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SSTN # 21 - April 10, 2007

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1) Alternative Summer Programs
2) Entertainment in Church
3) Entertainment in Church
4) Alternative Summer Programs

Got a bad attitude?

5) Alternative Summer Programs
6) Entertainment in Church
7) Instead of VBS
8) Summer Children's Church?

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1) Alternative Summer Programs

My church hosts a Music and Drama Camp in which participants ages
4-12 learn several contemporary Christian songs with their
accompanying movements (taught by a member who ministers through
dance and worship).  Two years ago, the songs were popular
Contemporary Christian songs.  Last year, the songs came from the
Christian children's musical, "King of the Jungle."  On the Sunday
following camp, the children perform for the congregation.  There is
typically a VBS theme associated with the camp, as well.  On a
typical evening, the children will participate in a lesson that
incorporates one of the major ideas that we focus on (Last year, we
had three nights.  One night was "Jesus is Lord," one was "Jesus is
King," the third was "Jesus is Savior").  Then, they will have snack,
games, and practice during which they work on their songs.   The
Children's Department typically makes t-shirts for the camp and also
gives away nightly prizes.

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2) Entertainment in Church

I have had many a discussion with several parents over this issue.  My
question to them is -- Is it better for the children to learn to sit
quietly through a church service or for them to learn about our Lord and
Saviour?  My thought is entertainment is ok as long as it is getting
across a Biblical message that can be applied to the child's life. 
Following this guideline there can not be too much entertainment because
you can't possibly get too much of Jesus.
Angie in CA

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3) Entertainment In Church

If it is exalting God, then I don't believe it is entertaining, but
teaching and allows Him
to move.. Attitudes should be in line with the Lords and it show encourage
the people...I pray this helps, I have been studying much lately on
Praising and Worshiping and how it helps in the spiritual realm.

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4) Alternative Summer Programs

Our church does not offer a traditional VBS program.  Instead, we have a
"supersized" Sunday morning program from 9:00 - Noon.  My Director has
overseen the writing of the curriculum.  We have a 5-year rotation. 

The morning begins with worship followed by a 20-25 minute fun drama
(loved by adults, too).  The kids have been broken up into small groups in which
they stay all morning for the entire summer.  After the opening session
(worship and drama), everyone goes in their small group to the discussion
group where the drama is explained and applied.  Afterwards, they rotate
through various centers: Games and Snacks (of course!), Missions, Music
and a Bible skills center (there are 3 Bible skills centers through which they
rotate over the course of the summer).

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Got a bad attitude?

Get Jesus' attitude...the BE-Attitudes!

"Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus..."

To learn more about "The BE-Attitudes", for adult devotional study
and/or children's Bible lessons, go to:
(you may have to copy and paste the link to your browser)

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5) Alternative Summer Programs

During our holidays, we organize community service projects - for example,
visits to Aged/Nursing Homes, Children/Handicap Homes, Prison
Rehabilitation Centres, particularly to Drug Rehab unit. Participants are
asked to bring from their own homes, food provisions that are useful to
the various institutions. This enhances their parents' participation as
well. We also organize visits to beaches and parks and share with our
students, God's creation of nature. Also organize retreat camps whereby
bonding and group dynamic program are delivered. Hope this helps.
Christina, Singapore

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6) Entertainment in Church

Church: our members in various ministries are encouraged to put up its own
skits or short-plays relevant to the Biblical events.
Children: are encouraged and guided to put up for example, a Christmas
pageant; and relevant Easter events.
Youth: our youth ministry has its own musicians for worship. They are also
encouraged to enact Biblical scenes for specific gospel reading.
These has so far encouraged shared responsibility and increased
participation. Keeping up with the culture is inevitable but must not
sacrifice our Christian culture as well. Hope this help.
Christina, Singapore

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7) Instead of VBS

Last year instead of a VBS, our church held a carnival.  All the games had
a Bible theme and we had a puppet show every hour.  Everything was free
for the public. 

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8) Summer Children's Church?

In the past years our church has not had a children's church program
during the summer months, I would like to see this changed. I have been
coordinating our program this past year, and our numbers have grown from 4
to 12 and I am so afraid that we will lose them if we shut down for the
summer. But I also have a problem with leaders, they enjoy having their
summer off. So I guess I am looking for suggestions and ideas that aren't
too structured, and wouldn't require alot of preparation time. Hope
someone out there has experienced this and can give me some ideas. I feel that God
doesn't take the summer off so why should we! God Bless You Sarah keep up
the great job.Thank you for this wonderful site. I teach SS plus
coordinate Children's Church and teach as well, it has helped me many times.
Cathy (Canada)

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