching communion to children draws them nearer to God. it is a covenant that leads them to righteousness. This protects them from the enemy and danger. their heart beat for Christ. they are hungry for the things of God. 
thanks maxwell

8) Fruit of the Spirit

I found that Jolly Ranchers match up with the fruit flavors in the Fruit of the Spirit. It is fun to make a bulletin bd. with the fruit shape and the fruit of the corresponding verse. This makes a colorful bd. - The package of "Image Plus" Brights copy paper works well for the colors and is easy on your copier! It is also a good time to use real fruit for a party.

Your Fruit of the Spirit has very good ideas.

Marilyn Gallaher
Guysville, Ohio



9) Father and Son Campout

How about this for a father / son campout idea? It's good when men worship together and what better place than around a campfire? A man could just open up his Bible and look for a good verse. Aren't they all good?

Here's one: Luke 12:35, Let your loins be girded about, and your lights burning;

I like that one because it reminds me of soldiers having on some armor, or men who are serious about getting up and going somewhere. That could even be sung couldn't it? Could we make up a melody and sing about that? After all if we were just men alone in the woods. Who would be around to hear us if we sing a bit off key, or sing something 
that's not even a melody?

Let your loins be girded and your lights ever burning. Do you remember Gideon and his little army?
As one man they marched with the word they had received. They took the truth they had, from Gideon who believed.
Gideon received the victory by putting out his fleece.

Can anyone else continue on with that? I think that men together could make up a song. Songs around a campfire don't have to be perfect, not with men out in the woods somewhere. I wonder how many of the good songs we have today were started out that way.

O Sing the songs of God and sing of victory!

Here's another verse: John 6:20, But he saith unto them, It is I; be not afraid.

I remember when, Jesus came to them.
He came to them as they were on the sea.
They went on without him, for Jesus wanted it so. He wanted to be alone.
There are times in life, it seems we are alone.
And though we be with men, if without the Lord, we're really just alone.
Storms in life will come, and seas they will arise,
Till the Lord returns, keep open, open those eyes.
We know not when it will be, that he will arrive.
But when he comes, may he find us doing the things that must be done.
When he comes into our ship, won't he bring us safely home to land?

Verses don't even need to rhyme. Not out in the woods they don't.

Another idea is if they have a big cast iron pot, they could have every father and son bring some kind of vegetable, and some, some kind of meat, and throw it all together for whatever kind of stew it turns out to be. Usually those things turn out pretty good. 

10) Substitute Sunday success

Thank you very much, SSTN and participants Lorraine and Peggy for your February 16 posting about "equipping teachers" by having regular substitutes, such as the last Sunday of every month. Last Sunday I sat through the worship service for the first time in several years, appreciating it immensely. 

I have 3 faithful subs for occasional Sundays when I've been sick or away, but I would never have thought to take monthly breaks to rejuvenate myself and to let others share in caring for our lively younger members, 4-years-to-4th-grade. It may take longer to write out substitute plans, but the time spent up brought many blessings. Two new subs even volunteered, so each sub will step in every fifth month. They're happy to help, and it all went well. I've already started planning next month's "stay-cation."

Margaret in NC
Long-time Children's Church teacher,
now ready to continue indefinitely 
even as my youngest ages out this fall



11) End-of-Year Play for 24-30 Kids?

I am looking for a play for the end of the year that would use 24-30 kindergarten kids with each child having a small part.


--from SSTN: you might think about using an "Instant Pageant", such as Life Savers: Fun and Easy Easter Pageant,-- reading and memorization is not required. You can locate it in our affiliate bookstore by typing the title into the search box at:


12) Father Son Campout Ideas

> Songs around a campfire don't have to be perfect, not with men out in the woods somewhere.
> I wonder how many of the good songs we have today were started out that way.

This reminds me of II Kings 4:40,41. These kind of songs should be to the Lord. The 
key they should be looking for is the key of David. At times someone will need to add
something of the bread of life to what's in the mixture, because we don't always know
what gets into what we do or say.

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